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  1. Hi Roger,


    Hope you're enjoying the warm rays of AZ. I sent you an email and haven't seen a reply but I asked you if you would like to be in the alphabetical rotation of monthly song pickers for the jam? Please let me know Yes or No at:




  2. I believe we may have the same guitar, assuming Marty is a Little Martin.  I have one of those as well.  She has been my travel companion on many adventures and we have had great times together,  but I shall soon be looking for a new home for her, as I recently acquired a new travel guitar, and someone else will need her more than I. Excellent and lovely little guitar!

    Little Martin LXE 2015.jpg

    1. Roger Se

      Roger Se

      Marty is a GPCPA4, grand performance body, cutaway & Fishman onboard preamp/pickup system.

  3. Welcome to Stacked and Staggered.  Glad to have you aboard. The member map has you outside of Chicago.  Is that true?  Hell of a commute to Northern Virginia but would love to have you down.  You can stay with me if you are in the area.  Next Jam is July 21! Come on down!

  4. Happy Birthday!!  Have a great day.

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