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  1. Hello Katherine, 

    I'm reaching out here - a new(bie) in training (first 30 days).  I noticed you are a 'mentor'.  What does that mean in the scope of this community? Also, I'm not on any other social media platforms.  If I don't respond right away, it's because I haven't seen your response, or I haven't figured it out yet! 

    Thank you

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    2. Camellia M

      Camellia M

      Thank you for explaining. My name is that flower! My mom almost named my Hydrangea. Hahaha- I’m glad she picked the other one.

      I appreciate your help, and will keep you in mind for help, if that’s ok. Everyone has been really kind here. I’m very grateful! 

    3. KatherineS


      Absolutely, message me any time, Hydrangea! 😉😄

    4. KatherineS


      P.S. my parents almost named me Frederick, so I know what you mean! 


  2. @Katherine S Are you the person highlighted on Acoustic Tuesday? If so that was a great video, you can still rock congrats! 

    I also wanted to know about that beautiful guitar. It appears to be a Taylor and has such a wonderful burst on it's top.

    Bob E Wizard in Training 

    1. KatherineS


      Hi @Bob E.! Yep that's me, with the waterworks and all...

      The guitar I'm holding is a Taylor GS mini e-koa. I loved the pattern in the wood so I selected that specific one. It's a great little guitar too. Super sound for a smaller, comfy guitar. In the video of my "Acoustic Life Story" you can see @Barb S's mini e-koa in the background. Hers is even prettier I think. 

      Thanks for your kind remarks about the video. Noah really did an awesome job on them. 

      Still rockin,

      Katherine S.

  3. Happy slightly belated birthday, Katherine! 

  4. I see you are in Illinois.  I am from there as well, Macomb originally.  Undergrad at NIU and graduate at ETS in Naperville.  Spent a lot of time in Old Town back in the old days.

  5. Thank you for the shirt! Very creative.

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