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    Cover of "Better Change" by Jack Savoretti
  6. Hi all Fretboard Wizards 😊 With the new 4 stage TAC structure focus is turning from this Jam Club to the Stage 3: Learn the Fretboard > Declare "I'm a Fretboard Wizard!" forum. Which is why I decided to move my Challenge #5 contribution to this forum as part of decaring myself a Fretboard Wizard 😃 As only TAC Acoustic Life Mentors can move topics, I hereby offer: If you would also like to have your Challenge #5 contribution moved to the Stage 3 forum, please answer this this topic, and I (or another mentor) will move it for you . If you have posted your contribution in the Open Mic as well, please note so, and it will be merged with your original contribution. When the move has been done, you should make a small video according to @Tony P's specifications in the Stage 3 forum and tell about your experience with the FretBoard Wizard course. It is very easy to add this video to the first posting in the topic. Just pres the "Edit" button at the bottom. Moving to the Stage 3 forum will earn you a Stage 3 badge 😋
  7. Hiyas @Charles S This is exactly what you are gonna get. Do it at your own pace, and you'll just keep having lightbulb moments. Have fun with it --M
  8. I have started the Fret board Wizard course. Some of the topics I had I had read and tried to grasp in the past, needless to say it was very hard to grasp. Tony presents information so it is easy to understand and how to use it in playing. I am looking forward to completing Fret board wizard so I can have a good foundation on music theory and its application.
  9. I wonder how far away Franklin is from Winston Salem?

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    2. Marty F

      Marty F

      Thank you for the offer Mike.  My Mrs., born and raised in the same CA town as I and went to the same high school,  has trips planned & scheduled out till 2022.  If we are not traveling somewhere in the world, we are doing a road trip somewhere.  I put my foot down this year and told her I was going to attend the Acoustic Life Festival in 2020 in Bozeman, MT with or without her.  LOL  I even told her I would forgo my 50th Class Reunion in CA in Oct. to attend the ALF.

    3. Mike G

      Mike G

      Now that is guitar-centric motivation. I like it. 😄

    4. Marty F
  10. Hi @David S 😊 Nice ❤️ Good balance between the melody and the rhythm. I get associations to Ennio Morricone 😃
  11. Well, I did it, I bought a new guitar!! It turns out I really love stunning with a pick so I “needed” an addition to my classical guitar. Meet my new Martin-wow - she sounds great and I’m loving it. I can’t believe I’ve only been playing since Jan. and I already have two guitars! 


    1. Karen L

      Karen L

      Wow! That's a beauty! Congratulations!

  12. Thanks for sharing that @Mike G! I totally get the obsession part for TAC! It feels like falling down a rabbit hole sometimes because there's just so much good quality info.. which makes it difficult to know when to start where! My hubby is very supportive even though he doesn't get my obsession in wanting to learn music so much! I liken it to his fascination to kayak fishing.. why anyone would want to wake up at 4 to dunk themselves in freezing water in the middle of winter is beyond me! Hehe.. guitar widow is a new one! Tell her that at least she knows you're safe and 'sound' in the next room with your hobby! I'll check out Daniel's video soon for more inspiration! Cheers!
  13. Well, @AJ, I am retired, so I have been able to literally obsess on this site. My wife has been calling herself a guitar widow. 🤐 So my struggle has been to find balance. I think that's one of the reasons TAC is so cool. We learn and are inspired by each other. As far as the 30 day course or any of the other courses/videos that are available from Tony through this site, I simply can't sing the praises any louder. The more I discover on this site, the better I like it. I am completely convinced that I will continue to improve by using this site. And I have seen improvement in the other members who have posted videos and comments. Check out @Daniel M's post of Falcor Flies Again. He posts his video from a year ago and the one he just did. I LOVE TAC.😃
  14. Hiya Mike! You have done excellently for someone who has just gotten started on TAC! My background to music is also pretty much self taught but that was yonks time spent looking for the right resources.. and since I've found TAC, the challenge has been finding the time to practice! The 30 days playing challenge has been quite beneficial to me as it has provided a lot more scaffolding (and Tony's troubleshooting tips like placing the fretting hand palm closer to the fretboard to improve arching fingers!) so it's encouraging for me to hear your thoughts from someone who's completed it! Keep forging the way for folks like me!
  15. Ricky K.:

    Thank you for your help.

    Matt T.

  16. Wow, I joined TAC 26 days ago and I am still finding new stuff on this site. I have finished the 30 days to play and I am doing the July daily lessons. I am also catching up on the June daily lessons. I have gone through the first 2 sections of FW twice now. I started playing guitar 20 years ago. I learned from books and didn't play music with others. Consequently, I missed a lot of basics and developed quite a few bad habits. So, I am spending time practicing basic stuff from the 30 day course. I haven't done my 30 day results video yet because I want to show as much improvement as possible on those basics. Soon, I will spend more time on the the FW course. So I am very happy to find this resource designed specifically to help us to continue improving on the fretboard after we finish the course the 1st time. There is more information about me in my TAC introduction.
  17. Hi @CHAD M this is @Mike G. Obviously, I am a member of Tony's Acoustic Challenge. I live in Winston Salem on Ardsley St.

    I wondered if you are interested in meeting and playing together once or twice, but with no strings attached. I have done very little of that since I started playing guitar 20 years ago. Now that I have joined TAC, I am expanding my guitar horizons and playing music with others will help my guitar journey.

    Please let me know one way or the other. No hard feelings either way.😀

    1. Mike G

      Mike G

      BTW, don't worry about anyone being better or not as good. We could both improve. ☺

  18. Greetings all...my TAC is expiring and I cannot renew at this time. My dog had some medical issues and it was really expensive for me. I hope to renew in September. Will miss it all until then. In the meantime, I had recently signed up for the song vault, so I will work on that for now! Cheers to all...see you in September! Denise

  19. I'm still learning the site, but I'm having an awful lot of fun. I am learning so much about guitar playing I just can't believe it. And the community is just awesome. We are all learning and sharing with each other. This is the most fun I've had since I started playing guitar.:)

  20. Back... With a little attitude... ;) 

  21. Happy, happy birthday Dom!😊🎸🎉🎶🎂🎂🎂🥃🥂🍻

    You’re 1 of a kind in all the best ways and it’s my good fortune to know you! Here’s to your good health and happiness with Mama TAC for many more trips around the sun 🌞 😎

  22. Hope everyone had a great time at ALF 2019:D

  23. Bob,

    Remember to check out Johnny A

    1. BobGarrity1


      Thanks Bob. I’m on it. Wrote down Johnny A when you mentioned it THX. Looking forward to listening. Appreciate your insights especially coming from your talent level!

  24. Hi James, the thread is active. I have enjoyed FBW. I have learned a lot from it. I have yet to finish the course because I am stuck on the last part... writing a song. I think it is all very useful stuff and I will get that song written ...at least I will try to come up with a melody. I hope you enjoy the course as much as I have. Cheers, Eric
  25. Thanks @Lyle ... I probably am more addicted than I care to let on as I think about it near constantly, always wondering when I can sneak in another 15 minutes of putzing on one of the guitar. Looking forward to the journey.
  26. Hi my name is Scott Greuel from Oshkosh, WI. And I completed the fretboard wizard course and loved. The course gave me confidence to play in front of others and gave me what I needed to know in music theory. I mostly play my Martin dcpa4 and a Taylor Gs mini. I am working my way through Tac daily lessons now.
  27. Sounds like you are already addicted to music and more specifically the guitar...you are in the right place. FB Wizard does and will open up new and exciting avenues for your journey. Welcome to TAC and the community!
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