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  1. What a wonderful and inspiring segment about you on today's AT, Mama T. I agree with everything Tony said. It was lovely to see you gain well deserved recognition for the kind spirit and the generosity you bring to TAC. 

    1. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      Awwww.. thanks. That means a lot to me.

    2. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      Hope you are going to make Friendsgiving - mark your calendar on November 16th

    3. Denise M

      Denise M

      Yes, we plan on being there. We're bringing salad and our special dressing and a brioche.

  2. Sharon, did you have an Emerald guitar? I can't remember whether it was you or someone else but I wondered where you got it.

    1. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      Yes, both my husband and I have Emerald guitars.  His is an X20 (sort of like a 000 size) and mine is an X7 (a parlour size).  We actually ordered them from the Emerald website - these were ready to ship already made.   I will say we are both very pleased with them. 

    2. Denise M

      Denise M

      Thank you. It was great to meet you. I look forward to the August 5th jam at your house.

    3. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      It was great to meet you too.. and the jam is August 10th.  More details will be posted but we will do something similar to Chucks.. jam in the afternoon and then the house concert (the concert has a 20.00) .. and of course jam after for anyone who wants to stay longer.. 

      And if you want any information on the Emerald guitars, let us know.

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