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  3. Scott,

    Good to see you and the club members today. Very fun. Could you remind me the brand of hearing aids you have? Now that my ear has healed after surgery, I will shortly be in the market for hearing aids and the hearing world will be opened up once again. Thank you.


  4. Fletch, loved the story of your journey, very cool and inspirational. Btw, big congrats on your third Taciversary 😎👍

  5. Penny 

    I would like to get the Sunshine Jam group out of the clouds and back on a regular basis. 

    I am not sure how to get that started can you point me in the right direction?




    1. SoCal_Ian


      Hi Chris! I'm actually the one to speak to regarding the Club and I'm willing to listen to any ideas you might have. Last thing we were discussing was a potential Zoom thing but it hasn't happened yet. Feel free to contact me again anytime.

    2. Chris Fonteneau

      Chris Fonteneau


      I am up for a jam even if it is just the two of us.



  6. Congratulations Fletch on 3 years and your journey.

  7. Daniel, my TAC name is Philip N.

  8. Brian,

    I think you hosted FN open mic on 2/26. I am trying to find the blues hand written attachment that was used for the second half of that night but I can seem to find it. Can you point me in the right direction ? 



  9. Hey Tommy! Just checking in. I'm down the road in Juffair. Let me know if you ever want to jam!

  10. Hi there TAC family;

    Just wanted to share that yesterday 2-20-21 was my 1 year TAC-aversary!

    I joined a lot of clubs and online lessons but the one that I made the most progress with is TAC! 

    Thank you Tony and all the members that have given me advise, answers, and support; you are all great!

    Guitar Geeks Unite! 

    Play On

  11. what internet enhancement do I need for open mic?

    1. Brian_P


      Hi Dirk.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Provided you have a camera and a microphone (the ones built into a laptop, tablet or smartphone will work but not ideal) and Zoom (the free version is fine as a participant) you should be good to go. You will need reasonable broadband speed although Zoom does it's best to work with slow connections.

      there's some good information posted by member Brandon K here;

      Best wishes,



  12. From a grandpa of an 11 year old and a 9 year old, that was. well,,,,, awesome!

  13. All the best to you Christopher.

  14. I would like to start a Jam Club in Fayetteville, NC

  15. Michael J

    Dm Dungeon

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    I wasn’t a fan of this lesson when I first heard it, but somehow mysteriously it grew on me!
  16. Today's temp in Chicago... 🌡️ a whopping High of 17 degrees Fahrenheit.🥶

    Let's do the time warp back to two years ago in July/August.☀️

    🎵  ...Memories! 🎵

  17. Michelle, I am not tech savvy, lol. 

  18. Today I am mostly...  NOT a Happy Bunny...!

    But hopefully we get to see the Irish Bloody the Welsh laters... 😉

    1. DanJG


      I take it that yesterday's results were not to your liking! 😕

    2. Fletch


      I can't talk about it Dan... I can't... I've erased all memory of the event...!


  19. Today I am Mostly....

    Watching the Rugby....  😃

    Come on England..... 😍

    Image result for england rugby flag

    1. Derrick


      Yay, Six Nations Tourney!!!  Boo, England!  (jk)

    2. Fletch


      U backing the Frenchies then Derrick...?  

      Beatrice will be please not to be alone... :) 

  20. Any chance you recorded my song last night I heard the guitar sounded buzzy wanted to listen and troule shoot that



    1. Brian_P


      Hi Hoss,

      Yes, I recorded all the performances and I try to get them out to everyone on Friday or Saturday.

      I'll put a link to your here;


      Any problems, just let me know.


  21. Hi Michelle!  I see that your rank is "chocolate and wine diviner", my aspiration!  How does one achieve this coveted rank!

  22. The importance of being present

    "If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present." --Lao Tzu

  23. Niels thanks for posting that diagram! it has helped me understand the concept much better

  24. I can relate to the online distraction keeping me from practicing. Being new to all this I spend way too much time orienting myself on the program... computer technology is not necessarily what I signed up for, but to learn on that front too, is probably not a bad thing either and once I am more familiar, I will cut back on that distraction and focus on practice...  so much more fun!

    1. JCM


      Hi @Herta K. and welcome to TAC. If you haven't already done so, go to the community icon and click "introduce yourself" Once you've done that, if you have any questions on how any of this works there are a bunch of members there (including me) that will gladly help you navigate through all this. Again, welcome and enjoy your guitar journey. See you on the forum😉

  25. One old song that I think sounds great on a 12 string is "Walk Right In"  which was a hit for the

    Rooftop Singers back in the 60's.  You really have to dig with your pick to get the sound they had

    on that.   Another good twelve string song is  "Louise",  Leo Kottke recorded a version back on on early

    album he did.  It's a sad song,  but a good one.  I agree with Ian that "Mr Tambourine Man" makes a good

    twelve string song.  Or "By the Rivers of Babylon"  for a reggae sound. 

    Have fun

  26. "I always wanna listen to new stuff and be learning new styles of playing and pushing myself in different directions... you just have to reach out to different people sometimes to get out of your own circle."  - Molly Tuttle

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