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  1. This was a great one @Elizabeth S. I love doing this without looking and I was surprised when the low E sounded good to me straight out of th gate and the following awful sounding F seemed to seal it. Then when I got up to the high E 12th fret and it sounded great I knew I was going with E only to see that everyone was saying B, so I went back and thought B was good but E better. All of the other analysis while fabulous, has gone straight over my head. This is all pretty cool.
  2. I agree with D. Usually I'm stuck between G and D, but this one seems a pretty clear D to me. Very cool song....love all these new songs.
  3. Great question, David, and I'm having the same issue being stuck on G or D, but I think G would be the lower note because as you move up the neck toward the soundhole the notes are getting higher. I just can't decide which sounds right...if the D sounded right then it would be the lowest note, and if G sounded best then it would be the lowest, I think. My ear isn't discerning much of a difference between those 2 and they both sound good to me in many cases.
  4. I would agree with C also. I suck at this but when I played a C scale over it the F in the scale sounded ok and an F# sounded bad to me, so I couldn't say G and I'm not sure if that makes sense but that's how I justified C
  5. Trying not to look and I came up with D. This keeps happening that I can't decide between G and D, though I still like D better but can't figure out why.
  6. I'm shocked....that's what I came up without looking and was sure it couldn't be right because I don't recall many songs being in the key of B.
  7. Not saying you're old Neil's, I am 😬 however, and only discovered Ralph and the song about a year ago. Sometimes I noticed he puts the capo at 3rd fret. Now I have to learn how to hear the key! Thanks for that great background info!
  8. That's what I figured by cheating. Capo on 2nd fret, beginning and ending with a C-shape chord would make it a D was pretty sure, but couldn't hear it 😩. Thanks for trying it!
  9. I love this song, and strum it only--but still can't figure out the Key. He plays it with the capo in two different places (watch several videos). That said I tried to just listen and do it the way Tony told us, and first came up with the Key of A (for this version), but I'm sure that's not right....then I cheated and looked at tahe capo and thought it had to be D, and then of course there's C. So this is how it goes with me, but by the end of FW I'll be figuring it out I'm sure. BTW, I accidently found where we are supposed to post our videos--and it's so cool, no doubt we'll be getting enough practice doing this!
  10. I was just looking at that thread @Sharon Tiano, and we're going to be away that weekend, rats! One of these days it's gonna work.
  11. I think it will be super fun, Buddy. And yes, it was brilliant marketing, but not pushy. Just answered all the questions swirling around in your head, AND made it personal, haha. I've taken enough private lessons at $40 an hour to know TAC and FBW are a great value. See you on the Forums and in the lessons!
  12. Hey, Sharon Glad you're taking the course again....I almost didn't sign up because I figured I needed to get more used to TAC first, but then decided why wait? I want to get comfortable playing with others so maybe I'll get the courage one of these days to join you guys for a TAC East get together. Can't wait for some light bulb moments!
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