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  4. Thanks @Chuck H for watching and commenting...the kudos go to @wilbur s who wrote a pretty cool song
  5. Thanks for all your great comments!
  6. Last week
  7. Tunnel

    @Chuck H - Thanks for taking the time to listen. The app is used did all the "Production work" But it seemed to take away a bit from the actual piece. Also, I'm still having a heckuva time picking out individual strings, so all my mini leads came in off beat. I've got to take a few more runs at it, and maybe I could fine tune it a bit more. But I appreciate the feedback! Cheers!
  8. Tunnel

    Great effort. Lots going on in your production. Congrats on your post
  9. Loved the chord progression. Finger pics were a nice touch. CONGRATS
  10. Great Job. Love the chord progression. All fit together well. CONGRATS
  11. Nice job got a real cold play vibe. CONGRATS
  12. Sun Dogs

    Well put together. Great chord progression. Congrats!
  13. Holy Cow! What a great song. Loved every note. Congrats on a wonderful melody.
  14. Beter Wogi

    @jay v Good for you, and welcome. I, as many TAC members, understand exactly what you're saying
  15. Aloha

    Thank you all for the comments. It is my pleasure to serve and I can't wait to learn as much as I can in this course! Thanks all, again.
  16. Aloha

    Aloha @Zac Bobish thank you for your service
  17. Hello from Texas!

    Hi Donna. I struggle as well with the posting. Lets help each other.
  18. London Calling

    Welcome Guy. I with you on understanding at that level
  19. From Califonia Current guitar playing situation? Hmm Honestly I lack the knowlege to give a good reply, but I just did, hmmmm. What I hope to be able to do after Fretboard Wizard? Be fluent in/on the fretbord
  20. jay v

  21. Aloha

    Welcome, Zac. I agree with Kate : you came to the right place. The foundation course, which I started last month, makes you develop good practical skills and the daily teachings by Tony are humorous and inspiring. I see you are also taking the fretboard wizard course, and combining that with your "obsession" ( a negative way of stating that you posses the right guitar genes) can only lead to one outcome : you are going to become a great guitar player.
  22. mike

  23. Reverb's Surprising NEW Offering (AT21)

    Great video from downtown Bozeman, love the snow (not really). Maybe the next video, let Levi or Noah hold the camera, starting to get kind of sea sick, with the movement. LOL
  24. Mandi R

  25. Aloha

    Aloha @Zac Bobish and a big welcome to TAC . You’ve come to the right place to achieve your objectives. 😀And Zac thank you for your service 👏
  26. Hi Jim, thank you. I thought it would be nice to show the progression. I am happy that you enjoyed it. Cheers!
  27. Wilbur cool man!! Thank you for your comment! Pentatonic is fun and endless!!! Try it without moderation.
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