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  1. DMART sent me your way hoss...says you have the tech savvy for recording a/v. I am just going direct into my phone which sometimes is good and sometimes not so bueno. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Gary L

      Gary L

      Hey Tyrone. Glad to share what little bit I know. 

      When you say that you're going direct into your phone do you mean just using the phone's camera and internal microphone? If you're not using an external mic I would recommend getting one. They make mic's that you can use with a phone or tablet and they sound a lot better than the phone's internal mic.

      I started with a really basic set up (Laptop camera and USB microphone). As I've learned more about recording my set up has evolved to using my iPhone for video and a Scarlett audio input for the audio. I import video and audio into movie editing software to merge and sync. I upload the finished video to TAC from the editing software.

      I'm not sure if I've answered your question. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask. I'm happy to help if I can.



    2. Tyrone C

      Tyrone C

      Thank you sir. I \have android but I am sure there are similar products to work with.

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