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  1. Off for a Jam with the Well Strung Pluckers:D:D

  2. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Blue Jeans and Lace by Marlana

    Beautifully done Marlana. This grumpier old guitar geek could find no wrong!
  3. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Here goes Nothin!

    Very nice
  4. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Thank you TAC

    Same here, although a tough one for me. If am an not there it means my best friend and closest family member is still with me, if I am then I will be looking at the TAC community to get me through what has and will be a very hard time. I too am a huge Caitlin fan, don't know if you notice but I uploaded a video performance earlier today.
  5. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Thank you TAC

    Thank you @Tony P, @Noah and @Levi for your generous gift to FretWiz Alumni for the Acoustic Life Festival. It is much appreciated from this Alumni. I had purchased a Package 2 ticket and was looking forward to the festival, when last week I received some terrible health news about my closest family member. It was becoming questionable as to whether I would be able to attend the ALF or not, and still is very much so. I was struggling with whether of not I should refund my ticket in case I was not able to attend. With the gift you extended today, I was able to refund my package 2 ticket, but still have the opportunity to attend if I am able. Although I will not be able to smuze with the VIP crowd, I will still be able to enjoy Caitlin Canty [to see her perform live was one of the main reasons I purchased tickets] as well as the other artists. Thank you again, this has taken a weight off my mind and heart; during a most difficult time.
  6. Very interesting choice by the way. I had never listened to this style of music before, but have watched a few of their videos and quite enjoying it, thanks.
  7. I would agree with your D.
  8. Happy Birthday!!  Have a great day.

  9. Keith "SibeDad" L

    California Beaches

    Very Nice!
  10. I purposely did not review any of the other submissions prior to submitting my own. Now that I have; there are some truly fine works submitted and although mine seems trivial in comparison, I am still very proud of my accomplishment. If I could have only had Spirit lay down a vocal track, it would have put me over the top! He has a spectacular singing/howling voice when he gets going.
  11. Keith "SibeDad" L

    I'll Remember Them for You

    @James C. Beautifully written and performed. I lost my father to dementia in 1992 and these are words I wished I could have said to him. Touched my heart. I hope you don't mind if I make a copy and learn this myself. By the rosette on your guitar I believe it is a Norman. I too have a Norman 12 string that I just acquired last November. Love it. Yours looks like a cedar top? I have a B-50 Spruce top and flamed maple back, sides and neck. Thank you again for bringing back precious memories to me, I miss my Dad everyday, and always wish I could have been a better son.
  12. Key: C Chord Progression: C, Am, Em, G Numbers: 1, 6m, 3m, 5 Key of G: G, Em, Bm, D A couple of disclaimers prior to the video. I shot this using my very old webcam and neglected to flip the image. I am not a left handed player. I decided that this old "Fart" would likely look better in B&W, rather than shock you all with color. I also neglected to close the door to my office, so I was getting some help/pressure from my best friend, Spirit. He is just so good looking that I did not want to temp fate with another set of takes. The first video is of the chord progression in C. The second is of the first video playing in the background while I played my melody. Real hi-tech, NOT. I just want to say THANK You @Tony P, I never thought I could do this! And I promise I will get better.... And now the melody...
  13. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Is Cocaine & Rhinestones Your Next Obsession? (AT33)

    #youknowyouraguitargeekwhen your sitting watching Acoustic Tuesday, filing your nails, to get them just right, and Tony pulls out a "now that's a finger nail file" [Crocodile Dundee ref] size fingernail file, 35:32, and you are envious.
  14. Keith "SibeDad" L

    Help with Scales.

    @David P I created a PDF from Jill's photo and attached it to my earlier post on this thread, March 15. Just saw you message this evening, you may have one already.
  15. I have not found an online editable TAB creator, so her I go trying to make my dogs howl Key A Chord Progression: A D A D A E A My first attempt at Improvisation and upload. #smallwin And this is how it should sound!