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  1. I wonder how far away Franklin is from Winston Salem?

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    2. Marty F

      Marty F

      Thank you for the offer Mike.  My Mrs., born and raised in the same CA town as I and went to the same high school,  has trips planned & scheduled out till 2022.  If we are not traveling somewhere in the world, we are doing a road trip somewhere.  I put my foot down this year and told her I was going to attend the Acoustic Life Festival in 2020 in Bozeman, MT with or without her.  LOL  I even told her I would forgo my 50th Class Reunion in CA in Oct. to attend the ALF.

    3. Mike G

      Mike G

      Now that is guitar-centric motivation. I like it. 😄

    4. Marty F
  2. Hi @CHAD M this is @Mike G. Obviously, I am a member of Tony's Acoustic Challenge. I live in Winston Salem on Ardsley St.

    I wondered if you are interested in meeting and playing together once or twice, but with no strings attached. I have done very little of that since I started playing guitar 20 years ago. Now that I have joined TAC, I am expanding my guitar horizons and playing music with others will help my guitar journey.

    Please let me know one way or the other. No hard feelings either way.😀

    1. Mike G

      Mike G

      BTW, don't worry about anyone being better or not as good. We could both improve. ☺

  3. I'm still learning the site, but I'm having an awful lot of fun. I am learning so much about guitar playing I just can't believe it. And the community is just awesome. We are all learning and sharing with each other. This is the most fun I've had since I started playing guitar.:)

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