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  1. Tony S

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    Love these pics!
  2. Tony S

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    Hey @Roger Se, Well, that's a shame that some hunters would leave your friend stuck with meat that he's processed. But, it's good for you I suppose. Venison is very lean and tasty (lots of times I'll mix just a little ground pork in with the ground venison, just to keep it from being to dry when cooked. It makes for great burgers and sausage & chili!😀
  3. Tony S

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    Nice Kieth!! Love the perfectly placed headstock in the foreground! Awesome. Some may find it offensive, but now I'm thinking of some nice lean venison sausage or burgers......sorry, it's almost suppertime here in Texas. (and a COLD beer out of a bottle @Fletch) 😀
  4. I know what you mean @gordon j. I’ve been thru FW 3 times and learned something new each time! Lots of lightbulbs and small wins.
  5. Happy Birthday Greg!!  Hope you had a nice one bud!  🙂

    1. Greg F

      Greg F

      Thanks.  I'm just starting to sort out how these postings work. Saw your jam group on the hangout today.  Now I've got to go watch the AT ALF special from yesterday.  G

  6. Wow @Marlana H - that was a great little tune, and I agree also with your FW transposition. I really enjoyed that!! You should do more of this....😃
  7. Welcome to TAC from another Texan @Richard L - I'm on the Gulf Coast, a little NW of Houston. Proud that you've become one of us down here!
  8. Tony S

    Help with Scales.

    +1 to what @Todd T said. Plus, writing it out is a great way to internalize the information!! Nice #smallwin.
  9. Nice small win @Andrew D! That is an impressive achievement for sure. Congratulations!!
  10. Another awesome AT show guys. Loved the segment on Preston Thompson guitars! Here's more math: 150,000 views over 22 AT episodes averages out to about 6,800 views per episode!!!
  11. Tony S

    Sun Dogs

    I really liked it @Todd T - that progression sounded like it had a lot of movement to it and was interesting. Great job on the singing too - great post!! Enjoyed it.
  12. Tony S


    Welcome aboard @randy s - you're in the right spot! I've been a member since May-14, and it's a great program and a great community of folks here at TAC.
  13. My thoughts exactly! How are ya @Brian Santos?
  14. Very impressive @Victory! Congratulations on writing a really nice little tune! Your playing and singing here was fantastic, and you should be very pleased with yourself- I truly enjoyed it! 😀💥
  15. Fantastic work on this one @Emma S . This is one of my favorite MJH songs too. Great playing on your part - it’s always a treat to see you play bud!