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    • Mad World - Jon J
      A wonderfully played arrangement by Jon J. :) Who knew (in my personally dellusional opinion) that this song would be so much better slowed down!
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    • Hello from northern N.Y.
      Welcome to the fold John! He took the FretWiz Course last year and became a TAC Member last month saying "taking the Fretboard Wizard told me this is the place for a geek like me".

      Can't argue with that! It's all geek to me...
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    • Dave's Walk For Coffee by Carel M
      Kurt G. about sums up Carel M's performance here... "Wow!!! I don’t even know what to say. Great performance. Great song. Great recording. A+++. Encore!!
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    • Hello from Cornwall England's finest county.
      Meet Gary :) 55, 10-year guitar veteran, loves brandy and Guinness and has a wife who puts up with his guitar geekiness... I think he'll fit right in ;)
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    • #smallwin: 4 Years with TAC
      I just realized that this coming Monday will be my 4-year anniversary with TAC.   It's hard to believe how much progress I've made in my playing and how many small wins I could chronicle since joining.  A few of my favorite TAC highlights would include:

      1.  Playing in front of an audience for the first time;

      2.  Writing and recording an original tune

      3.  Fretboard Wizard!!!

      That being said, I believe my very favorite TAC experiences include the musical collaborations with my TAC friends (especially the amazing @Emma S), and the many TAC friends I've made over the years on the Forums.  The mutual support, respect and admiration are truly special and unique in our TAC community.   What a fantastic collection of guitar geeks. 

      Thanks friends, and thanks also to @Noah, @Levi and @Tony P!

      Tony S

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    • Greetings fromScotland
      Introducing Graham from Scotland, near Dumfries (as seen in the pic). Given the wannabe Scotch connoisseur that I am in my mind I couldn't pass Graham up, especially since I knew what his one lie was instantly... well at least what I wanted his lie to be :)

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    • Wichita Lineman
      Denny S... TAC Member since September 2017 and Jam Club Owner of the Windy City Half n' Whole Notes in the Chicago area has posted his first video performance!

      He says this took him "15 Gazillion times", but I don't believe him...
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    • Greetings from Erie PA - Guitarsenal attached
      Robert from Erie, PA just joined TAC on March 26th and he's already sportin' his Guitarsenal Tee! This guy is clearly happy to be alive... Welcome, Robert!

      Check out his guitarsenal list and say "hello" when you got a moment :)
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    • #smallwin - Completed Fretboard Wizard Nov 2017 course.
      Keith joined February 1st and has now completed the FretWiz Course! Congrats Keith! It's one thing to get through the course and another to actually post yourself playing...

      It may seem like a small step where mankind is concerned, but a giant leap for you my friend :)
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