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  1. Help out there...I paid my $$$, completed 6 lessons and cannot understand how to move forward. What the heck am I missing?

    1. Marty F

      Marty F

      @Charles C, I don't understand what you are asking but if you haven't done the Academy, then start there.  There are a heck of a lot more lessons there.  Hope that helps!

    2. charli c

      charli c

      I too am not sure what you are saying?  What 6 lessons?  These lessons are designed to be ongoing and not just 6.  Can you clarify?

    3. Douglas B

      Douglas B

      Perhaps a clarification of terminology would help.

      Under the TAC Academy, there are 19 courses (e.g.Blues 101, Strumming Jumpstart, Capo Comprehension).  Each Course has several lessons (3-8 typically) that need to be completed in order to complete the course.  Once you start a course, it will be listed under "My Courses" (mortarboard hat icon).  As far as "moving forward" goes, that's up to you.  Think about the skills you have now, which skills you would like to improve and which new skills you would like to learn .  Based on that, pick a sequence of courses that will help you achieve those goals.

      I see you've been a member for a year now, so you may be familiar with all the above.  If so, please provided some clarification.

  2. Glad you shared your song with everyone. Nice playing I enjoyed it a lot.

    1. Daniel M

      Daniel M

      Thank you for listening @Dennis D.

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