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  • Noah

    Ryan Guitars & Colter Wall = STUNNING (AT20)

    May this Acoustic Tuesday find you feeling fantastic, joyous, and downright ready to get your full #guitargeek on. 

    This week brings another 5 guitar geek items to your attention. So without any further hesitation, we shall journey into the hallowed halls of the #guitargeek lair. 

    A personal wardrobe makeover designed just for the #guitargeek. So often during Acoustic Tuesday the feeling of guitar geeks uniting runs rampant, but after the show what do you do (besides sharing the show of course) to further promote living the #acousticlife? Well, you find a shirt that proclaims your full-blown guitar geekiness... which is why I hope you will consider fancying yourself a genuine, 100% original, guitarsenal shirt. What's a guitarsenal you ask? The shirt proclaims the definition of guitarsenal loud and clear and let's just say it happens to mention the word guitar geek. So be sure to check them out and proudly flaunt your extremely high level of acoustic nerdliness.


    Do you ever feel like you have run into a guitar snob? It can be pretty scary. In fact, I would tend to believe it is a guitar geek's biggest fear. You know, that one person that seems to know it all or at least act like they do. The type that can make you feel like you don't belong. If you happen to ever need a guide to figure out what type of guitar snob you are dealing with, last week I released a video that shares the top ten types of guitar snobs, and I think you will be very surprised what they all have in common. Not only will their shared trait be a shock, but I also share a wonderful way to deal with them. So be sure to watch, you won't want to miss this one.


    This week I am listening to an artist who I had never heard of, and I have to thank Acoustic Tuesday viewer Andrew D. for introducing me to the mesmerizing Colter Wall. Both of his albums (Self Titled and Imaginary Appalachia) are absolutely hypnotizing. From his playing, the dynamics, instrumentation, arrangement, and the songwriting his Self Titled album is a masterpiece. Oh and one more thing... the voice... to try and describe it would be futile, but what the hell... It's like George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, amongst others are being channeled through Colter. Don't misinterpret though... he isn't copying, Colter is all his own and his unique vocal stylings shine on songs that are written by a master's pen.



    http://amzn.to/2C8UlQc - Self Titled

    http://amzn.to/2A2i6aK - Imaginary Appalachia

    What are you doing from January 22nd through February 2nd? I'm guessing you're participating in 10 days of rut-busting, technique building, guitar bliss... right?

    Ok here's the scoop, I want all you guitar geeks to participate in the upcoming 10 Day Play Everyday Live Guitar Challenge. This is where I teach a new lesson each weekday for ten days starting on January 22nd and ending on February 2nd. All of us guitar geeks gather to learn, share, celebrate small wins, and participate in an exercise that will literally change your life. I'm not kidding. It will truly change your life for the better. Make sure you don't miss it. Go to www.weplayeverday.com to sign up, it's totally free!


    I heard a Kevin Ryan guitar in person once and it was cemented in my brain as the most complete, rich, articulate, and sonically pleasing guitar I had ever heard. Each note seemed to drip with the richest tone, as if covered in tonal honey. It projected with laser-like precision and the notes were so carefully separated like a finely cut pie... Phew... is it hot in here? Seriously Ryan guitars are some of the most incredible small bench guitars being made today and they happen to be celebrating their 30th anniversary! So from all of us guitar geeks here at Acoustic Tuesday, Happy 30th anniversary Ryan guitars! Those 30 years were well spent too... the amount of innovations that they have introduced to the world of luthiery is staggering (they have a whole page dedicated to their advancements on their site and it is worth a look)... seriously you must check it out. 






    Yet another Acoustic Tuesday is in the books so I bid you adieu fellow guitar geek and can't wait to see you on that 10 day play every day challenge for the most fun you will have with your guitar all year. 


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