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  3. Ghislain B

    Stay Home

    Version 1.0.0


    I was inspired by the actual situation of the Coronavirus !!! it’ a song call home !!!!
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  5. Allie,  Pittsburgh needs a Jam Club.  Don't know how to start one or how to run it, but ....  I need one.

  6. George D

    Pretty Woman

    Version 1.0.0


    This song is not perfectly polished, but it’s so much fun I thought I’d share tonight. Playing my Yamaha Silent acoustic/electric guitar and running the guitar and mic through aVocalist Live3 harmonizer.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    I’m searching through recordings I’ve done in the past and came across this beautiful song. I have to re-learn it every December 😂😂😂
  8. Hello All, can't wait to get started.

  9. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    A little fun with this Drop D riff.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Apparently the video I uploaded last night didn’t work, so here a shorter version I hope comes through.
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  12. I'm unplugging for a few days.

    These locked down days I've been spending too much time online and too much time with the guitars, so I gotta take a break...starting now...

  13. Terrie C


    These precious face's are why I strive everyday to become a little bit better than I was the day before. With the social distancing we are going through right now I find comfort in at least being able to look at their little smiles and it makes my heart happy. Can't wait to hold them all again ❤️
  14. Terrie C


    © Terrie C

  15. Hello Father, you play guitar very well

    I enjoy your posts very much Molta 


    1. Ernesto


      Thank you very much, Leslie!

      You're very kind 🙏

  16. Always nice to see another western hat.  I just started this new adventure.  

    1. Stan S.

      Stan S.

      LOL, yes, I saw your hat and thought I should say something. You will have fun on your TAC journey .

      Have a good evening.

  17. Love the new profile pic Dan!

  18. Ernesto ,guess you must have found your glasses to read my oost,

    1. Ernesto



      I just did, as a matter of fact! 🤣

    2. Hi im Robert Viney

      Hi im Robert Viney

      you need to get a spare so if you loose one you wont be able to find either,🤔

    3. Ernesto


      yeah, I should do that...maybe get a couple of spares just in case 🤣

  19. Do you know if the Arlington area jam club is still active?

  20. Hi Dave C  this is David F I'm new to TAC.  How has it been going for you and what's the best way to get a lot out of it?  David

  21. Stay home, people!

    That's how we save the world right now...

  22. Hello Eryn!

    I just wanted to congratulate you: I just saw your song My Kind of Broken and your performance on the Bluebird featured in the Acoustic Tuesday Show. That little snippet of the song I could listen was AMAZING! You're a very gifted musician.

    Best regards.

  23. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    I’m renaming this lick the Carona virus lick 😂🎸👍
  24. The website is a challenge.  When I click on forums, I can no longer see the ALF forum?

    1. Allie


      Hi @David B - I replied to your message about this. Take a look at that and let me know the answers to the questions I asked there. You should still be able to see that forum - no changes have been made :)

  25. Allie, I restarted taking FBW but I don't find the real world challenges since I restarted. I didn't finish my first round and it has me as starting where I left off before. I was just wanting to review the find a note/chord real world challenge.

    Dennis Archer

    1. Allie


      Hey @Dennis A 
      Happy to help! Even though the previous lessons show as completed, you can still click into them to rewatch the lessons and go through the real world challenges again. For example, to do the real world challenge for the How to Find Key by Ear module, you could watch the lesson, then go through the Trouble shooting and Minor Key lessons. You will see the real world challenge and quiz options when you click on the Minor Key lesson :)

  26. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    http://tac.tonypolecastro.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=14306https://tac.tonypolecastro.com/files/submit/?do=submit&category=1 IMG_6607.mov IMG_6607.mov IMG_6607.mov IMG_6607.mov IMG_6607.mov
  27. Hi Marty, thank you for your kind words ,life throws us roadblocks some times but having the strength to move forward and have kind friends ,even if a long way away, is great, the support in this forum is fantastic and so helpful, regards Rob.

  28. Hi Fletch, I have logged your info tips into a section on my PC so I can refer to them as and when needed, thanks so much, kind regards Rob.

    1. Fletch


      No worries Rob :) 

    2. Hi im Robert Viney

      Hi im Robert Viney

      Glad you are one of my new forum friends Fletch, buy the way , loved your video , thanks  Rob.

  29. Thanks Brian for the support and taking a listen

    1. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman

      Hey, no problem Kevin.

      I'm really enjoying the listen.

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