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  1. DanK


    Welcome, this is a great place!
  2. Guest Atomicman, I would say that playing with a beard lends tremendous gravitas to my stage presence. This extra "street cred" gained by having facial hair is well worth it. As far a beard as giving extra vibration to one's rib cage while playing, I'm not so sure...
  3. I need extra credit here!🍻
  4. Thanks Victory! Kept it shorter and hopefully, better!😆
  5. Thought I'd keep it simple here...Blues Key of A; I, IV, V Nashville number progression. Threw some blue note in for the A7, E7 & D7 "accidental notes. Transposed to Key of E: E7, A7 & B7 I think it sounds ok. #smallwin - my first TAC upload here, all positive feedback welcome, thanks in advance...Bonus points for beard, flannel shirt and hat and gratuitous alcohol placement?
  6. DanK


    Christopher, this is great! Digging the soulful vocals as well as the nice chord progressions. No stuff thrown other than kudos to you! Nice production work also!
  7. Nice work! Sounds very cool...the challenge #5 bar seems even higher now...good job!
  8. Niels, Wonderfully done...Bravo! Great job!
  9. I haven’t heard this version before! Nice! Good song break down too! Thanks for posting this!
  10. DanK

    New to FW

    Welcome! My dogs like my playing too, my wife not so much.🍻
  11. Thanks guys! Valuable feedback, I'll be reviewing the chords again today!
  12. Thanks Gary! It is a great song isn't it!
  13. Key of D; Chord progression DGDDAD; Nashville Number System 1-4-1-1-5-1. Key of C chords: CFCCGC. Thanks in advance for any and all input!