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  3. Surprising #smallwin...I just completed the Strumming Jumpstart  course and I learned more usefull strums in this course than I had with many private lessons that never clicked! I am so thrilled to have done this course and the way Tony teaches it makes it so easy to understand🙏🙏🤩 Rhythmic patterns just never clicked... but they have now! YIPPEE! 

    1. Michael K

      Michael K

      Tap that foot ;)

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  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Fletch! Enjoy your day! YEEHAW!

    1. Fletch


      Cheers me Deer :) 

  6. Tilykke med din fødselsdag

    1. Fletch


      I hope that means what I think it means Philip... 😜

      Thank you sir :) 

  7. Hi Paul, are  you going to Bozeman in June?

  8. Hey DeeDee, looking forward to seeing you guys and everyone else in Bozeman!

    1. DeeDee L

      DeeDee L

      Hi Sandy,

      Likewise.  What experience are you registered for?  We registered for Emerson (blues).  

      P.S. Nice hearing from you. 

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  10. Stephane B


  11. Hello everyone Michael R, or Mike, I am from Florida but now I live in Murphy, N.C I am kind of shy, but I need to get over that my starting to record some song I am shacking just thinking about it. I have all I need to start now, just have to learn how to use everything to get started I am 61 years old, been learning to play guitar and learn for years. but did not know how to get the info I learned from my head to the guitar. but thank to nine months with Tac and Fret board wizard class I am starting to put thing together, I have wrote 3 songs from weekly lesions, I hope to shear them with you'll I have started guitar lesson with a teacher, learning to read music note, and it good to play with some one. Just fear come over me when in the lessons and I can not play the song I know lol I have mostly use guitar tab to play all kinds of Rock & Roll. I have a large number of books from Led Z, to ZZ Top, Eagles, two book case of book lol Now with Fret board Wizard class I know how to pick song apart and learn them. Need lot more practice lol My goal for this year is to play guitar to kids in Hospital, Nursing Homes. first I have a lot of fear to get out of me. last time I have played for some one was 1982 after I finch she said I need to learn a wind instrument so you can't sing. lol that guitar I thrown into the ocean, good old Sears Jumbo guitars lol I do not remember the question to answer so I just rattle off.
  12. Robert

    New to Forum:

    Ride hard Die Free!!!!
  13. Robert

    just finished FBW

    Rock & Roll Stephani B!!!!!!!!
  14. Robert

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    Rock & Roll!!!!
  15. Hoka hey! I'm Robert Lame Bull McDonald. I grew up in a small town near Beverly Hills... called Compton, lol! I'm from Los Angeles CA & Browning, MT I love Rock & Roll! I hope to meet you here so we can ROCK! Angel in the Sky.mp4
  16. welcome Tonya to TAC i found it an excellent place to learn the guitar i believe the best on the net Tony makes it so easily to understand you won't be disappointed  

    1. Tonya H

      Tonya H

      Thanks Kerry! So far I'm loving it. I've tried learning from friends, teaching myself, having a private teacher and another website. This is SOOO much better!


  17. Gary - when's the next Alamo Picking Society get-together? 

  18. Thanks @Andrew. Looking forward to hearing yours.
  19. @David S Sweet. I like the beginning a lot, with the muted bass strum and a bit of melody. Now I have to go do mine!
  20. Back to work..... Blur... 😒

    1. Tony S

      Tony S

      Bummer dude 😐

  21. Hi DD,   Happy New Year.  Did you get my Xmas card?

    1. DeeDee L

      DeeDee L

      Hi Philip from Denmark I did.  I sent you a msg here on TAC in your messaging.  

      Anyway in case you did not receive the msg let me thank you for the card.  Thank you. Kenny and I were flabberghasted that your stay at our home was a 2018 highlight for you.  It was totally our pleasure to have you stay. We really enjoyed your company and it is something we talk about occasionally about how fun and what a good guitar player and overall great guy you are.  Until we meet again cheers.

      Happy New Year to you and your family.  Cya around the forums.

  22. Hey @Fletch, that's nice!! Enjoy your girlie time in your NGRD!

  23. Bob Manning

    New to FretWiz

    Thanks David, great advice. Bob
  24. @Brian Santos... Everyone's backs to work... Accept me 😛  Got me some 'girlie time' lined up for later... 😜 

  25. Hi, @Andrew. The link seems not to have worked, so here's a new one.
  26. Well, that's not exactly where I live. I am 20 miles NORTH of Boise in the Boise Mountains. Can't seem to pinpoint it any closer than that.

  27. Hey @Fletch! Hope you are enjoying your "Girl Time"! It's Monday again... countdown to the 7th. I hope your next few days are awesome!!

  28. David P

    New to FretWiz

    If you're finding it a bit difficult to play, you'll usually get more benefit from a setup, i.e. adjusting the action - the height of the strings above the frets. Customers are almost never told that new guitars are shipped with action way too high for most users. 'Ideal' action depends on the user. If you play in a band and want loud booming bass and chords, you'll want it quite high so the strings don't rattle ('buzz') against the frets. If you play delicate fingerstyle, you'll want action so low it takes barely any effort to fret the string so you can play really fast and with big stretches with minimal effort. Some stores will ask you about your preference on action, and a lot will include the cost in the deal, but most will be biased against setting it too low. New customers will certainly complain if the stings buzz, and once lowered, raising the action usually means cutting a new nut and/or saddle, so makers set it high enough for Johnny Cash. Even if you do get a store setup, you need to talk to the luthier directly and play something for him so he knows how low he can go before getting complaints about fret buzz. If you've done all this, just ignore me, but if you're like the majority of first-time buyers, you've never given it a second thought. I still have a couple of guitars I bought as a teenager, and never had them checked out until recently. They play better than new, now that I've had them set up. Any music store should have a luthier on contract and will understand what you're asking for. If you're highly confident you know exactly what you want, you can find an independent luthier and skip the middle-man. Either way $50 will usually cover it. In future, always ask for a custom set up as a part of the purchase. There's always the chance there is something wrong with the guitar that is making it hard to play, especially if the guitar is older or hasn't been cared for with TLC. Any luthier will spot that before setting your action and quote you on fixing it. Better to know and deal with it. btw, string gauge is essentially the same decision. For big sound, go for medium strings; for light touch, go for lights or ultra-lights. There's no such thing as ideal strings and your preference will change as you get better and focus on a particular style. There's lots of ideas in the TAC forums and in Tony's product reviews. When I played nylon strings fro the first time, I bought a number of half-sets and individual strings to decide on the formulation and gauge I liked, then tried a few different makers based on reviews until I got the sound I wanted. It''s a journey. You'll find your way; enjoy the process.
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