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  4. “There are disappointments that will make us cry, then gone by & by; but those of love & heartbreak we ask only why?, & it still makes me cry.” Try a blues song. Take any thought, go w/it. could take off on pride. Start there where it holding you back. Blues so great, songs of harshness of life put to chords & harmony & emotions.
  5. Back to the song you posted, listen very closely right around 2:35-2:37. Right in there you can hear a real strong G note on the fiddle against the A chord. G is the b7 tone of the A scale (G# is the normal 7th degree of the A scale). The A7 (A dominand 7) chord is an A triad with a G on top (A-C#-E-G). Another real strong A7 occurs at ~3:33-3:35. Stay with it. You’ve got this!
  6. Do not believe the app. This performance - the You Tube that you linked to your post - is in the key of A, not the key of G! I’m not going to say the app is dead wrong, but the app has no way of knowing which performance you’re hearing. It is not uncommon for different artists to do a song in different keys, and there are some songs that the same artist does in different keys depending on the day, the mood or the venue. To prove my point, here are two versions of Trains by Porcupine Tree. The album version is in Am (capo 5), the live version is done in Fm (capo 2). How would your “guitar app” know that? Whatever you do, don’t get down on yourself. You got a lot more right on this than many people would. You should be beaming with pride right now, especially if it’s your first time through FW.
  7. I have a lot of irons in the fire right now, but yes I need to give it a go. Some day I must push through and finish it. I always stop short of writing a song. The problem is I want my first song to have some staying power. I don’t want to write something that doesn’t make me feel some sense of pride.
  8. I looked this up on guitar app & I think I was so dead wrong! Key G; G C D w/ the A7 & G7 in a few. Man I suck at this, not a small win, big loss, deflated as an old tire.
  9. I’m Gonna have to, It coming but still very difficult, & not easy as @dr_dave; didn’t get the A7 at all even though Bm wasn’t comfortable I didn’t know where else to look.! Loved it though.
  10. @Todd T: I start with my fingers fretting a G chord: middle on 3rd fret of low E, index ready to hammer onto 2nd fret of A, ring on 3rd fret of B string and pinkie at 3rd fret of high E. The ring and pinkie stay put for much of the intro. I pluck the 3rd fret G on the low E, then the open A hammering onto the 2nd fret B with the index, pluck the open D and hammer onto the second fret E note. At that point, I’m holding an Em7 chord shape that looks like this: I strum that Em7 DUUD. Then I play single notes G-E-D on the G and D strings, picking up the middle finger and placing it back at the 3rd fret of the low E to strum the G chord UDD. I repeat that whole sequence. The third time is the same walking up to the Em7, but the strum on that chord is just UU, then you play the single notes E-D-B-A on the D and A strings, lifting off your index and ring fingers and moving them up one string to fret the G and D strings in the 2nd fret, forming an A11sus4 chord and strumming it UDUD UD. Then the pluck the open A string hammering onto the 3rd fret B, the he open D and the E at the 3rd fret with the ring finger to form the E7 chord again and ... you get the idea. The A11sus4 sounds real good to my ear, and this progression is pretty easy to play. I’ll try to record this when I have some spare time, but I have to run to band practice soon.
  11. I don’t hear the Bm. I sometimes think I hear the E7 chord pulling into the A, and I definitely hear an A7 pulling to the D chord. Here’s what I think: A-A7-D-E-E7-A. I could be wrong. The camera folk seem reluctant to show any shots of her left hand.
  12. Correct - well done John! This is key of A, and it’s basically a I-IV-V song, that is it uses the A-D-E chord progression. Those chords are built on the first, fourth and fifth degrees of the A major scale. Because she has a capo at the second fret, the open chord shapes she is playing are G-C-D, but they sound one whole step higher. In places she uses the A7 chord for a few beats to create a pull into the D chord. Very simple melody, very beautifully done. That said, I can’t finger pick to save my butt so I would find that aspect really hard. At least I know I could handle the left hand portion of it.
  13. Hello sd k. Linda and myself are getting together on Thursday to Jam and we were wondering if you would like to join us. She lives near Broadway and Alvernon. Does 5pm sound ok?

    1. sd k

      sd k

      Hi, thx so much for the invite: I really appreciate it.

      I work full-time and couldn't possibly be down there by 5pm.

      The only day that really works for me are sundays.

      Thx again for thinking of me and have fun!!!

  14. Hey, my job has been intense lately and I haven’t had enough time to participate, keep up with home stuff, plant my garden, and keep up with TAC! But, I’m regaining my wits again...have missed you all and hope to get back with it and catch up starting this week! I was doing so well with playing each and every day, and then suddenly...it got away from me. I know you all know how that goes...just wanted to say HI again!!

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  16. https://youtu.be/UMVjToYOjbM Key of D (I think)
  17. Hi PickerDad aka David. I am in the Fleetwood area of Surrey. I joined TAC when I signed up for Fretboard Wizard in April. I am working through it and it is all very new to me. I had absolutely no knowledge or experience with any music theory. I was unaware of how the fretboard was put together. I am currently at the lesson in the course where I try to write a song. I'm kind of stuck right now but I will get through it. I am unaware of anything like Pacific Bluegrass Jam but I am interested. I would like to try more fingerstyle playing but for now I am just trying to strum songs that can be recognized. I might check them out sometime in June. It would be interesting. I would like to play guitar with other people if the opportunity arises. I will let you know. Thank you, Cheers. Eric
  18. Hello @Eric S. I'm David from New West. I was trolling the member map and you're one of the new members since I looked last. If the map is correct, you're somewhere in Surrey. I found another new member in Burnaby, I think, or South Vancouver. He's a beginner but keen to learn. I've been playing longer than you've been alive, but I've gotten serious since I retired and joined TAC January 2018. I did Fretboard Wizard last fall and I'm a TAC mentor, with the handle PickerDad. I've played a lot of bits and pieces in a lot of different places, but now I'm dedicated to becoming a credible fingerstyle player. We don't seem to have critical mass for a Jam club, but last week I attended the Pacific Bluegrass Jam at the ANZA club every Monday through June. You might want to check it out. If you know of other such events in our area, I'm open to joining. Let me know.
  19. #smallwin the glory of power chords! I'm sailing through my Stage 1 30 days to play. #smallwins galore. I was further along with fundamentals than I thought. 

  20. Greetings from Cedar Park, Texas, a suburb to the northwest of Austin. I'm a "noodler" and have been for a long time. I've learned a lot along the way and love the mystery, yet genius, of the guitar neck. I've been through the Fretboard Wizard course and was amazed by the session that taught me to determine the key of a song by ear. I did much better than I ever would have imagined. I hope to use the discipline of the daily acoustic challenge structure to improve my skill level from "noodler" to "player"
  21. Hey Ricky,

    It's the red beard isn't it! Thanks for the shout out😎 !!

    1. Ricky K

      Ricky K

      @Virginia W It keeps me looking young. ;)

  22. Thank you Marty! 😎

  23. Hi Tony

    Yes ..it even surprised me...I wasn't expecting such helpful results, but that Tony P is an awesome teacher!!  

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