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  1. FYI...  No matter how tired you are, resist the urge to go for a nap... At the weekend, while I was catching a very quick afternoon nappet, the wife snuck into my girls room and cleaned it!  I mean proper!  With Polish!  And Hoovered...!  And used Shake 'n Vac...!  It's bloody awful...!  It now smells all girlie and nice...! 

    I'm never napping again!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Pabi


      Hey we could play that advert jingle - or maybe you're too young to remember it 🙄 😄

    3. Fletch


      I remember it Pabs.... "You do the Shake n Vac and put the freshness back..........." !

    4. Pabi



  2. Hi Fletch, I have logged your info tips into a section on my PC so I can refer to them as and when needed, thanks so much, kind regards Rob.

    1. Fletch


      No worries Rob :) 

    2. Hi im Robert Viney

      Hi im Robert Viney

      Glad you are one of my new forum friends Fletch, buy the way , loved your video , thanks  Rob.

  3. Does playing along count as playing with others?


    Just finished with day 2.  Can do the first blues strum @90 bpm with no errors.


  4. Back... With a little attitude... ;) 

  5. Hi Fletch

    Thanks for your great advice and support😊...so happy you are a mentor!

    1. Fletch


      Hey... Here if your need anything Virginia.... (And between you and me... I think they were desperate ;)

  6. How do you like your Soundbrenner. I put one in Musiciansfriend cart hoping to hear a comment from you on it before I decide to buy one.

    1. Fletch


      HI @Wayne O... Funny you're not the first to ask me that today... 

      It takes some getting used to!  I had to buy the Chest Strap as I found when I was strumming hard I lost the Vibe, but the chest fitting appears to work well over my Moobs... 

      I'm not using any Noise with it now, but I do still look at the lights/app a little bit to frequently to be 100% relent on it...  Guess I just need more Practise... 

      Ohh... If you check out the Soundsbrenner Website... They're bringing out a new Model...The Core...

      Something to note...  Just how BIG it is...  My Seiko isn't a small watch!



      So... 80% convinced so far... 



  7. Yay!  Think I've got a concession for a whole days Guitaring tomorrow... Yippee (The CinC off shopping for the day!)  TAC and Girlie Catchup time :) 

    1. Brian Santos

      Brian Santos

      NICE! Have fun, Fletch!!

  8. Four days off work... Yippee... 😀 Now to get me some serious Girlie Action... Watch out Trixie-Bella & Trini... :) 

  9. Away for the weekend...  Gotta go see Tommy Emmanuel in Concert...  It's a hard life... :) 

    1. Carol M

      Carol M

      Aww try to just grit through this difficult time... you can do it. And hopefully you can get a few pix or videos to make us all even more jealous, ha!! Have a grand time, enjoy Tommy E!!!!

  10. Way To go England 😊😍😁  Hic-cup 🍺🍺🍺🥃🥃🥃

  11. SNOW DAY!!! :)

    I hate 'The Cloud'... Means I can work from home... 😣 

    1. Keith "SibeDad" L

      Keith "SibeDad" L

      Lucky You9_9  Now, can you do a snow dance for me, please!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Fletch! Enjoy your day! YEEHAW!

    1. Fletch


      Cheers me Deer :) 

  13. Tilykke med din fødselsdag

    1. Fletch


      I hope that means what I think it means Philip... 😜

      Thank you sir :) 

  14. Back to work..... Blur... 😒

    1. Tony S

      Tony S

      Bummer dude 😐

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