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    Hi ... I am a returning alumni, wife of a long time TAC member and year old TAC member myself. First time I went through this course, I was a relative new player and even under that scenario, I took away so much information that has helped me everyday since then. I had enough lightbulb moments to qualify me as a chandelier. Truth be told, I had hoped to be much further along than I am but time management is not a strong suit of mine and I haven't spend as much time as I should to really develop the skills I need to be a player. I want to rectify that in my second year. 1. Where are you from? northeast of Philadelphia, PA (Fairless Hills) 2. What's your current guitar playing situation? I would still classify myself as a beginner in terms of things like being able to make chord transitions and play a song.3. What's one thing you hope to be able to do after Fretboard Wizard? I would love to be able to play with people..4. Leave a reply on at least three other introductions. Duh, that is easy.. I will say one thing more - TAC has given me so many wonderful new friendships and some of these new friends have become a family to me. So specific to question 3 - What is one thing you hope to be able to do after Fretboard Wizard - if I can't do anything other than continue to find new friends and strengthen the friendships I have already made, then I will still consider the course a success. Some things are priceless. TAC is one of them.
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    Woohoo--just realized I have been a member of TAC for two years. It sure has been fun. Thanks for making it so, everyone!!
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    Day 1 in the studio. Major success!!! 🎶❤️🎼❤️🎶
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    One of my all time favourites. Key = D maj Progression = D - A - G - D - A - G - A - Bm - E - D The E took a while, but realised it was the 2nd major instead of minor.
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    Hi all🙂, I’ve recently discovered Mississippi Fred McDowell. Awesome powerful voice and hypnotic guitar playing🙂. This song is in the key E Major🙂.
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    Ok... I'm finally back at it. A sprained ankle, a sick toddler, and battling my own bronchitis meant that the guitar stayed in it's case for the past 10 days or so. I had nothing left to give to the craft. But I think I'm on the mend. I'm coming for you, November practice plan!!
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    I want you all to know that I woke up at 5:15 am with this song rolling around in my head. LOL! And, after digging in I must conclude that my original selection of the key of B was incorrect. But that's ok! This allowed me to really analyze my decision with the tools we learned in the Foundational Five. So, I did the matrix and…whew. I sure don’t wouldn’t want to go down the key of B chord road, plus it doesn’t sound “right” with this song when you start trying to find the chords. So, next time I do this, a question needs to be, "Does this make sense?" And while one can indeed play the B all through the song and it sounds ok, one can also do it with the E. Hmmm. A Dilemma. Here’s where I got tricked: the intro actually starts with a B chord. So for those of us who heard B, we sure did. But then it changed to E in the verse. I think @Don Howard mentioned this. The next thing I did was to grab my guitar and figure out the chords that I would use in the key of E Maj, which (if you want to play along with the song) are E-B-E-B (verse), A-C#m-B-E-A-C#m (chorus), B-A-E (break and intro). This was at 5:30 am so I'm pretty sure about the order but...well, it was early. This is interesting because you could play this with several different chord shapes, both barred and open.The E chord matrix supports these chords and it was a good resource to have available. You'll know if you've read my practice comments that I'm not a big fan of the B shape. Maybe Emmylou isn't either because she capo'd up (yes, I looked) two frets and played D-A-D-A (verse), D-G-Bm-A-D-G-Bm-A-G-D chorus A-G-D (break and intro). A quick check of the matrix shows that those chords fit, so we’re good there. @William S noticed what Emmylou was up to. So: I’m changing my vote and going with the E major gang of @Thomas F, @William S, @Tim O, @Chris G, @Byron S and of course @Niels F who got this ball rolling in another directions. For all of us B folks, we were close but no cigar. This was great fun. It took me back to my days as a nerdy teenager when me, my guitar and my stereo spent hours together figuring out songs. I loved me some Simon and Garfunkel and I diligently tore those tunes apart and tabbed ‘em out. The internet was still just a thought in some brilliant person’s mind at that time so that wasn’t a reference option, and if you didn’t have access to sheet music – which I couldn’t read anyway – this was what you did. It’s so nice to do it again, plus I have the added benefit of the FW Community to assist. Now it's time to go look at some of YOUR songs and end this very long-winded post.
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    Hi all🙂, well I had a right job finding out the title of this song lol🙂. I remember hearing this on the radio when it first came out but never knew the title lol🙂. I’ve opted for this live performance as the official video for this contains flashing lights which for some unknown reason causes migraines grrr lol🙂. KEY: D minor (Dm - Edim - FMaj - Gm - Am - BMaj - CMaj - Dm) Intro: Dm Verse: Dminor - GMajor - Dminor - GMajor - Dminor - FMajor - Aminor - GMajor - Eminor (repeat) Interlude: CMajor - Dminor - CMajor - Dminor - GMajor - Dminor Outro: Eminor - Dminor - Eminor - Dminor I’m not entirely sure how the theory of this works as this is Dminor. So is it possible to change the naturally occurring Gminor to a GMajor by altering the minor 3rd to a Major 3rd?🙂.
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    https://youtu.be/YwSZvHqf9qM One of my favorite songs ever, and this live version is killer. Key of G Intro and break: is G, F Verse: G, F, G, F, G, F, C Chorus: D, Em, G, C, D, Em, G, C, D, F, C, G Technically the F shouldn't be an F, (F# dim?)but it sounds right to me as an F major. I thought about the key of C, but that didn't work when I was searching for the key in the beginning.
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    Lucinda Williams - Lake Charles This is in the key of A. I think it is A - E - A - D. All major chords despite the song sounding kinda sad. None of the minors seemed to fit well.
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    I got an opportunity to sign up for FW when I upgraded membership about 2 mo. ago. I immediately began cruising through the course off-cycle and had some really meaningful interactions with TP on the song analyses I posted. I regret that all that dialogue was purged, apparently when they were prepping for this next scheduled course. I did all the modules except I did not do a writing project During my initial run through the course, There were only one or two other people posting content at that time, and I think that being able to see more of what others are doing will add to the experience when the course runs on-cycle. I look forward to repeating all the modules during a regularly scheduled course. I think I'll enjoy interacting with a bigger student body this time around. I may post analyses if some of the same songs I did in September, not so much because I'm lazy but because I think some of my choices were pretty tricky and will therefore serve as good examples. I hope Tony can keep up with grading all the posts, as it sounds like this course is going to be wildly poular. I'm looking forward to working together with all of you.
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    Retaking the Fretboard Wiz couse as I did not complete the course the first go at it (final lesson) Hoping this time I will. This course is more AMAZING the second time around. Wow!
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    I try to play this on one of my guitars tuned 1/2 step down, then open g. (relative to std) So Trying the Tony method I get F#/Gb.
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    @Don Howard and @Kevin B Acoustic Tuesday is a Weekly TV episode that airs at 10am US Mountain time (Grenich -5.) It is not a live event thus no live comments in YouTube and FB Live. AT is an extra provided by TAC just here for our information. Some weeks I don't see it till Thursday. But I have learn my lesson. Last week I miss the run on Santa Cruz strings thus @sandy N got some and my Prime says "product unavailable" "No clue on supply restock" So you can see. AT makes shifts in the Guitar economics of the world. That's why Tuesday is the best day.!
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    Still finding this difficult. I think one of the answers is incorrect!! The answers wasn't " Go and buy a new guitar", this has to be wrong, when things are difficult I have told my partner that I need to go and buy a new guitar - It sorter works....
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    Thanks Niels for the Chord transition and capo suggestion. I heard the Bb note and almost left the post. Maybe next lifetime I'll have longer fingers to barre those chords. Bless the capo and Am!
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    I think I like your Am progression @Niels F rather than the 😝Bbm version! Hang in there @DeeDee L - the more you do it, the less challenging (I won't say "easier" because this isn't!) it becomes. ☺️
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    Hi @DeeDee L, Nice song ❤️ The key of the song is Bb minor, so if you hear A minor, you must already have put your capo in the 1st fret and played the Am chord 😊 This is what I recommend you do anyway, as the chords become so much easier to play. That is unless you are dead set on playing the whole song using Bbm, Gb, Ab and Db, which are all barré chords 😝 The chords below must be played with the capo in the 1st fret in order to match the video. The number in square brackets is the start time of the chord sequence in the video. [0.00] Am Am F G [0.07] (Am Am G G Am Am F G) * 3 [0.47] (C C G G Am Am F G) * 2 [1.13] (Am Am G G Am Am F G) * 3 [1.54] (C C G G Am Am F G) * 2 [2.20] Am Am C C G G F F Am Am C C G G F F F F [2.50] (C C G G Am Am F G) * 4 [3.45] Am I hope this helps 😃
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    Key of Am Progression..... Am, G back and forth until the last chord of the verse-- F
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    Ok first of all after seeing some of the other posts and songs they chose I thought i was going to Bomb this and wouldnt have anything to post. So i chose this song because i like CCR and always wanted to learn this song. and well i think i got it C G C for the verse F G C Am for the Chorus I know it doesn't look really complicated but im working on Baby steps.. Played along with it and it sounded right..
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    Starts off in the key of E major: Intro > E B A B E Verse > E B A B E B A B Chrous> C#minor F#major C#minor F#major After going through the verse and chorus it I think they change to the key of G I think there might be 7th chords in there somewhere as well.
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    I believe this is in A. I struggled because I also hear C in it. Ultimately I understand it is supposed to be the lowest note that sounds correct so I am going with A.
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVY8LoM47xI I believe this is in the Key of D
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    Key of B Hey this really is the keys to kingdom, I just went through a whole catalogue of difficult and interesting music and could suddenly find my way through the music like I had special powers - I finally settled on this old live frank zappa performance of "Montana" - listen through the funny stuff in the beginning and the stupid clothes for the tasty frank solo - which I was able to play along with - because - that's right! - I had the fretboard magic keys! Thanks Tony for turning us on to the super good stuff!
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    Hi everybody 😊 I started this survey to get an idea of how many thought the FW course was so good, that they wanted to do it again, and I think now is the time to draw a line in the sand 🤓 Right now there are 216 members in the Fretboard Wizard Alumni Club, and when I deduct the Tony, Noah and Levi I am left with 213 members. I have tried to divide these alumni in five groups, and from time to time in this process I have had to guess people’s status from their activity in TAC, so please accept minor inaccuracies. I am using terms from the educational system, and I am probably not doing that properly either 😜 Pre-school: 65 People who have joined the FWA club and who have not presented themselves in this forum. They are either very new to TAC or have an extremely low post count. Emeritus: 15 Alumni who been in TAC for a long time and are very active, so I am pretty confident that they have done the FW course in May. As they have not presented themselves here, they probably have joined the club as a certificate for an already well-done course. Pupil: 92 Alumni who have presented themselves here as beginner guitarists and first timers in FW. Freshman: 16 Alumni who have presented themselves here as intermediate (or better) guitarists and first timers in FW. Sophomore: 25 Alumni who have presented themselves here as second timers in FW. The pre-schoolers amount to a pretty big group, but hopefully a lot of them will turn into pupils, as the course progresses 😊
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    Hello! I've been a part of Tony's Acoustic Challenge for over a year now! I love participating in the daily practices, but I don't play on my own very much. I want to finally break out of the mold of "copying" and actually play my own tunes. 😊 I'm from Ohio (the heart of it all) and became a fan of playing guitar because my dad always had them around the house. I've played for about 10 years, but have always felt like a novice. I'm tired of the excuse that I play "well enough" and don't retain theory very well! Looking forward to getting busy and learning a lot. Cheers to you all! Let's do it!
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    Taylor Factory Tour today with other TAC'ers is so needed.
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    @Tony P great choice in Scotch! If you did not notice the similarities between my last name and AUCH part of Auchentoshan I will enlighten. I will share what I know of the "root" word AUCH. Since I am a scotch drinker myself this is important information for scotch geeks like @Noah, @Levi, and any other lucky person. Ach- (or Auch-) is from the Gaelic word meaning “field”. Ach is generally a prefix used in the lowlands, whereas Auch is the highland variety. Auchterarder for example is ‘the upland field of the high stream”, Auchinleck a flat stone field. As this pertains to the scotch Auch: “Field”. The town of Auchentoshan outside of Glasgow is famous for its whisky and means “field of corners”. So there you have it! Enjoy!
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    I went back and forth on C and G on one note, but landed on Cm when playing the chords. I wouldn't bet the J-45 on it however..... other thoughts?
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    @Niels F OK is that even legal?? We may need to use this as an ear training case study!
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    I believe this is in the Key of A https://youtu.be/XXVg07t1HCE
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    Hi! I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone. Although I've never been there, New Leaf, is only about 20 minutes from me.
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    Hey Gang! Got 3 weeks into FBW "The Beginning" and my son decided show up on time of all the nerve.... thought for sure he'd give me another 2 weeks before he made an appearance... LOL! :-D Anyhoo... 5 months later and I'm ready to dig back into it! First 3 weeks were fantastic and hopefully the repeat of those will cement some stuff in my brain a little better. Can't wait for the final 2 weeks! Looking forward to all the open discussions on the challenges again... Really learned a lot from going through everyone's submissions and discussing them! Edit: Oops! Forgot to answer all the requested stuff Name's Lane. Currently live in Massachusetts but who knows where life will lead in the future. Although I've been here longer than anywhere else at this point so I may have grown some roots I took the FBW course the first time around but got interrupted.... see pic below: This time I'm hoping to finish it up and learn even more than I did the first 3 weeks I made it through. Here's a pick of the little monster 5mos later... he's turning out to be a Gen X'er in spirit... See you folks in the forums! Lane
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    I'm Matt T and I've been waiting for this ever since I decided to skip it during the initial release. I've owned a guitar for almost 20 years but other than some chords and some scales it remains a foreign. Bill Burr, comedian/podcaster, articulated my dilemma perfectly. He mentioned he "does" the drums after meeting someone that actually "plays" the drums. Meaning I can't play a song I don't know and I have no idea how to "jam". I'm really looking to transition from going through memorized motions to really playing guitar. I'd love to go from struggling to sound out words - to reading sentences - to creating my own stories. I'm also hoping to feed off the positivity of the community to move forward when I hit learning speed bumps.
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    Hi Sharon, I'm still a learner too, and TAC is my only guitar outlet so far. So YES, TAC is priceless to me too! I also want to eventually play with others. Once I work through my singing phobia, I'd like to try an open mike!