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  3. Oh well - I may as well take take advantage of the fact that my Christian name is spelled uniquely in TAC - away withy the “F” 😋

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  5. Thanks dr_dave. Know of those areas also.
  6. Welcome to TAC & FW @RICHARD D. Sorry I didn’t catch your post earlier, I rarely go into the FW community once I complete the spring and fall sessions. Like @dr_dave suggests, join a TAC jam club close to you. To me joining a jam club or playing with others is such a very rewarding experience. Enjoy your guitar journey.
  7. Brownstown - I even know where that is! My brother-in-law lives in Reamstown, pretty close to you. @Kurt lives not too far from you in the Flying Hills area (just outside Reading), and there are several others close to you on the Member Map whose acquaintance I have yet to make. If you’re into bluegrass-style music, I suggest the Lyons Fiddle Festival, happening on Sunday the 16th. I hope to get there at least for a bit, but I have another commitment that morning. Bring your box if you go. There are a bunch of jam sessions going on around theperimeter during the whole day. It’s fun and friendly. Meadowood music has a booth there and they might be able to turn you on to some local jams or open mikes. There’s a chance some of the people in the jam groups will know some things closer to where you live. I am a member of a few of the TAC jam clubs: Phila-based Friends with Strings, DC based Stacked & Staggeres, Mid-Hudson Valley Pickers (MVPs) and Tonewood Tunemakers (Litchfield, CT). Everybody I met so far has been wonderfully welcoming. We all hope you have a great experience here.
  8. Bill H

    Collings Guitar Factory Tour

    What time do we need to leave your house? Bill
  9. Hi Pedro,

    As you may have seen, @Philip D, @Henrik L and I have formed a Jam Club.
    Are you still active in TAC?

    You are most welcome - look for "Nordic Bluegrass".
    Our next meeting is on September 14th.



  10. until
    19 Grants Lake Drive Gate Code: 40488 Phone: 210-882-0326 Email: garylenard1013@gmail.com
  11. Collings factory tour Friday September 21st Need to arrive no later than 3:15 PM
  12. Hey Paul! :D  Hope you are still reaping the rewards of your TAC extravaganza in June! :D  Thanks again for letting me play (attempt anyway! :D) your lovely guitars! :D 

    I am SO glad my shoulder had improved enough at the time, to be able to do that!  :D  Since then, my shoulder got considerably worse (added a new "injury" to it)  Another visit to primary Dr. (who'd told me to wait a couple/few months before re-check, and/or any diagnostics or P.T.) he agreed it was NOT any better, ordered P.T. and MRI with contrast.  Long story short, I have a 100% torn rotator cuff plus some tendon damage, I think the shoulder Dr. said.  By that time, my shoulder was so "messed up" the shoulder Dr. said I'd need at least 4 weeks of 2-3 times a week P.T. for what he called PRE-hab, before he could even consider surgery, or I would NEVER be able to regain any function.  I have been doing my P.T. and home exercises, making what P.T. and I think is good progress, so hopefully shoulder Dr. will agree Sept. 18, and start planning when to do repair.  A real bummer to not be able to do much since spring, have to hire yard care, only a VERY rare couple/few minutes  touching guitars etc.  


    Just wanted you and other TAC friends to know I haven't given up, or "wondered off".. :D   I may do some binge-watching of Ac. Tuesday and monthly hangouts that I've missed, during my recovery/rehab time! :D 


    1. Paul H

      Paul H

      Hey Heidi, I just seem to have stumbled onto this update and can only wonder how long it has been waiting for me.

      Reminds me of a T-shirt that says: I often wonder what happened to people who have asked me for directions.  😜

      Life is good for me, and I am at the Oregon coast now for a few days of windsurfing (at least that's what I call my flopping in the water). I am continuing to be swamped by new songs that lead to one another and seldom evolve into ones that I can play from memory and with confidence. I guess that is way better than any kind of guitar rut. I have found another TACer here in Eugene, but he is a real pro who is looking to fill in some blanks in his guitar knowledge. Jesse is an established performer and songwriter, and we have yet to connect and just play stuff. I hope it works out for us both.

      Glad to hear you are on the mend. Shoulder rehab is a bitch. Keep strummin and smiling!

  13. Happy, happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tony!!! And many, many more!!  Consider yourself hugged!!

  14. Happy Birthday, Denny. Are you going to buy yourself a Taylor at the roadshow Thursday to celebrate it ? ;)


    1. Katherine S

      Katherine S

      That's a great idea! 🎂🎉

  15. Back in Blighty... It's nearly 20°C colder here and it's raining... :( 

    On the upside, I get to play Trixie and Bella again... :) 

    Oh... Some new Greek pressies for my Girls... Something to put their Nik-Naks in :) 


  16. Off for a Jam with the Well Strung Pluckers:D:D

  17. marion white

    Serious oldie from Brownstown Pa

    Welcome ,this is a great place to be.
  18. Rob E


    @Kurt G As I said to Blake... Touch base with me, I'm interested in any insights you have. Sorry for the late reply, I haven't checked in for some time.
  19. Rob E


    @Blake W Touch base with me, I'm interested in any insights you have. Sorry for the late reply, I haven't checked in for some time.
  20. Bought my first guitar in 1976 time frame, Epiphone FT150. Didn't do much with it, took a few lessons, but life happens. Fast forward to 2018, took it to a local shop had the fret board worked on and of course joined TAC, fretboard wizard. I have learned a lot and sit down to do the daily lesson but end up playing at least an hour. Last week I purchased a Taylor 224ce -K DLX. How sweet and fun. But I need to find a group to play with. As I read and listen to Tony and group, the best way to get better is play with other guitar geeks. So I am looking. Also will be adding the Song Vault soon. Also when I get my Epiphone back, getting the bridge worked on, will put my guitarsenal picture, with T-shirt on. thanks for listening
  21. Hi Dee Dee,

    Just saying HI from a very sunny Denmark. Been thinking and talking about our excellent jam - it was a special day for me!


  22. Cookin' up something new and fun with the fellas!

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    2. Tony S

      Tony S

      Noah’s link from 3 hours ago works.   

    3. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      You have me curious @Levi ...

    4. Kate H

      Kate H

      Hmmmm...what's up? @Levi

  23. Just a pickin and a grinnin.

  24. As a teacher, I'll be interested in what a beginner takes from FW. Keeps us informed. btw, Fretboard Wizard will run in the fall with a whole class doing it together. You'll be notified. I also did it once on my own but still got new insights doing it with others.
  25. Blake W

    Just Finished FW

    Yep, thanks for the advice. That's why I like online so much. I benefit from going through things multiple times and pondering them till they stick 😁
  26. Greg F

    Just Finished FW

    Blake, I'm sure you will. Depending on level, you may not absorb all of it the first time. If that's the case, pick up what you can and revisit FW again later (like 6 mos or a year). Or if more advanced, you might know quite a bit of it already. But even with that, I'm sure there are some worthwhile new things to learn. Good Luck!
  27. Hi Pierre, I totally understand what you were talking about. I am excited about going through FW and hoping to improve my knowledge and abilities as a result. I just discovered the Nut, Bridge and Saddle Club that Johnny Phoenix mentioned, and reached out to the club owner, hoping to join them. I am thinking it would be great to have a group of guitar geeks to hang out with, learn from and jam with... especially if we are all studying the same material.
  28. Blake W

    Just Finished FW

    Hi Greg. Congrats on finishing up with FW. Glad to hear that you feel that you improved as a result. I am just getting started, and hoping for the same!
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