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  1. Hi T.J, thank you very much for the kind words. If you have an interest, we have our photographs published on our website Link here.

    We were actually supposed to be State-side this week for 14 days, but sadly our trip was cancelled at the end of April. We had planned to travel to Wyoming and Montana to visit Yellowstone, Tetons, and Glacier NPs; .... maybe another year.

    We were 'hosed' after BA & AA cancelled all our flights, hey-ho, understandable I guess, given the circumstances. We have been lucky with our car rental and accommodation bookings as they have all waived their "non refundable" deposit policy written in their terms. That is with the exception of Historic Tamarack Lodge, in Hungry Horse, Montana, who are keeping half the cost of 6-nights rental of a cabin, quite a few hundred buckeroos .... ouch. Can't really do much more now than spread the word about how they treat people in trying times.

    Have a good evening, Sir

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