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    Review For Tonewood Amp & Guitar.mov This is a Review video I did after winning a Tonewood Amp & a Voyage Air Guitar. I hope it works for you to see. Review For Tonewood Amp & Guitar.mov
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  8. 2013 Taylor GS Mini Mahogany
  9. 2014 Taylor 512e 12fret
  10. Hi @Sharon Tiano ... I saw your rank text as "Perpetual Beginner but Still Having Fun".  I just started reading a newly published book (Oct 2019) by Dave Isaacs (NashvilleGuitarGuru.com). The title is The Perpetual Beginner, subtitled, “A Musician’s Path to Lifelong Learning”.  The intersection of that "Perpetual Beginner" phrase made me wonder if you were aware of Dave's book?  Thanks for being a Mentor to the community ... Jack L in Central Texas 


    1. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      Hi @Jack L .. funny you should mention Dave Isaacs.  We saw him recently on a Live Lesson with Steve Krenz show and when he mentioned his book, I actually giggled because I have been calling myself that for awhile. I bought the book but haven't started reading it yet.   It's next on my list. 

      Hope you are enjoying the site and if you ever need anything, please let us know. 

    2. Jack L

      Jack L

      It was the appearance on Steve Krenz's show that triggered my Amazon order ... I had seen some of Dave's lessons on JamPlay but didn't know much of his background until that broadcast.


    3. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      LOL. same here.   I didn't know of him prior to that either.  I really liked what he had to say on the show.  It is very much the same philosophy that Tony embodies.  Steve too. 

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  12. @Katherine S Are you the person highlighted on Acoustic Tuesday? If so that was a great video, you can still rock congrats! 

    I also wanted to know about that beautiful guitar. It appears to be a Taylor and has such a wonderful burst on it's top.

    Bob E Wizard in Training 

    1. Katherine S

      Katherine S

      Hi @Bob E.! Yep that's me, with the waterworks and all...

      The guitar I'm holding is a Taylor GS mini e-koa. I loved the pattern in the wood so I selected that specific one. It's a great little guitar too. Super sound for a smaller, comfy guitar. In the video of my "Acoustic Life Story" you can see @Barb S's mini e-koa in the background. Hers is even prettier I think. 

      Thanks for your kind remarks about the video. Noah really did an awesome job on them. 

      Still rockin,

      Katherine S.

  13. Hi Art M, I live in Steamboat Springs and am a member of TAC. My parents live near the Eagle County Airport so I will be visiting Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you would want to get together and play guitar, just let me know. I am not too talented with the guitar but we could work on some of the TAC stuff.

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Gary Osteen


  14. As you are working the PD course, you will be expected to take the solos at the next Nordic Bluegrass meeting!

    I hope you are over your influenza, we missed you at the last session

    1. Niels


      Hi Phil,

      I am well again and looking forward to our Xmas gathering.

      Forget about me playing Next Level Playing stuff! 
      It’s mainly for electric guitar with lots of nasty bending going on 😬


  15. Welcome to Stacked and Staggered.  Looking forward to meeting you.  Watch the jam discussion for upcoming events.  We are an extremely laid back group.  Looking at a Jam in December or January.  I am in Springfield Virginia.  Are you close?

    1. David L

      David L

      Thanks for the reply, Chuck. Home in Fairfax Station, so very close. 

  16. Holy Moly. Life circles are an incredible thing!!! I just watched your October classical piece. This is fantastic.

    1. Ricky K

      Ricky K

      Rigger! Great to see you here! 

    2. Christopher T

      Christopher T

      HAHA!!! There he is!!!! It is awesome to know that even after service is over, you can always count on your brothers to show up when they are needed!!!



  17. Oh! I have a wee chihuahua as well! Do you think they could be the secret pick stealers? 😁

  18. Happy slightly belated birthday, Katherine! 

  19. congrats Stan

  20. Hey Sharon - I really enjoyed your segment on Acoustic Tuesday! Great how you summed up how TAC is working for all of us, and I sure hope to come across those fried meatballs that Tony mentioned! 😋

    Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Friendsgiving event in November. We will be visiting my daughter at Syracuse U where she will be singing in an an acapella festival, which we are looking forward to.  Will do my best to make it to the next gathering.  Thanks so much to you and Dom for opening up your house for these wonderful events.

    1. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      Thank you.  Looks like fried meatballs will have to make an appearance at some point then. 

      Sorry you can't join us but wow - what a wonderful reason. Congrats to your daughter.  Take some video - I am sure the forum would love to see it. 

      Take care and see you soon.

  21. What a wonderful and inspiring segment about you on today's AT, Mama T. I agree with everything Tony said. It was lovely to see you gain well deserved recognition for the kind spirit and the generosity you bring to TAC. 

    1. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      Awwww.. thanks. That means a lot to me.

    2. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      Hope you are going to make Friendsgiving - mark your calendar on November 16th

    3. Denise M

      Denise M

      Yes, we plan on being there. We're bringing salad and our special dressing and a brioche.

  22. There is an open jam, every Sat. in the back room @ Subway, downtown Boyne City, MI, from 10 am to 12 pm.

    It's a small room, and a fun,  really nice group of jammers ~ : )   (6 to 13 people)


    BC JAM PICTURE, FEB. 2018.jpg

    1. Roger Se

      Roger Se

      Isn’t it great to jam with other people? I’m in 3 TAC jam clubs, 1 in Chicago area and 2 in Arizona, my home away from home. Also have participated in Desert Bluegrass Association of Tucson workshops. Much larger than any of the jam clubs, and a lot of fun. Always looking for additional places to jam with others.

      Feel free to post topics and questions in the TAC community forums. We are all here to help each other along the guitar journey.

      Welcome to TAC!!!

    2. Jinny H

      Jinny H

      Thank you, Roger Se! 

       I'm rather new to TAC and Fretboard Wizzard, (Sept. 27, 2019) and am still learning my way around, but I'll keep that in mind..   

      And, yes, jamming with others is LOTS of fun, indeed  ~ : )

      Jinny H

  23. Thomas C

    My Guitars-Nil

    Thought I’d lighten things up a little
  24. I accidentally just played and sang Wonderwall all the way through - in my defence I changed most of the words to make the song food related. 

    Off to find food now.

    1. Fletch


      Lyrics please.... ;)


    2. Jon


      there was something about pies peas and gravy in there xD

  25. Ricky


    2006 Fall limited Taylor 914ce with Cocobolo
  26. Ricky


    2006 Fall limited 914CE Englemann Spruce with Cocobolo sides and back
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