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    • Acoustic Life Shirt Brainstorm! (new logo reveal)
      Hey y'all!

      So it's midnight your time and 9am my time here in Estonia. Between the daily adventures and amazing learnings at this conference I'm at, I'm working behind the scenes with a design team to create our first round of shirts for Acoustic Life.

      I'd love your thoughts and ideas to help fuel the design team's direction. Are you up for it?!

      This first project is to come up with three shirts designs that will be offered in a box set. A collection of 3, if you will. Shirt number one will be a classic logo tee with the new Acoustic Life logo in white on a black shirt (think classic Gibson, Fender, Martin logo shirt).

      But the next two are totally up in the air.

      My challenge/question to you:

      1. What words come to mind? (example: "Guitar geeks, unite!" or "Better when enjoyed with others")

      2. What design concepts come to mind? (example: whisky label, pin up girl with guitar, skull vibe, animal mascot)

      NOTE: This is for Acoustic Life and maybe Acoustic Tuesday. We'll create shirts for Tony's Acoustic Challenge at a later date, but right now, this project isn't for Tony's Acoustic Challenge. Make sense?

      Ok, if you're up for it, answer questions 1 and 2 below
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    • Small win & D run lightbulb
      A little D run lightbulb riff... AND a GUITARSENAL Shirt delivery!?! Sounds like a #bigwin to me :)


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    • Very first solo!
      FIRST Open Mic!!! What a fantastic day in any guitar geek's life! Way to go Nellie! 


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    • Hello from Augusta, GA.
      Meet David W. A TAC Member for just a couple weeks now. I love that David was waiting to join TAC for the Community. And it appears he's a veteran too... I think he'll fit in just fine.
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    • Jumpin Jeff Blues
      How awesome is it when a TAC Member writes and performs a song in honor of another TAC Member's NGD...? TOTALLY AWESOME!!!


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    • Hello from Hudson Valley, NY
      Meet Stalene... a TN girl at heart! She bought her first guitar, a Martin DRS2, two months ago and became a Lifetime TAC Member! I have a feeling we may see Stalene at next year's Acoustic Life Festival...

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    • Here Comes the Sun
      Another bearded Guitar Geek shares a sunrise with us :) We appreciate your words Jason, "TAC has really raised my standards and inspired me to really practice..."
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    • Hello from the Jersey Shore
      Welcome to the Community Jackie! It's always exciting to welcome a new member because a friend referred them to the program :) May your progress and enthusiasm continue...
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    • Houston Blues
      From the Archives... Bruce B. shows off his (at the time) NEW Martin 00L-17 Whiskey Sunset back from November 2016. Enjoy...
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