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  1. Hi Allie...Just wanted to give you all a heads up about Thalia Guitars in Northern CA.  Some of us have their wonderful capos , straps etc. They were told as a non-essential business they would have to close, but Chris ,the founder, had his factory completely retooled very quickly and they are now turning out intubation boxes and N95 masks and distributing them all over the USA. They have a goFundme site if anyone can throw in a few bucks for support, but these guys are heros. Check out their website video if you have a chance.  It is an inspiring example of generosity,  creativity and good old fashioned love for one's neighbour!  They are working round the clock.  Would love it if they got a mention somewhere.  Thanks for all you are doing too to keep us busy on guitar....making harmony....with love, VirginiaW😎

    1. Allie


      Thank you so much for sharing this @Virginia W!! I'll see what we can do :)

  2. Hey Ricky,

    It's the red beard isn't it! Thanks for the shout out😎 !!

    1. Ricky K

      Ricky K

      @Virginia W It keeps me looking young. ;)

  3. Thank you Marty! 😎

  4. Hi Tony

    Yes ..it even surprised me...I wasn't expecting such helpful results, but that Tony P is an awesome teacher!!  

  5. Hi Fletch

    Thanks for your great advice and support😊...so happy you are a mentor!

    1. Fletch


      Hey... Here if your need anything Virginia.... (And between you and me... I think they were desperate ;)

  6. Thanks Tony!

    going to check out the jam club from your area. Look forward to being a follower! So much to learn😎 Cheers, 

  7. Thank you Steve!  I see you are from my home state, the beautiful California ....  guitars, skateboards, and the beach...what a way to grow up.!!!😎

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