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  1. Hey Jumpin' jeff s   I lost that link to those backing tracks you sent me.  Could you send them again?


    Marty F

  2. Please excuse my ignorance when it comes to navigating the groups and communities. I will figure this out sooner or later. I wanted MartyF to know how much I appreciated that link. I will now be able to dig a little deeper on it.

  3. Hi Marty, thank you for your kind words ,life throws us roadblocks some times but having the strength to move forward and have kind friends ,even if a long way away, is great, the support in this forum is fantastic and so helpful, regards Rob.

  4. I wonder how far away Franklin is from Winston Salem?

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    2. Marty F

      Marty F

      Thank you for the offer Mike.  My Mrs., born and raised in the same CA town as I and went to the same high school,  has trips planned & scheduled out till 2022.  If we are not traveling somewhere in the world, we are doing a road trip somewhere.  I put my foot down this year and told her I was going to attend the Acoustic Life Festival in 2020 in Bozeman, MT with or without her.  LOL  I even told her I would forgo my 50th Class Reunion in CA in Oct. to attend the ALF.

    3. Mike Gaurnier

      Mike Gaurnier

      Now that is guitar-centric motivation. I like it. 😄

    4. Marty F
  5. Thank you Marty! 😎

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