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  1. I sent you a question about club start up. I found two other members in the Charlotte area willing to get together.

  2. hey levi, can you guys do a video feed in for an event march 10th between 1 and 4

  3. Levi can you change the city in the logo of our Jam Club to DELMARVA.

    It members have agreed.


  4. Hi Levi,

    Philip from Denmark here - new TAC member

    I am taking a week tour around Southern California (sadly without a guitar) and would very much like to meet some TAC members and if possible play a few tunes. 

    March 12,13 would fit best.

    My intention is to start in LA on March 7 or 8, head north to Death Valley and perhaps Vegas, South to Joshua tree, then onto the Taylor factory in El Cjon, Cal (is this far from you?).

    Do you think this is possible?




    1. Levi


      Hey Philip!!

      That sure sounds possible. Here are a couple ideas...

      1. Look at the Jam Clubs around those areas. See who is the leader, and message them. They may have a better idea of who is in those areas.

      2. Start a forum thread with a descriptive title and see who responds!

      We're still in the early days of the TAC global network:) So it's not always guaranteed that there are TAC members in every town. But the map is filling up more and more all the time!

      Thanks for reaching out!



  5. Hi Levi,

    Could you tell me please, how can I send a message to all the members in the Sunshine Jam Club as a group?

    Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

    Richard S.

    1. Sherry C

      Sherry C

      HI Richard,

      When you click on club and then message club, select "members"...It turns out it sends the same message to each person, only individually...kind of a bummer, but the only way to message everyone.  That's why I sent the same message twice.

      Maybe Levi will have an easier way


  6. Hi Levi,

    I uploaded my Auld Lang Syne video but I'm afraid the volume is too low. I used a standard video camera. will you be able to boost the volume at all? Also do you have any pointers on how I can make it louder next time? Thanks :-)

  7. Levi

    Bearded Guitar Geek Take-Over (AT16)

    My first attempt was the scotch, but couldn't complete the mission:)
  8. happy Birthday Levi

  9. Levi

    Round 2 indeed!

    Welcome back:) Cute kid, sweet shirt!!
  10. Very awesome to have you here, Scott!
  11. Levi

    FW Live Q&A 1


    Noon MST. Thanks for the comment. Just realized I didn't specify the time!
  12. Very nicely put, Matt! Welcome! Based on other stories, I'd say this experience will certainly do all of that for you. Glad to have you:)
  13. Happy birthday, Patrick!

  14. Levi

    FW Live Q&A 2

    Fretboard Wizard live Q&A for Lesson 2: How to Find Chords by Ear Click here to watch ➜ Join us this Wednesday, November 15th at Noon MST for the live Q&A.
  15. Levi

    FW Live Q&A 1

    Noon MST: Your first Fretboard Wizard live Q&A for Lesson 1: How to Find the Key by Ear Click here to watch ➜ Join us this Wednesday November 8th at Noon for the live Q&A.