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  1. The both my little fingers have trigger finger contraction issues (finger gets stuck and then pops)... no pain so far but very annoying and definitely interfers with playing guitar and wind instruments.  I expect I will eventually need to see a hand specialist regarding getting it corrected as it doesn't seem to be getting any better. (The little finger on my fretting hand already volunteered to go first as it is tired of getting told to just stop it 🙂)

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  2. We were planning to come but the dates don't work.  My youngest son is graduating from high school on June 5th .... so it looks like we won't be making it this year....sooo bummed. Had a great time at ALF last year and absolutely love the Montana/Wyoming area. 

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  3. @Mike G--  Wow... picking a favorite would be really hard. I like different things about each of them.  Often when I'm learning something on one instrument I think it would be cool to learn the piece on multiple instruments. I would love to be able to spend the majority of my day just playing each instrument.  Right now I'm primarily playing horn with a local concert band and learning guitar. Time is the biggest roadblock. I can play only basic simple music on the Piano ...navigate the the keyboard for chords.  I agree having too many notes on the fretboard...same pitch in multiple locations is taking much longer to learn.  

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  4. The Martin Experience at Sam Ash was great.  Lots of interesting historical information. (Perhaps made more meaningful by our recent visit to the Martin Factory.) Some very interesting custom guitars and wonderful playing by Martin Clinician Craig Thatcher.  Everyone of the guitars played had their own character.  Unfortunately, I made it through the evening without succumbing  to GAS.  I say unfortunately because I think I found the Mahogany I've been looking for ever since listening to @Carol M play her  hog from across the room. It's not a  true hog  like Carol's but a CEO7  with Mahogany body/Adirondack top.  It was played along with some of the custom guitars and I realized it was to my ear one of the top two guitars (the other much more expensive) of the night.  (I had played it before but never heard it from across the room. Lesson learned ...It's a good idea to get someone to play a guitar and just step back and listen.)  Someone, else had the same idea and thus saved me as there was only one in stock.  They had it signed by Chris Martin.  How cool!    Other  #small wins from the night...strings..buy one/get one free and was inspired to track down the music for a finger-picking song Craig played which will be a bit of a challenge now ....but not for long :) .  Going to start working on it in pieces. 

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  5. Earlier this month marked my second TACiversary... 

    1. Where were you with guitar when you joined? 

    Not sure exactly why but I got interested in playing the guitar two  summers ago when we took an old cheap acoustic that had been purchased years before for my kids to see if it was worth fixing. The guitar wasn't worth fixing but I something kept telling me I had to play so I got my first guitar, a GS Mini ,after watching many of Tony's wonderful reviews. At the time I enjoyed playing other instruments I had never played guitar or any other string instruments and didn't know much about them.  

    2. What are three things you can do now that you couldn't do before TAC? 

    1. Understand closed and open chords.  Although I still often struggle with transitions I know how to approach working to get them smoother.
    2. I can read tabs, work out scales on the fret-board, do hammer on and pull offs and can find the tonal center of a song. (Interestingly, although I read music for other instruments I find myself primarily reading tabs with guitar??? --- now consciously working on doing both.)
    3. Appreciate and hear the great variety in tone and character in guitars and other string instruments.  --This leads to GAS.

    3. Complete this statement: It would be amazing if this time next year I can ....play songs more fluidly alone and with others. 

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  6. Both versions are very nice!  Very interesting comparison.  Like the brassier, brighter sound with the penny. My favorite picks at the moment are the little Prodigy 2.0 and the Dunlop Ultex 1.0  (Interestingly, a year ago I leaned more toward much more flexible picks) but now I'll have to try coins just to see how they feel and sound. 

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