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  5. "Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see."

    -Edgar Allen Poe

  6. trying to upload video on TAC from youtube. the copied link doesnt light up and no video embedded. Yes i posted it as public. any advice?


  7. "Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won't need to compare yourself to anyone else."

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  9. The name of Greywolf came to me because I used to bread Hybrids that contained contained so much of the traits it was hard to tell them from the real thing. I would take them out into the wild to exercise them (under control of course) and the people that new me gave me the name. I study Medieval History and belong to a world wide organization that recreates its, in case you were wondering about the grab I was wearing in my profile picture. 

    Ty for the welcome to the group. I hope to post Vids some day soon. 

    1. T.J


      Great story and avocation, and as for medieval study, I am doing some, but not game enough to recreate or do living history things.  I have to get better at guitar and then learn the lute for that, I guess.

      Again, welcome, and thanks for the information. 

  10. Hey everyone in the TAC community. Just wanted to say hi and I look forward to getting to know you guys. I'm in the Rochester NY area. 

    1. David M Dm

      David M Dm

      Welcome Chris.  Glad you found your way to TAC


  11. Version 1.0.0


    Created an annotated version of the Fretboard Wizard cheat sheet document, with supplementary visuals and two new tools (scale wheel, Harmonic Table) that will help newcomers to music theory master the concepts of scales, chord construction, and functional harmony faster and easier.
  12. Bill S

    Well, well, well... Hello Ray. Another Aussie gonna-be-a-picker-someday fella, almost a neighbor. That's all, just wanted to say hi. This outfit and all the folks attuned to it can't help but make us newbies feel welcome. Ah, why not?

    1. Ray


      Hi Bill S. Where are you based and how long have you been playing? I'm making slower progress than i had hoped but will keep persevering until that big light bulb moment hits

  13. New photo - by popular demand!

    1. Beatrice



  14. Hey Brian - missed the 10/30 OM - helped my daughter move into her new condo.

    Do you know how we find the current FW Challenge in TAC?  I finished FW in 2017 and partially completed it in the last challenge.  But I cannot find the current challenge.


    Ed G

    1. Brian Santos

      Brian Santos

      Hi Ed-- it should be listed in your Courses.


      I think you just go to your area of interest and go through it again (even if it's already checked as done).

      Let me know if you find it!


    2. Ed G.

      Ed G.

      Brian - Thanks - got it!

      And thanks again for your help on holding a pick without destroying the fingernail on my index finger. I've finally been able to grow that nail - although it is my weakest one due to years of grinding it against the strings 😉



  15. Nooooo!!!!!  I missed my Monday log in   😞

  16. Yahoo just finished all 7 courses on 

    Daily Stretch For Guitar

    now if there was a single video that we could follow along to to all 6 stretch routines. The old grey matter can’t retain everything that should be done


    1. CJ


      ... some guitarsenal !!   😏


    1. JC M

      JC M

      Nice cover @Ernesto. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Ernesto


      oh,is it a cover? I thought it was his own! Thanks for the info 🙂

    3. JC M

      JC M

      Sorry ....used the wrong terminology.


    1. JC M

      JC M

      Nice song. Thanks for sharing @Ernesto.

    2. Ernesto


      Glad you liked it! I like Roxette very much...


    1. CJ


      The so-called "experts" in the music press were often a bit "sniffy" about Roxette back in the day ..... dunno why ... 🤔 ....  I could only hear talent.

      Thank you for for sharing @Ernesto .... 😎

    2. JC M

      JC M

      Thanks for sharing. Did not knoe this group. Nice song...thanks for sharing😏

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