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  1. @Katherine S Are you the person highlighted on Acoustic Tuesday? If so that was a great video, you can still rock congrats! 

    I also wanted to know about that beautiful guitar. It appears to be a Taylor and has such a wonderful burst on it's top.

    Bob E Wizard in Training 

    1. Katherine S

      Katherine S

      Hi @Bob E.! Yep that's me, with the waterworks and all...

      The guitar I'm holding is a Taylor GS mini e-koa. I loved the pattern in the wood so I selected that specific one. It's a great little guitar too. Super sound for a smaller, comfy guitar. In the video of my "Acoustic Life Story" you can see @Barb S's mini e-koa in the background. Hers is even prettier I think. 

      Thanks for your kind remarks about the video. Noah really did an awesome job on them. 

      Still rockin,

      Katherine S.

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