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  1. Hello @Karl D thank you for dropping by the lake

    aND taking in the improv  Keep well and Happy

  2. Thank you @Brian Pateman glad you enjoyed my relaxation by the stream

    How is the U K TAC club going Brian?

  3. Hi @Dom T Thank you for the thumbs up

    Just had to do it so nice to chill fishing and

    hear nature whistling by smell fresh water

    and listen to the flow.  Keep well sir Dom

  4. Thank you Duane I find it hard to get time to practice But I will remember if I feel like

    stretching time Thank you Duane hope all's well for you sir

  5. Hello Father, you play guitar very well

    I enjoy your posts very much Molta 


    1. Ernesto


      Thank you very much, Leslie!

      You're very kind 🙏

  6. Well done Leslie - the groove found you and then you two did a little dance. Gotta love it when that happens.

  7. Hey Leslie, 

    That was a great improv you did there on the St. James. Nice!

    Keep Fretting, 


  8. Hello everyone I am struggling here to upload my profile photo, also to Login to TAC

    generally in a mess lol.

    1. Levi


      Keep us posted, Leslie:) And make sure to read this thread for how to clear your cache and fix your sign up:


    2. Leslie Cumberland

      Leslie Cumberland

      I am on the go again Levi thanks for the help

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