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  1. Hey Jumpin' jeff s   I lost that link to those backing tracks you sent me.  Could you send them again?


    Marty F

  2. CCDCFE Buddy, hope you are having a great day. 

  3. I will be attending a conference in Minneapolis May 13-17.  when does your club meet and could I drop in?

    1. Jumpin' Jeff

      Jumpin' Jeff

      Hi Kevin, I sent you a P. M.

    2. BrianFickleFingers


      Hi @Kevin C -- no jam is on the calendar in May. But we will let you know if something gets set up!

  4. Jeff

    Thanks again for hosting. I may have a family conflict. I would like to attend, but unfortunately it looks like it will be a game time decision.

  5. Jeff - anything going on in March/April for the Minneapolis Jam Group?


    1. Jumpin' Jeff

      Jumpin' Jeff

      Nothing going for the last part of March. April though is open. What dates do you like. Next one will probably be April 5th or so in the Afternoon 1-4 we will have the monthly Saturday jam too but nothing is set yet. So shoot me you preferred date and I will put it out there.

  6. Great interview Jeff, just what I need to boost my enthusiasm again 👍🏻

  7. Jeff, I just watched your TAC experience. I really needed to hear your words because I was frustrated and about to chuck it. Thanks...it is what it is.

    I'm ashamed of what i did for a Klondike Bar.

    1. Jumpin' Jeff

      Jumpin' Jeff

      Hey Buddy,

      Frustartion is a super dark place, I hope you have found your way clear. If you ever want to talk specifics or are not finding the way out I am happy to chat.


    2. Buddy Young

      Buddy Young

      Thanks buddy, I'm about 5 months in and frustrated. Like you I want to be a great guitar player. At my age that a pretty lofty goal so I'm trying chuck that mind set and be happy where I'm at.



  8. I just finished putting in my new Sunrise Acoustic Soundhole Pickup. I can now hear myself play in a crowd and I am super pumped because it sounds just like my acoustic guitar only louder. Thanks @1973. for the heads up on this piece of electric acoustic wizardry.

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    2. DeeDee L

      DeeDee L

      Nice @jumpin' jeff s. I cant wait to hear it on the 14th. 😊

    3. DMart



      You can' t tease us like dat! When ya gonna do a video so we can hear her??

      Hope you are well.

      David M

    4. Trace.


      Hey, cool man... I've been plugging mine directly into a K8 powered monitor with only a tuner in the middle. Sounds so freakin' clean.. I may dabble with the new Mesa Boogie acoustic DI/EQ thing soon just for fun but it really doesn't need it. If any one decides to track down Sunrise pick up, be sure to call by buddy Trace (yes Trace...) at http://www.tone-giant.com.

  9. Kicking Rocks again,....just can't get enough.

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    2. BrianFickleFingers


      Is it me, or is there something uncannily familiar about this photo??


    3. Tony S

      Tony S

      This is beautiful Brian!  hahahahahaha!!!!:)

      you're the best Jeff!

    4. Jumpin' Jeff

      Jumpin' Jeff

      I like the cut of that man's jib. No doubt about it.

      You are a wizard in more ways than music Brian!

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