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    Visitors Today!

    @Keith "SibeDad" L viewing from my iPhone. Thanks for numbering them, otherwise would have missed 3 & 4. Had to really zoom in. @Tony S I have a friend, who’s a butcher, from northern Wisconsin. He tells me, some hunters don’t bother to pick up the meat he’s prepared. 😪 It’s been my only opportunity to taste venison.
  2. Roger Se

    New to Fretboard Wizard

    Hey @Kirk Schoon, I’m sure you’ll have a few #lightbulb moments here. Welcome to FBW.
  3. Welcome to TAC & FW @RICHARD D. Sorry I didn’t catch your post earlier, I rarely go into the FW community once I complete the spring and fall sessions. Like @dr_dave suggests, join a TAC jam club close to you. To me joining a jam club or playing with others is such a very rewarding experience. Enjoy your guitar journey.
  4. I believe we may have the same guitar, assuming Marty is a Little Martin.  I have one of those as well.  She has been my travel companion on many adventures and we have had great times together,  but I shall soon be looking for a new home for her, as I recently acquired a new travel guitar, and someone else will need her more than I. Excellent and lovely little guitar!

    Little Martin LXE 2015.jpg

    1. Roger Se

      Roger Se

      Marty is a GPCPA4, grand performance body, cutaway & Fishman onboard preamp/pickup system.

  5. Welcome to Stacked and Staggered.  Glad to have you aboard. The member map has you outside of Chicago.  Is that true?  Hell of a commute to Northern Virginia but would love to have you down.  You can stay with me if you are in the area.  Next Jam is July 21! Come on down!

  6. Roger Se

    Thank you TAC

    Took advantage of the refund today. Like you, I want to see Caitlin Canty, live. Hope to meet you there.
  7. Roger Se

    I'm in! :)

    Welcome @Patricia T
  8. Happy Birthday!!  Have a great day.

  9. Roger Se

    New old guy

    Welcome @Johnny Phoenix. Have taken the FW workshop before and gonna go thru it again. I think you'll have many light bulb moments. Enjoy the journey.
  10. Roger Se

    Pierre From Phoenix AZ

    HI Pierre, You have some concerns about the CAGED system. Don't fret! Think of using partial or power chords in each shape. I know the C and G shapes are the hardest to move up the guitar neck when you try to barre them. The more familiar and easier ( easier, thats relative) barre chords are the E and A shapes. The D shape may not appear to be easy going up the neck, but think about just fretting the notes of the D shape and just strum the G, B, E strings to play the chord as you move the shape along the neck. Just remember, you only need 3 notes to play a chord. I'm pretty much a newbie myself after a layoff of over 40 years. I attended my first jam club meeting this past Saturday, here in Illinois. It was great! Talking and playing with other TAC guitar geeks in person was very satisfying. I know there is a jam club in the Phoenix area. You should join them.
  11. Roger Se

    A big hello from a beginner

    Welcome aboard, Carrick.
  12. Roger Se


    Welcome @Marlana H. Have fun on your guitar journey.
  13. Roger Se

    I'm a New guy

    Welcome Rich. I'm also a newbie to TAC and FW. I hope to learn how to improvise too, so I don't just play chords when I jam with friends.
  14. Roger Se

    New to Fretboard Wizard

    Hi Damien and welcome. I too have an electric guitar as probably a lot of people in TAC. Primary instrument I play though is my Martin acoustic. The thing I find with electrics - they are much easier to play. I guess it has to do with the slimmer neck profile and fretboard radius. Also, probably the lighter gauge strings. Good luck in FW and TAC.
  15. Welcome back. I get the guitar rut thing. I was in one for over 40 years. I'm hoping this FW group and TAC can keep me motivated to practice. Maybe, even become a wizard.