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  3. I had a really hard time with this, because the song is so lick-y. Is that a word? I debated between key of C and G, but ultimately i think this is key of C. I think the G bass note works, but if it was key of G, would there be an F#? That note just didn't seem to work. Instead the F worked. So that meant to me it probably was in Key of C, with all the naturally occurring notes. That said, most of the song is over the G chord. Then the basic Chord progression for the open guitar riff and the verse seems like G - C - G, G - F - G. "Look at them yoyos, that's the way you do it..." But it's mostly G with just a short burst on the C and F. The the chorus, seems to be like C-(F?)-G-C-D-E. "We gotta install microwave ovens, custom kitchens, deliver-ays... we gotta move these refrigerators, we gotta install color TVeees." There's some funky stuff going on in there, like almost a C/G chord. Not sure if i got everything right here.
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    As discussed in our last meeting we are adjusting the meeting dates in November and December to work around the holidays. We will resume meeting on the 4th Sunday of each month starting in January. Address: 19 Grants Lake Drive, 78248 Phone/Text: 210-882-0326 Email: garylenard1013@gmail.com Gate Code: 40488 Please RSVP Manage Event Report Event Download Event Add Similar Event
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    As discussed in our last meeting we are adjusting the meeting dates in November and December to work around the holidays. We will resume meeting on the 4th Sunday of each month starting in January. Address: 19 Grants Lake Drive, 78248 Phone/Text: 210-882-0326 Email: garylenard1013@gmail.com Gate Code: 40488 Please RSVP
  8. I believe this is in the Key of Em. I think the chord progression for the basic rhythm is Em, Bm (bend to Cm), Cm (G-shape bar with a discordant open string strum at the end). I think there's two other progressions. Turnaround: Em - Bm - A(m?) - D(m?) - Cm (G-shape bar) Cranked-up basic rhythm: Adds a D(m?) before the basic rhythm. And the solo is an Em scale that starts with an Em chord and works up to the D note and back down to the D note. Maybe others can tell me if I'm right on the Key or missed something.
  9. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Visitors Today!

    Spirit used to just quietly watch and plot how he was going to get at them; Jewel is very reactive and excited, and Dash, being blind need to get their scent but reacts to Jewel's excitement and when he gives out one of his loud barks [a 50 pound dog with the bark of a 200 pounder] most head for the hills, except Moose, they fear no one!
  10. I feel like it's Key of G. The whole first riff is an open G chord and then an A note in there... I think. Agree with Dave there's an Am, not Amaj.
  11. I was a bit puzzled by this one. At first I thought it was in the Key of Am. Then I thought it was in the Key of D, then went back to Am. Eventually, I felt like the big Am in the front feels like the key. But the G and D bass notes on the E string fit pretty darn well. And there's an EMaj chord at 00:52. That sounds like a Major not a Minor. I don't know. I guess Key of Am.
  12. The video above, I think this is Key of A. Maybe A-D-A-E-A.
  13. Agree. Key of G. For chord progression, sounded like G-C-D. Mostly G, but there's a turnaround C-D. Nice song.
  14. Brian Santos

    Visitors Today!

    @Keith "SibeDad" L, they must come around because they like your guitar playing! How do the dogs react to the wild life right outside the window?
  15. John V

    Visitors Today!

    The Moose is Loose!
  16. Father's Day in Norway today. 

    And my lovely daughters got me the best presents. Coffee, hugs and The Clash. 


  17. Andrew

    FW Newbie

    Awesome. I'm roughly in the same boat, except for the Canada bit.
  18. Hi all, I've just started FW. I'm finished with the foundational five, and the 1st lesson about finding the key of a song. I've been working on a figuring out the Key for "Fell on Black Days." I got so into it that I decided to figure out all the chords and try to sing it. Not perfect yet, but I'm working on it. I'm an average guitar player. I would really like to improve and play more with others. I do play everyday, and I enjoy it a lot. Cheers Andrew
  19. John F

    Visitors Today!

    cool, very cool
  20. Ronald M

    Visitors Today!

    Thank you your Sibedude(ness).
  21. Hello guys I am based out of Edmonton but I come to Calgary fairly often and I would love to meet up and join your jam session whenever I am there to visit:) please let me know if that would be ok..thank you

    1. Keith "SibeDad" L

      Keith "SibeDad" L

      The regular jams are every third Saturday of the month, usually at Eric's place in NW Calgary, at 1:30pm.  At least that is the plan and what Eric has been trying to get a regular time for the past couple months.  The next should be on the 17th of November, although I don't see that @Eric Bogo, has posted anything yet.

      You might want to go onto the Well Strung Pickers club site and request to join.  The more hopefully the merrier:)

    2. Eric Bogo

      Eric Bogo

      Hi Michael. You are most welcome. The plan is to meet Nov. 17th just as Keith stated above. Some of us are retired or have odd work schedules, so let us know when you're in town and maybe we can schedule a jam outside of our every third Saturday of the month framework.

    3. Michael J.

      Michael J.

      Thank you Eric that sounds great. I appreciate the welcome to your jam club :)

  22. Ronald M

    Visitors Today!

    Truly God's beauty! Love those pics Keith! Bill Cosby asked his father for a dollar for a school picnic. His father told him he once killed a grizzly bear with his loose leaf notebook.
  23. Tony S

    Visitors Today!

    Love these pics!
  24. Rae

    Visitors Today!

    Nice pics Keith, of the deer and moose, I haven't seen any moose since my trip to the GNWT. Spent 2 out of 4 weeks up there on one of my road trips, even got to see a grizzly bear, from a distance, lol.
  25. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Visitors Today!

    Call me whatever, but I just enjoy the beauty of these creatures sharing my little piece of paradise, on a regular basis. A couple days ago I had a huge bull moose wander through, "Nice Rack". I get lots of moose cows and calves, but rarely a bull. Didn't get a picture, but this is my Spring lawn care team.
  26. Tony S

    Visitors Today!

    Hey @Roger Se, Well, that's a shame that some hunters would leave your friend stuck with meat that he's processed. But, it's good for you I suppose. Venison is very lean and tasty (lots of times I'll mix just a little ground pork in with the ground venison, just to keep it from being to dry when cooked. It makes for great burgers and sausage & chili!😀
  27. Roger Se

    Visitors Today!

    @Keith "SibeDad" L viewing from my iPhone. Thanks for numbering them, otherwise would have missed 3 & 4. Had to really zoom in. @Tony S I have a friend, who’s a butcher, from northern Wisconsin. He tells me, some hunters don’t bother to pick up the meat he’s prepared. 😪 It’s been my only opportunity to taste venison.
  28. Tony S

    Visitors Today!

    Nice Kieth!! Love the perfectly placed headstock in the foreground! Awesome. Some may find it offensive, but now I'm thinking of some nice lean venison sausage or burgers......sorry, it's almost suppertime here in Texas. (and a COLD beer out of a bottle @Fletch) 😀
  29. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Visitors Today!

    I had some visitors today as I worked on FretWiz Lesson 1.
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