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  1. I would like to start a jam club in Gainesville, Ga.

  2. Just joining, but, noticed there aren't any jam clubs in Florida.  I'm in Orange Park, Fl. 

    Also, noticed that all the Jam clubs are closed to new membership.  ???

  3. Hi Allie,

    I know I am new to TAC, I noticed that there are 5 people in my city of Barrie, Ontario. I was hoping I could start a jam club in my area.

    Thanks so much


  4. I am so sad that we won’t be working with you with the jam club. Best of wishes to you in your mysterious new venture(s).

  5. Hi Allie, are there any clubs in Australia?

    1. Richard N

      Richard N

      I was also wondering about this - did you get an answer?

    2. Kim T

      Kim T

      I didn't. Where are you based Richard?


    3. Richard N

      Richard N

      Kensington Sydney, what about you?

  6. When we can I would love to find a jam club

  7. Hi Allie...Just wanted to give you all a heads up about Thalia Guitars in Northern CA.  Some of us have their wonderful capos , straps etc. They were told as a non-essential business they would have to close, but Chris ,the founder, had his factory completely retooled very quickly and they are now turning out intubation boxes and N95 masks and distributing them all over the USA. They have a goFundme site if anyone can throw in a few bucks for support, but these guys are heros. Check out their website video if you have a chance.  It is an inspiring example of generosity,  creativity and good old fashioned love for one's neighbour!  They are working round the clock.  Would love it if they got a mention somewhere.  Thanks for all you are doing too to keep us busy on guitar....making harmony....with love, VirginiaW😎

    1. Allie


      Thank you so much for sharing this @Virginia W!! I'll see what we can do :)

  8. Interested in a Jam Club, but see none around me.  I am beginner, but would love to see how it goes with others.  (My Dad belonged to a local Banjo club years ago, while he was learning, and it made a big difference in his progression.)

    1. Allie


      Hey @Rick H

      I see you added yourself to the MemberMap, which is a great first step! It looks like there are a lot of TACers in your area, as well. I'll send you a direct message with some more information 😊

  9. Allie,  Pittsburgh needs a Jam Club.  Don't know how to start one or how to run it, but ....  I need one.

    1. Allie


      Hey Joe - I sent you a message with some info. Take a look and let me know if you have any questions! 

  10. The website is a challenge.  When I click on forums, I can no longer see the ALF forum?

    1. Allie


      Hi @David B - I replied to your message about this. Take a look at that and let me know the answers to the questions I asked there. You should still be able to see that forum - no changes have been made :)

  11. Allie, I restarted taking FBW but I don't find the real world challenges since I restarted. I didn't finish my first round and it has me as starting where I left off before. I was just wanting to review the find a note/chord real world challenge.

    Dennis Archer

    1. Allie


      Hey @Dennis A 
      Happy to help! Even though the previous lessons show as completed, you can still click into them to rewatch the lessons and go through the real world challenges again. For example, to do the real world challenge for the How to Find Key by Ear module, you could watch the lesson, then go through the Trouble shooting and Minor Key lessons. You will see the real world challenge and quiz options when you click on the Minor Key lesson :)

  12. Hey Allie, I notice there are 9 of us in the Bend, Or area, don't see a jam.  How do I get in tough with those TAC members to see if there is interest ina get together?



    1. Allie


      I replied to your message, Dave - take a look and let me know if you have any questions!

  13. Hi Allie,

     I would like help finding potential TAC members in the Akron Ohio area to be in a JAM GROUP.

    can you help?

    Thank you in advance for your conversation,

    Bob Rees 

    1. Allie


      Hi Robert - I sent you a message with some information!Ttake a look and let me know if you have any questions :)

  14. @Allie Loving the profile pic frames. Very kewt!🤓👍🙂

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