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  1. Hi @Sharon Tiano ... I saw your rank text as "Perpetual Beginner but Still Having Fun".  I just started reading a newly published book (Oct 2019) by Dave Isaacs (NashvilleGuitarGuru.com). The title is The Perpetual Beginner, subtitled, “A Musician’s Path to Lifelong Learning”.  The intersection of that "Perpetual Beginner" phrase made me wonder if you were aware of Dave's book?  Thanks for being a Mentor to the community ... Jack L in Central Texas 


    1. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      Hi @Jack L .. funny you should mention Dave Isaacs.  We saw him recently on a Live Lesson with Steve Krenz show and when he mentioned his book, I actually giggled because I have been calling myself that for awhile. I bought the book but haven't started reading it yet.   It's next on my list. 

      Hope you are enjoying the site and if you ever need anything, please let us know. 

    2. Jack L

      Jack L

      It was the appearance on Steve Krenz's show that triggered my Amazon order ... I had seen some of Dave's lessons on JamPlay but didn't know much of his background until that broadcast.


    3. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      LOL. same here.   I didn't know of him prior to that either.  I really liked what he had to say on the show.  It is very much the same philosophy that Tony embodies.  Steve too. 

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