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  4. Welcome Fay and congrats on FW. I too found the FW class to be a great benefit, and it was some of the clearest music theory that I have found.
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  6. Awesome Fay looking forward to hearing more from you on your TAC journey Welcome
  7. Oops - wrong song link posted. The next song after this one is The Longer I Run.
  8. Huge steps!! Big wins right there Fay. Congrats!! Keep it going!! --M
  9. Hi from Hingham, MA. I've made sure I've had a guitar to play since I was 15 and I'm 61 now. I've had years where I played with others and written songs and many more years off where I don't touch my instrument. My pattern has been that I get to a frustrating plateau in my guitar skill and lose interest because I'm just repeating what I know and I get bored. I started singing with a group of musicians recently and was inspired to pick up my guitar again and really commit to improving. I discovered TAC in January and have been playing every day but 2 since. I'm almost finished with Fretboard Wizard and it has been soooo freeing to understand guitar theory better. My goal is to write songs and sing them with my guitar. FW has given me tools I can use for that!
  10. @Dan D After seeing Frisco in action on your video. it got me thinking about one of my all time favorite blues tunes, Mean Old Frisco Blues! I was trying to make a run at playing this last week (in my own rudimentary way) and went down a bit of a rabbit hole researching it. I first heard it done by Eric Clapton years ago. Found it was originally penned by a fellow named Arthur Crudup, Crudup was well known by Elvis Presley in the early days. Crudup wrote That's Alright Mama. Back to Frisco, my new favorite version is the one by Muddy Waters & Johnny Winter!


  11. Just wanted to say hello to everyone out there in TAC world.

    I joined last November and am still figuring it out. I've taken Fretboard Wizard and am doing the daily monthly challenges so far.


  12. Michael, Looks like your first act of wizardry was to make Keith "SibeDad" L reappear!
  13. There used to be a @Keith "SibeDad" L here on TAC. Been MIA for a bit 😄🇨🇦!
  14. It’s fun stuff as presented here @Michael K ! We likely all approach it a bit differently but if they can pound a bit of theory into my stubborn melon....well even a caveman can do it? No let’s not go there 😄! Have fun I’m planning to put some effort into this round again!
  15. @Keith "SibeDad" LI freaked out when i saw your name!!!!!
  16. Welcome to this part of the journey. I know you will enjoy and learn as well.
  17. Welcome Penny I completed FretWiz for the first time last April and have been through it twice again. I learn something new each time.
  18. FW is going to open so many new doors for you, you're going to love it!!
  19. Thanks everyone for your support. I haven't broken my practice everyday streak, so fun!
  20. Welcome aboard Penny! This is the right place for you. You say you're a newbie, but I sense you know your way around enough to have an idea what you don't know. LOL. TAC is a great place to fill in all your blanks without any pressure to follow someone else's idea of a 'proper' course of study. TAC Daily exercises and the Academy are great for flushing out what you need to work on and showing you an easy way to get there. If you're in TAC, we're all on your side already. Ask questions and you'll be amazed at the response. No judgement, no pressure, just genuine, friendly guidance. Enjoy! PickerDad P.S. No worries about your age. Plenty of us north of 61. I'm 68, but playing better than I did at 28.
  21. Finally decided to get Fretboard Wiz. I started TAC in Oct '18 (and have completed every lesson so far) so this is a logical progression. I started playing and learning guitar May 15th, 2018 (my birthday) and have played every day since. It's my gift to myself, or I semi-joke that it's a gift to myself years from now. I know some theory, but it's good for me to have a consistent path to follow. Anyway, lets have some fun. --M
  22. Thanks Tony!

    going to check out the jam club from your area. Look forward to being a follower! So much to learn😎 Cheers, 

  23. Away for the weekend...  Gotta go see Tommy Emmanuel in Concert...  It's a hard life... :) 

    1. Carol M

      Carol M

      Aww try to just grit through this difficult time... you can do it. And hopefully you can get a few pix or videos to make us all even more jealous, ha!! Have a grand time, enjoy Tommy E!!!!

  24. Hi Everyone. I'm a real beginner with the guitar just trying to start with the basics.

  25. Thank you Steve!  I see you are from my home state, the beautiful California ....  guitars, skateboards, and the beach...what a way to grow up.!!!😎

  26. Welcome Penny hope you have a wonderful guitar journey ,I'm heading on the way too. Great sense of community here you'll love it . Cheers
  27. Key o0f G;progression: G,B mi, C & D, Nashville nos, : 1,3,4 &5; Transpose to B gives: B, D#mi, E & F#
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