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  1. Hi Levi,

    Could you tell me please, how can I send a message to all the members in the Sunshine Jam Club as a group?

    Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

    Richard S.

  2. Hi Levi,

    I uploaded my Auld Lang Syne video but I'm afraid the volume is too low. I used a standard video camera. will you be able to boost the volume at all? Also do you have any pointers on how I can make it louder next time? Thanks :-)

  3. Bearded Guitar Geek Take-Over (AT16)

    My first attempt was the scotch, but couldn't complete the mission:)
  4. happy Birthday Levi

  5. Round 2 indeed!

    Welcome back:) Cute kid, sweet shirt!!
  6. Very awesome to have you here, Scott!
  7. FW Live Q&A 1


    Noon MST. Thanks for the comment. Just realized I didn't specify the time!
  8. Very nicely put, Matt! Welcome! Based on other stories, I'd say this experience will certainly do all of that for you. Glad to have you:)
  9. Happy birthday, Patrick!

  10. FW Live Q&A 2

    Fretboard Wizard live Q&A for Lesson 2: How to Find Chords by Ear Click here to watch ➜ Join us this Wednesday, November 15th at Noon MST for the live Q&A.
  11. FW Live Q&A 1

    Noon MST: Your first Fretboard Wizard live Q&A for Lesson 1: How to Find the Key by Ear Click here to watch ➜ Join us this Wednesday November 8th at Noon for the live Q&A.
  12. FW Lesson 1

    Click here to view the Week 1 Fretboard Wizard lesson & retention quiz! Join us this Wednesday, November 8th at Noon for the live Q&A. We'll see you back here in the Fretboard Wizard Community for the Lesson 1 Challenge.
  13. That was borrowed from @jumpin' jeff s who I believe heard it from someone else:)
  14. Merry Acoustic Tuesday Friend! Here is your weekly dose of guitar geekiness. These are Acoustic Guitar nuggets sifted from the sands of the internet for your knowledge and entertainment... and of course to propel the #acousticlife. Last week was a bit of a soap box moment... In fact if you missed my thoughts on guitar mastery you must watch it. It is a topic that I am extremely passionate about and one that can lead you down a dark road if you aren't careful. Check out the full video here: A luthier you need to know about: Bozeman very often feels like the valley of luthiers, being that Gibson is right down the road and there are ample amounts of small bench luthiers in the area. One small bench luthier that lives in Belgrade (just outside of Bozeman) is Dan Roberts. Dan is a master craftsman who started his career at Flatiron/Gibson, then moved to Santa Cruz Guitar company, and now has his own shop where he does some truly outstanding custom work. Dan draws his inspiration from the tradition set forth by the bigger manufacturers (read Martin and Gibson), but he enjoys making tweaks to it and loves the small shop environment for that very reason. Check out this video done a while back, which will give you Dan's thoughts on building and his philosophy behind custom guitars. #Guitargeek Alert!!! There are some beautiful shots of his shop in this video. Daniel Roberts Shop Video: https://vimeo.com/59663806 Daniel Roberts Stringworks Website: http://www.danielrobertsstringworks.com/ Guitar Gadget that has my curiosity sufficiently fueled: Flying with a guitar is no doubt a stress filled task that has us #guitargeeks pressed up against the windows of an airplane wondering if we will see our guitar case launched across the tarmac to an uncomfortable concrete resting place. Flight cases to the rescue!!! But wait... Flight cases can be very specific and often are custom built to an instrument's exact specs. So this means one case per guitar, but hold that thought for just one moment... enter Visesnut cases. These cases offer an internal strapping apparatus that allows one case to be used for similarly sized guitars... this means one flight case can handle more than one guitar. Flying with an instrument may have now gotten just one step easier. Visesnut Case Website: http://www.visesnutcase.com/ Visesnut dem0 video: https://youtu.be/xfjA4YX-gFg Buy from Elderly: https://www.elderly.com/catalogsearch/result/?cat=0&q=visesnut What I'm currently listening to: Currently I am stuck on Jeffrey Foucalt's newest release, Salt As Wolves. The tones on this album are fantastic, and I must say I may have broke an acoustic rule here as this album features some electric guitar, but hear me out... Salt As Wolves has the right amount of space, tasty guitar fills, stellar songwriting, and the type of songs that have you enthralled in their story. Jeffrey's vocals are whiskey smooth and his guitar work and tone fit each song to a tee. The stand out track for me is "Slow Talker," in fact check out the video link to see Jeffrey play with a past Acoustic Tuesday featured artist. Slow Talker w/ Special Guest: https://youtu.be/dpyG6rhQ0ow Salt As Wolves Album: http://amzn.to/2x6emVX A must hear microphone: I have seen multiple live acoustic shows in various venues, I have watched many youtube videos of my favorite acoustic artists and they all seem to have something in common... the microphone. An elegant, almost industrial looking microphone that sounds amazing. Ear Trumpet Labs offers some seriously beautiful looking and sounding microphones for acoustic instrumentation. In fact by the looks of it they are taking acoustic music by storm. Check out their site to lay your eyes on these beauties and check out the different models that they offer. Ear Trumpet Site: http://www.eartrumpetlabs.com/ Ear Trumpet Mics in action: https://youtu.be/SU30eXcwr38 Cheers, Tony P.S. I want to make sure you don't miss an episode of Acoustic Tuesday and the shenanigans that go along with it so please subscribe to the AcousticLife.tv YouTube channel.
  15. Hello Levi,

    I'm interested in joining a jam club, but don't know of any TAC members within 25 miles. Do jam club members have to be members of TAC?  I know that would be ideal ...and I guess is the objective. I would be willing to drive farther at least once a month to participate. I understand that we are a bit isolated here. Guess I need to talk more locals into joining TAC!