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  1. Hi Tony

    Yes ..it even surprised me...I wasn't expecting such helpful results, but that Tony P is an awesome teacher!!  

  2. Thanks Tony!

    going to check out the jam club from your area. Look forward to being a follower! So much to learn😎 Cheers, 

  3. Happy Birthday Greg!!  Hope you had a nice one bud!  🙂

    1. gregD35


      Thanks.  I'm just starting to sort out how these postings work. Saw your jam group on the hangout today.  Now I've got to go watch the AT ALF special from yesterday.  G

  4. Hi Friends - just for fun, here's a melody idea I recorded today on that little original tune.  Let's see if this works.  I'd love to know what you think of this direction for the tune:


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    2. Jeff A

      Jeff A


      I look forward to being able to play this well. 

      How did you record it?

    3. Tony S

      Tony S

      Hi Jeff, and thanks.   I used a Shure MOTIV 51 mic plugged right into Garage Band on my Mac.   I'm kinda interested in getting a Focusrite Kit.  Lots of folks here use it and really seem to love it.

    4. Tony S

      Tony S

      Thanks Chris & DeeDee - I appreciate you listening!!

  5. Testing, testing.....is this thing on?!

    Eryn was just kind enough to try & teach me how to use status updates.  If I did it correctly, then #SmallWin for me!!

    Thanks Eryn!   :)

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    2. Gary L

      Gary L

      What is it, what is it supposed to be used for and how do you do it?

    3. Tony S

      Tony S

      If I understood Eryn correctly, it's a quick way to send a message to only the folks that are following you (instead of the entire forum).   You go to your profile, then edit profile and switch on the "Enable Status Update" button (see picture).  Then, from your profile page, there appears a little dialog box where you can type a little comment. (see picture).

      Thanks again Eryn!


      Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 3.09.41 PM.png

    4. Gary L

      Gary L

      Thanks Tony. I'm going to try it.

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