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  1. Brown Eyed Girl

    It's an E minor
  2. To my ear it's the key of G Chord progression G C G D G C G D an so on through the main part of the verses. When it goes from the verse into the Chorus it's G C G D C D G Em C D G. At least I guess it is ;-) I'm not so sure about the part where he sings "Do you remember when we used to sing". I can here that he is staying there on just one kind of D chord. However, I'm not sure whether it's a D7 or just a regular D. Both sound good to me The "sha la la la" part is G C D G
  3. New Guy

    Welcome to the forum mate.
  4. Nice to meet you David and enjoy the course.
  5. Three Months In!

    Hi Mike, nice to meet you. I started practicing before work as well shortly after joining TAC. It feels great having started the day with something you're passionate about. Best, Fatih
  6. Hello everyone, I'm Fatih from Frankfurt in Germany. I was always wondering how in the world are those others can play so effortlessly and how they know how to play the melody they have in their head and also know where to find those notes on the fretboard. It's still a mystery for me. So I hope to demystify all these things like finding out the key and chords of a song or just join others and play along with them without being familiar with the song. So, I'm really looking forward learning together with all of you and having a lot of fun along the way. You all have scary Halloween tomorrow, Fatih
  7. Fatih P