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  3. What a wonderful and inspiring segment about you on today's AT, Mama T. I agree with everything Tony said. It was lovely to see you gain well deserved recognition for the kind spirit and the generosity you bring to TAC. 

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  5. There is an open jam, every Sat. in the back room @ Subway, downtown Boyne City, MI, from 10 am to 12 pm.

    It's a small room, and a fun,  really nice group of jammers ~ : )   (6 to 13 people)


    BC JAM PICTURE, FEB. 2018.jpg

    1. Roger Se

      Roger Se

      Isn’t it great to jam with other people? I’m in 3 TAC jam clubs, 1 in Chicago area and 2 in Arizona, my home away from home. Also have participated in Desert Bluegrass Association of Tucson workshops. Much larger than any of the jam clubs, and a lot of fun. Always looking for additional places to jam with others.

      Feel free to post topics and questions in the TAC community forums. We are all here to help each other along the guitar journey.

      Welcome to TAC!!!

    2. Jinny H

      Jinny H

      Thank you, Roger Se! 

       I'm rather new to TAC and Fretboard Wizzard, (Sept. 27, 2019) and am still learning my way around, but I'll keep that in mind..   

      And, yes, jamming with others is LOTS of fun, indeed  ~ : )

      Jinny H

  6. Thomas C

    My Guitars-Nil

    Thought I’d lighten things up a little
  7. I accidentally just played and sang Wonderwall all the way through - in my defence I changed most of the words to make the song food related. 

    Off to find food now.

    1. Fletch


      Lyrics please.... ;)


    2. Jon


      there was something about pies peas and gravy in there xD

  8. Ricky


    2006 Fall limited Taylor 914ce with Cocobolo
  9. Ricky


    2006 Fall limited 914CE Englemann Spruce with Cocobolo sides and back
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Recently picked up a Taylor 310 and have been digging it in Drop-D. Tony's lessons have helped me work through the nuances of picking through notes while strumming chords. Still a little rust in there. But Neil likes rust.
  11. Back to it then.. Guitar tuned down a half step.  Found a pick.  Done a lesson.

    1. Fletch


      You playing catch up...? ;)


    2. Jon


      I did 2 lessons. Knackered now man 😂

  12. Are you still practicing?


  13. @Sam B, hoping you've seen a note from me regarding a house concert & TAC jam at my house in MD on 5 October; you're definitely invited, and Trevor Gordon Hall (& Adam Monaco) are playing that evening.

  14. Hi - wondering when your next jam session is..:) 

    1. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      Ha.. it is Nov 16th.. Friendsgiving.  No house concert per se.  Big ole Open Mic and lots of playing for everyone.  Bring a friend if you want


  15. 3CCB8DF0-4F61-472B-BEF5-535C84A6CE66.thumb.jpeg.c1726005ba92a1b94dd181b5a9bda963.jpeg

    So happy to show my support for Guitars 4 Vets! Thank you Tony for making it so easy.

  16. I'm looking for campers . . . tenters, RVers with trailers, Class A motorcoaches, fifth wheels. it doesn't matter how you camp as long as you get outdoors and change your back yard. I have a website where I encourage people to go camping . . . 241camping.com. At the site, we feature resources to find great campgrounds (places to get outdoors), we have a marketplace (campers can save 20% - 30% on items offered), and we have a camping club (the 241 camping club) that features activities, games, savings, and gatherings exclusively for club members. We're hoping to add campfire strummers and songs to what we offer . . . perfect for singing around an evening campfire.

    wisemans camping.JPG

  17. I intend to be there. 

    1. Denny S

      Denny S

      Sounds great!

  18. Version 1.0.0


    Cover of "Better Change" by Jack Savoretti
  19. I wonder how far away Franklin is from Winston Salem?

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    2. Marty F

      Marty F

      Thank you for the offer Mike.  My Mrs., born and raised in the same CA town as I and went to the same high school,  has trips planned & scheduled out till 2022.  If we are not traveling somewhere in the world, we are doing a road trip somewhere.  I put my foot down this year and told her I was going to attend the Acoustic Life Festival in 2020 in Bozeman, MT with or without her.  LOL  I even told her I would forgo my 50th Class Reunion in CA in Oct. to attend the ALF.

    3. Mike G

      Mike G

      Now that is guitar-centric motivation. I like it. 😄

    4. Marty F
  20. Well, I did it, I bought a new guitar!! It turns out I really love stunning with a pick so I “needed” an addition to my classical guitar. Meet my new Martin-wow - she sounds great and I’m loving it. I can’t believe I’ve only been playing since Jan. and I already have two guitars! 


    1. Karen L

      Karen L

      Wow! That's a beauty! Congratulations!

  21. Ricky K.:

    Thank you for your help.

    Matt T.

  22. Hi @CHAD M this is @Mike G. Obviously, I am a member of Tony's Acoustic Challenge. I live in Winston Salem on Ardsley St.

    I wondered if you are interested in meeting and playing together once or twice, but with no strings attached. I have done very little of that since I started playing guitar 20 years ago. Now that I have joined TAC, I am expanding my guitar horizons and playing music with others will help my guitar journey.

    Please let me know one way or the other. No hard feelings either way.😀

    1. Mike G

      Mike G

      BTW, don't worry about anyone being better or not as good. We could both improve. ☺

  23. Greetings all...my TAC is expiring and I cannot renew at this time. My dog had some medical issues and it was really expensive for me. I hope to renew in September. Will miss it all until then. In the meantime, I had recently signed up for the song vault, so I will work on that for now! Cheers to all...see you in September! Denise

  24. I'm still learning the site, but I'm having an awful lot of fun. I am learning so much about guitar playing I just can't believe it. And the community is just awesome. We are all learning and sharing with each other. This is the most fun I've had since I started playing guitar.:)

  25. Back... With a little attitude... ;) 

  26. Happy, happy birthday Dom!😊🎸🎉🎶🎂🎂🎂🥃🥂🍻

    You’re 1 of a kind in all the best ways and it’s my good fortune to know you! Here’s to your good health and happiness with Mama TAC for many more trips around the sun 🌞 😎

  27. Hope everyone had a great time at ALF 2019:D

  28. Bob,

    Remember to check out Johnny A

    1. BobGarrity1


      Thanks Bob. I’m on it. Wrote down Johnny A when you mentioned it THX. Looking forward to listening. Appreciate your insights especially coming from your talent level!

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