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    • Great song pick by Chris S. this week! I personally love this style of play. Reminds me of a waterfall with a bunch of mythical creatures thinking deeply about life and contemplating the fate of man...

      I'm sorry, that was really deep and out there ;) Take a moment and check Chris' performance out.  

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    • "And when our feet touched the earth under a cloudless sky. It's not goodbye..."

      That's a line from Maggie's new song, "Rare & Wild". Take a moment to listen, you won't be disapointed. I think we all can relate to what Maggie describes...

      That moment, in the deepness of living life we are inspired. Then the moment comes when we finally have a moment to get it out in a song.

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    • I know. It's the classic 'Desert Island' scenario... but this one is important.

      You're stranded on a desert island but can only have one album to listen to. So, what's it gonna be? Clapton, The Beatles, Def Leppard...

      We want to know. What would your pick be and why? 
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    • 2018 is upon us! Woo-Hoo! A new beginning and time to dream about all the wonderful things that lie ahead...

      Unfortunately, millions of resolutions that have been made will go by the wayside, fizzle out, and die. And to quote a wise guitar sage who said “Expectations are where fun goes to die”, I would like to turn your attention to the importance of why we do something, not the how.

      If the why is big enough, the how will take care of itself.

      Tony’s Live 10-Day Challenge is coming up (January 22nd). 

      The challenge will begin with Tony taking you through the “3 Most Important Guitar Questions” exercise that will give you the most excitement and clarity about your guitar path than you’ve ever imagined having.

      So to get mentally prepared for this life-changing exercise, today I want to ask you...

      Why is it important to you that guitar is in your life?

      Is there a story behind why it’s important to you?
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    • We really appreciate what Michael has to say about what only half-a-year with TAC has done for him. Thank you, Michael! Take a moment and check out Michael's rendition of Fields of Gold (Eva Cassidy) :)

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    • 2017 is quickly coming to an end. A great start to setting new goals and vision for 2018 is reflecting on where you've been. As Tony's 3rd Pillar of Guitar Practice encourages us to Reflect & Evaluate... We want to know what your biggest #smallwin was in 2017.
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    • Noodlin' in D by Dan K.

      3 reasons I love what Dan K. did here...

      1. Staying in one chord takes fortitude because... aren't you supposed to change?
      2. You gotta be creative to keep one chord interesting
      3. Dan's rockin' a cool beard and hat - this was almost reason #1 ;)
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    •  You know what I love about TAC Member Solo Mic performances? It is my 'Inspiration Station'. Seeing all of you share what you love doing while introducing me to original compositions or songs I've never heard before is nothing less than inspiring... and I'm a bass player. Just want to say thanks to Till for sharing this with us this week. Great tune :)
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    • After many (many) requests, we've relaunched our TAC Apparel! Shirts, mugs, hoodies, women's tees etc. >> Click here to see the store!
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