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    • Niels

      Oh well - I may as well take take advantage of the fact that my Christian name is spelled uniquely in TAC - away withy the “F” 😋
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    • Niels  »  Pedro M

      Hi Pedro,
      As you may have seen, @Philip D, @Henrik L and I have formed a Jam Club.
      Are you still active in TAC?
      You are most welcome - look for "Nordic Bluegrass".
      Our next meeting is on September 14th.
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    • Heidi H  »  Paul H

      Hey Paul!   Hope you are still reaping the rewards of your TAC extravaganza in June!   Thanks again for letting me play (attempt anyway! :D) your lovely guitars!  
      I am SO glad my shoulder had improved enough at the time, to be able to do that!    Since then, my shoulder got considerably worse (added a new "injury" to it)  Another visit to primary Dr. (who'd told me to wait a couple/few months before re-check, and/or any diagnostics or P.T.) he agreed it was NOT any better, ordered P.T. and MRI with contrast.  Long story short, I have a 100% torn rotator cuff plus some tendon damage, I think the shoulder Dr. said.  By that time, my shoulder was so "messed up" the shoulder Dr. said I'd need at least 4 weeks of 2-3 times a week P.T. for what he called PRE-hab, before he could even consider surgery, or I would NEVER be able to regain any function.  I have been doing my P.T. and home exercises, making what P.T. and I think is good progress, so hopefully shoulder Dr. will agree Sept. 18, and start planning when to do repair.  A real bummer to not be able to do much since spring, have to hire yard care, only a VERY rare couple/few minutes  touching guitars etc.  
      Just wanted you and other TAC friends to know I haven't given up, or "wondered off"..    I may do some binge-watching of Ac. Tuesday and monthly hangouts that I've missed, during my recovery/rehab time!  
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