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  5. Thanks @Chuck H! I look forward to continuing the journey within the community! 

  6. Hello!  I'm Shami from Melbourne.  I am new to the guitar.  Hope this practice thing helps.  Fingers are worn to the bone and the shapes are not shaping up!  Oh and I am 7 feet tall.

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  8. I believe we may have the same guitar, assuming Marty is a Little Martin.  I have one of those as well.  She has been my travel companion on many adventures and we have had great times together,  but I shall soon be looking for a new home for her, as I recently acquired a new travel guitar, and someone else will need her more than I. Excellent and lovely little guitar!

    Little Martin LXE 2015.jpg

    1. Roger Se

      Roger Se

      Marty is a GPCPA4, grand performance body, cutaway & Fishman onboard preamp/pickup system.

  9. Thanks for the kind words @David P. I do play every day if possible, and almost feel guilty if I miss a day, but I keep plugging along. And it’s the people like you that really make this community worth it. I really appreciate you and everyone else.
  10. Hey @Jon L, glad to have you here & delighted it's working for you. I've been here since January too, and getting a lot out of it, especially the community. I empathize with your hand issues. Mine are fairly mild by comparison, but I have found the Daily drills very helpful developing my strength and reach. I also do both strength and stretch exercises every day, and after six months it's starting to pay off. So do what ya gotta and hang in there. I find that playing every day is very therapeutic for life in general, not just my musical life. When I feel sorry for myself recovering from hand surgery, I just think of gypsy guitarist and Willie Nelson's mentor Django Reinhart. He lost most of his left hand in an accident and was down to two fingers that really functioned as one. He just got on with doing what he loved, and played everything with effectively one finger, and was still one of the best guitarists that's ever lived. An inspiration to us all.
  11. You're not related to this Fletch are you?


    1. Fletch


      Nope this one... :)

      Image result for porridge fletcher

  12. Hi Sandy , it seems like we have a lot in common. We both study acupuncture, love animals, and of course the acoustic guitar. Looking forward to dinner next year in Bozeman. Until then, don't be a stranger. 

  13. Hey chuck I believe we met at the concert in Montana during the acoustic for Vets fund. I've taken your suggestion and joined the Friends with Strings group - hope to see ya there.

    1. Chuck H

      Chuck H


      GREAT! I am trying to juggle some priorities to make the Jam next Saturday hope I make it.  It Will be fun.  Looks like there are many new guitars to drool over.  Cheers to you

  14. Sorry - I haven't checked this for a while. The 12 string is not too bad, actually. You are more limited on what you can play - more for just full strummed chords. Flat and finger picking are a challenge on it. I don't play it very much at all.
  15. Thank you do much, this was fun. It is a ful song, maybe when I get it completely finished I might post it lol
  16. @sandy N, thank you for the comments. I will look into acupuncture. And, I'm pretty sure week would help- too bad Indiana is so strict. Oh, well. Happy 4th, and enjoy the festival.
  17. An old favorite of mine by Neil Young- it may be his only instrumental. I pretty sure its in the Key of G
  18. Hello Jon! and Welcome. @Jon L and @sandy N. Missed the earlier conversation re arthritic digits but same here. Weed legal here for the most part but So Orange County where I live it's still banned except at dispensaries. We took our last Border Collie (10 years ago now) for acupuncture when she was 12 and suddenly falling over. Had a brain tumor and lots of pain. The acupuncture cleared the pain for about 2 months then it was time to say goodbye but it made me a believer! Happy 4th to all and Sandy, have a ball at the festival.
  19. Hi Jon! Thanks for your reply to my earlier FW post, I appreciate it. Being an elder player I have hand problems too - no cartilage in the lower thumb joint. Fortunately weed is legal in Oregon and helps tremendously with arthritic aches and pains. I also adapted by changing from a flat pick to a thumb pick which takes off some pressure from the thumb joint. One thing you might consider is acupuncture for your nerve problems. I do acupuncture on dogs and have acupuncture work wonders for myself as well. Maybe when you visit your son down in Eugene sometime we can get some of us TACers together for a jam session. Scary but fun! Happy holidays! I'll be at the Waterfront Blues Festival all week! ~Sandy
  20. Tim R, welcome to TAC, FW and retirement! All 3 are great clubs to be part of. Since I retired 4 years, my guitar playing and knowledge have really improved ( now, moving past crappy). Best of luck.
  21. Hey Charli, there isn't much better than "I just want to play". Like most things, effort is rewarding, to yourself and others. Welcome!
  22. Jon L

    Hello from PDX !

    Hi @sandy N, and welcome. Portland is a great town- one of my sons lived there until moving south to Eugene a year and a half ago. Best of luck in your guitar journey.
  23. Hi, my name is Jon, and I am a guitar addict. I took the most recent FW class, and I can't believe how much I learned. I joined TAC in January, looking for a guide to learning more about guitar and music. And I have no regrets, other than not joining earlier. I've tried playing for years, and mostly just strummed basic chords. My go to guitars are a Martin D35, and a Martin 000RS1. My current playing situation kinda sucks, in that I have nerve problems in both hands, and it really limits what I can do. The little fingers on both hands present the biggest issues, and they don't want to cooperate. Anyhow, I want to continue to work on chord and note recognition , and to feel more comfortable playing with others. I am truly happy to be here, to learn from Tony and all of my brothers and sisters in TAC. Thanks for having me.
  24. Welcome to Stacked and Staggered.  Glad to have you aboard. The member map has you outside of Chicago.  Is that true?  Hell of a commute to Northern Virginia but would love to have you down.  You can stay with me if you are in the area.  Next Jam is July 21! Come on down!

  25. Wow @Marlana H - that was a great little tune, and I agree also with your FW transposition. I really enjoyed that!! You should do more of this....😃
  26. Thanks, you brought a smile to my face😊
  27. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Blue Jeans and Lace by Marlana

    Beautifully done Marlana. This grumpier old guitar geek could find no wrong!
  28. Jo R

    Happy birthday, Dom!!  Hope it's a memorable one!!

  29. Happy Birthday Old Bean :) 

    Apparently, the secret to staying young is................ lying about your age :) 

  30. Thank you, and yes I do, although I’m more of a Sens fan in the recent years.  Home town!

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