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  1. 1. Describe why you're choosing to take the Fretboard Wizard course now? 

    I just want to learn what everybody else seems to know, and I don't.  I can only play open chords, so any improvement is going to be a win, whether "big" or "small".

    2. The course will take a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes per week for 6 weeks, but if your schedule permits, you can do it much faster than that since it's a self paced course. What's the ideal time you'll show up every week to complete this course? Can you describe what this ideal schedule will look like?

    I will probably dive in at around 9:00 MST, and spend at least 10 minutes on the daily lesson and at least 20 minutes on the Fretboard Wizard Challenge.  

    3. What is your biggest apprehension about taking this course?

    I drive motor coach and am on trips quite frequently, leaving me without my guitar to practice, and with no practice, one can get behind, and when one gets behind, they can get discouraged, and when discouragement comes, it gets easy to quit or give up.  ( I'm hoping to one day win a travel guitar that I can take on my coach trips with me. )

    4. If you only take one thing away from this course that makes it completely worth your time and investment, what would that be?

    If I get to spend the time I committed to practicing on my guitar, that alone will be worth it.  But I'm taking this course to be what it is called... "A Fretboard Wizard".

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