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  3. Hello Katherine, 

    I'm reaching out here - a new(bie) in training (first 30 days).  I noticed you are a 'mentor'.  What does that mean in the scope of this community? Also, I'm not on any other social media platforms.  If I don't respond right away, it's because I haven't seen your response, or I haven't figured it out yet! 

    Thank you

    1. Katherine S

      Katherine S

      Hi @Camellia M and welcome!  You'll love TAC, the lessons are approachable and well rounded and the community is the best.  I'm not on other social media platforms very much either but I love the TAC forums. You'll find the forums are great for advice, answers, support and fun. 

      The TAC mentors are a group of us who have been on TAC for a while, though we represent a pretty good diversity of experience and skill.  We're here to provide information about navigating around TAC, but also to provide encouragement and support when you're going through a rough patch, or if you need help with a particular lesson, technique or skill.  Please always feel free to send a personal message to any of us by pressing the envelope link on the top right of the screen, or you can post a new thread in the forums if you want to pose a general question to everybody. If you're not sure what I mean by this, please let me know! 

      I'm glad you're here. It always makes me happy to be in touch with new members and help out in any way that I can.  By the way, you have a very pretty name. It reminds me of the lovely flowers in New Orleans. 😍🌻

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  5. Great job Sandra🙌
    Nice rendition and YES -- the Resonator is so cool -- Looking forward to seeing more vids -- Play on!

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  7. Chuck ! Thanks for hosting and for the invite,, I had a great time and look forward to the next, Sorry I had to leave before the end 


     again big thanks to you and your wife !

  8. I would love to meet all of you at some time and hope to get the chance to play guitar music with you.

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  10. Hello all, haven't been on the site much in the last couple of months, good to check out all your videos!! I have been trying to learn this song for 3 weeks or so, can't seem to get the ending right-that bums me out because it's my favorite part! Anyway, I coincidentally noticed that today is the birthday of Jimmy Page, so to celebrate the feller that made me want to play guitar in the first place, I put out what I got this far! Cool tuning this one!

    1. Sam M

      Sam M

      sorry if I put this on twice!, I don't do well with computers!!!!

  11. Hi Chuck, how do these jams work, I saw a song list. 

    1. Chuck H III

      Chuck H III

      Generally we have kind of a meet and greet.  Get to know each other welcome new folks.  Talk guitar. On one jam we didn't get past this point.  It turned into more a party than a JAM.  We didn't start playing until 6:00 and only played about 45 minutes LOL!

      WE use ULTIMATE GUITAR (an app) and stream it through an ipad to the TV.

      If you don't know it, check it out in the apple app store.  It is basicall a way to porject song lyrics and chords on the tv for all to follow.  Sometimes this can go on for hours..... Then we break for some food. After eating we either play more Ultimate guitar or get in some open mic practice. Volunteer only... no pressure... This has been a big hit with everyone.

      I have a PA system and mics that allow you or a couple of folks to play for everyone.  This is scary but you won't find a more supportive way to get past the butterflies.  No pressure.... as it is all volunteer.  I went to four or five jams before I attempted to play in front of the group.   If no one wants to play we would go back to ultimate guitar.

      The songs are all adhoc.  Have a favorite song? Shout it out, we will find it and all play it together and (sing) I use the term loosely in my case but we have some really great voices in the group who help us through the singing part.

      Hope this has helped.  Look forward to meeting you on the 18th.. I will be posting a thread on the club page looking to see who will be coming.  






    2. Bo T

      Bo T

      Cheer My friend !

  12. Hi fellow guitar geeks! I just joined a few days ago, am excited to get to know the community and have fun while improving my skills. Are there other SE Arizona geeks in the community?

  13. Hello Chuck, I am pretty new to guitar, and your comment about always feeling behind struck home, I have been at it almost a month  I live in Southern Md and see you are across the river a bit,, great to meet you here.. all the best Bo

    1. Chuck H III

      Chuck H III

      @Bo T

      Hi Bo. Why not join our jam group Stacked and Staggered?  Check out the jam groups area here in TAC.

      Our next jam is Sat. Jan 18.

      More a bunch of East Coast TAC folks that get together.  Starts at 12:00 noon.  Very laid back and supportive.


      If you join you should be able to see pics from past jams.

    2. Bo T

      Bo T

      great thanks for the invite,, Let me see I we are in town that weekend,,

  14. Hey Duane W I see we both call Missouri ( aka Misery by some of us ) home though my ultimate dream is to become a Mississippi Guitar playing beach bum, can't explain it but if you been to Gulfport then you already know. Im up in the St. Louis area so if you ever find yourself up this way and want to know where to get the best Italian food or want to see our world famous Zoo let me know brother and I'll gladly be a tour guide though I have to warn I have 2 side kicks, a hubby that will talk you to death and has a story for almost every subject under the sun and of course my 4 legged scooter riding son Leroy who if he likes you will kiss you to death. Anyways glad to see another from the show me state learning too. 

  15. Chuck, I had asked to join last spring and because travel missed the Jam I had said I would come to meet everyone.  My travel has quieted down and would very much like to become active in the Jam club, if still welcomed.

    If so what should I bring and what music if any should I prepare?



    1. Chuck H III

      Chuck H III

      Heck Ya you are welcome.  Just bring your guitar. And If you want something special to drink you can bring that.

  16. Hi Darlin' 😊  I finally created my profile.  Congratulations on the Thompson!

    1. Karla


      Yippee! So glad to see you here.....Happy New Year! 

  17. Looking to get better starting a new journey 

  18. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Just learned this song starting on Boxing Day. Neil Young is the man!
  19. Greetings from Austin.  Having fun here getting back up to speed.  Trying for the 30 day in a row challenge. Some travel coming up that will interfere, but still working on it.  Also, letting a few people around me know, so maybe that will help keep me accountable if I waiver.

  20. Bo T


    Not sure of the year LX1
  21. Version 1.0.0


    Here's my submission to the TAC Beaumont Rag Challenge. It took a few takes, but this one is acceptable. When I was learning this I did not use a metronome and I played it faster than 80 bpm's. It was sort of difficult to slow it down to 80 when I was use to playing it faster, so the timing might be off a little, as I subconsciously kept wanting to speed up, lol! Thanks, Mark Y.
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Review For Tonewood Amp & Guitar.mov This is a Review video I did after winning a Tonewood Amp & a Voyage Air Guitar. I hope it works for you to see. Review For Tonewood Amp & Guitar.mov
  23. Thanks for your encouragement

  24. Electric guitars and Amps
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