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  1. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Key Am - HOTRS... E major?

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  2. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Visitors Today!

    Spirit used to just quietly watch and plot how he was going to get at them; Jewel is very reactive and excited, and Dash, being blind need to get their scent but reacts to Jewel's excitement and when he gives out one of his loud barks [a 50 pound dog with the bark of a 200 pounder] most head for the hills, except Moose, they fear no one!
  3. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Visitors Today!

    Call me whatever, but I just enjoy the beauty of these creatures sharing my little piece of paradise, on a regular basis. A couple days ago I had a huge bull moose wander through, "Nice Rack". I get lots of moose cows and calves, but rarely a bull. Didn't get a picture, but this is my Spring lawn care team.
  4. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Visitors Today!

    I had some visitors today as I worked on FretWiz Lesson 1.
  5. Off for a Jam with the Well Strung Pluckers:D:D

  6. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Blue Jeans and Lace by Marlana

    Beautifully done Marlana. This grumpier old guitar geek could find no wrong!
  7. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Here goes Nothin!

    Very nice
  8. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Thank you TAC

    Same here, although a tough one for me. If am an not there it means my best friend and closest family member is still with me, if I am then I will be looking at the TAC community to get me through what has and will be a very hard time. I too am a huge Caitlin fan, don't know if you notice but I uploaded a video performance earlier today.
  9. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Thank you TAC

    Thank you @Tony P, @Noah and @Levi for your generous gift to FretWiz Alumni for the Acoustic Life Festival. It is much appreciated from this Alumni. I had purchased a Package 2 ticket and was looking forward to the festival, when last week I received some terrible health news about my closest family member. It was becoming questionable as to whether I would be able to attend the ALF or not, and still is very much so. I was struggling with whether of not I should refund my ticket in case I was not able to attend. With the gift you extended today, I was able to refund my package 2 ticket, but still have the opportunity to attend if I am able. Although I will not be able to smuze with the VIP crowd, I will still be able to enjoy Caitlin Canty [to see her perform live was one of the main reasons I purchased tickets] as well as the other artists. Thank you again, this has taken a weight off my mind and heart; during a most difficult time.
  10. Very interesting choice by the way. I had never listened to this style of music before, but have watched a few of their videos and quite enjoying it, thanks.
  11. I would agree with your D.
  12. Happy Birthday!!  Have a great day.

  13. Keith "SibeDad" L

    California Beaches

    Very Nice!
  14. I purposely did not review any of the other submissions prior to submitting my own. Now that I have; there are some truly fine works submitted and although mine seems trivial in comparison, I am still very proud of my accomplishment. If I could have only had Spirit lay down a vocal track, it would have put me over the top! He has a spectacular singing/howling voice when he gets going.