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  • Noah

    Andy Powers Fires Back at Tony (AT25)

    Greetings guitarsenal wielding #guitargeek and welcome to the totally tubular Tuesday now known as Acoustic Tuesday!

    Without any hesitation, let's knock out 5 items for your #guitargeek radar...

    A classic #guitargeek problem... too many instruments and not enough space. Welcome to the world of the Hercules triple stand. This is a great stand that I have used on countless gigs. It holds three instruments and is adjustable to accommodate differing heights of various instruments. I have used this to hold my banjo, dobro, and guitar at a gig and it works fantastically. It has a weight activated instrument yoke to avoid missteps and accidents and is built like a tank. They don't name these things after a Greek God for nothing. If you are looking for something for your guitar den or a stage stand for a jam, this is one that should definitely be in the running. 



    So it's official I received my second shipment from Tiptonic picks containing the actual fingernail picks. After getting my first shipment with the activator and sizing chart, I sized my fingernails with the included sizing chart and went forth with the order. They came in and I ripped open the box to find a nice circular shaped organizer, nail file, and comprehensive instructions. After trying them on and giving them a spin I would definitely say anyone who likes to pick with their fingernails would certainly benefit from them. There is some time involved with the sizing, but it is time well spent. Once you get a solid fit, activate the pick, and apply it; it really feels like part of your nail... and the best part they come off and can be put on again after another activation. I was skeptical that they would come off cleanly but lo and behold they did, and once I got used to the feel of them I really started to enjoy having the picks on. Quick note: the instructions that come with them are comprehensive so definitely read them before putting the picks on. 


    This week I have a sonic treat for you, presented in the form of what I'm listening to. This week I want to feature an artist that is really out fo this world... Antoine Dufour. Antoine is most certainly in the modern fingerstyle category and he is an outlier in my opinion. His playing is off the charts. From the innovative melodies to the unique percussive patterns he integrates, Antoine's repertoire is wide-ranging and extremely dynamic. His knack for creating memorable melodies is his strong suit and he follows that up with rhythmic rollercoasters. All in all, Antoine is someone you need to be aware of as he is very clearly pushing the boundaries of what a single acoustic guitar can do. 



    http://amzn.to/2BYlLHz - Back & Forth

    http://amzn.to/2Bc8zC5 - Convergences

    American Music Furniture Cabinets

    To see a fine specimen of an acoustic guitar in its natural guitar habitat is a thing of beauty... a rare sight, but when witnessed it is inspiring. American Music Furniture actually makes that very thing; A humidity-controlled guitar habitat. It not only safeguards your instruments from fluctuations in humidity, it also puts them on display in a very elegant way. The cabinets are made from solid hardwoods and can be custom built and tailored to your very own instrument collection. If you want to lock your instruments in place they offer the "neck-tie" system so your instruments will be nice and secure. Oh, and speaking of humidity, your guitar habitat can contain a humidifier or dehumidifier depending on your location. The slick thing about the humidifier area is that it is hidden yet easy to access so your instruments can be healthy and happy all the while maintaining a super clean aesthetic. These are a truly beautiful way to store your instruments for everyone to see and enjoy all the while keeping them safe and sound. 


    Back on Acoustic Tuesday Episode 23, I asked a very specific question to Andy Powers regarding Taylor's new V series bracing. I was confused and curious about the notion of bracing effecting the intonation of a guitar and was hoping to gain some clarity. So I asked Andy If he would send me a cell phone video explaining the impact. Well, I am happy to report that not only did he send a video, he also invited me out to the factory to discuss the racing in person. More details on the Acoustic Tuesday episode so be sure to check that out for all the juicy details of the Taylor V Series Saga. 

    Yet another Acoustic Tuesday has been set up and knocked down all with your guitar geek help!!! I hope this week finds you strumming and smiling!!!

    Until next week happy pickin'!!!


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    Great show guys !! # SmallWin.  Tony, just got your EP that you made with Shelly Besler, Half Broke Horse. It sounds great. You can sing pretty well for a hockey player :-) The Dobro play  is just awesome.

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    #Small Win


    during one lesson you detuned to D, and told us to play around with it, I did,

    In a later lesson you went to G, The light went on in my head when I started playing abound in G tuning.

    In Hawaii G tuning is called "Slack Key " and or "Toro Patch"

    I have been wanting to learn that,  "Ja Lang a Lang Slack Ket stuff," for a long time, and today have picked up two classic slack key vamps in less than 5 minutes!

    You have opened a door for me thank you

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    #small wins and a light bulb

    I signed up last February and had really committed to the TAC process when lo-and-behold I slipped on ice, breaking the middle finger on my fretting hand!  I thought “What are the chances?”  It took a long time to heal.  But now I am back with a vengeance.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a beginner, so I find this course tough.  If you aren’t following the lesson plan and practicing almost every day, you’ll never improve.  Even the “Bay City Rollers” put in their time.  I’ve played forty (40) days straight, and am starting to see improvements.  I enjoy TAC and look forward to each new lesson.  The video libraries and extra courses are a big bonus.  

    Furthermore, I’ve had Parkinson’s disease for years.  Playing guitar, concentrating on the lessons, and trying to turn TAB into musical sound is very therapeutic to my condition. If there is a lifetime membership I’m in!

    Lastly, I love the idea that TAC is helping support Guitars for Vets.  In a similar spirit of giving it occurred to me that you may want to consider starting a TAC Scholarship Fund for people unable to afford the program.  If you decide to start such a fund I will gladly send you the first contribution.  In fact, you might want to name it after the late great John Fahey or Pete Huttlinger? 

                Thank you for your time and effort,

                Best regards,

                Paul Clemente

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