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  1. what internet enhancement do I need for open mic?

    1. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman

      Hi Dirk.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Provided you have a camera and a microphone (the ones built into a laptop, tablet or smartphone will work but not ideal) and Zoom (the free version is fine as a participant) you should be good to go. You will need reasonable broadband speed although Zoom does it's best to work with slow connections.

      there's some good information posted by member Brandon K here;

      Best wishes,



  2. Any chance you recorded my song last night I heard the guitar sounded buzzy wanted to listen and troule shoot that



    1. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman

      Hi Hoss,

      Yes, I recorded all the performances and I try to get them out to everyone on Friday or Saturday.

      I'll put a link to your here;


      Any problems, just let me know.


  3. Hi Brian, I am interested to find out about the Scone Vom, but can you tell me about the program?  I am new to TAC but I have been playing guitar for a while but not skilled.  


    1. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman


      Thanks for getting in touch. We meet every other Thursday (more or less) for a couple of hours of fun and entertainment. Next meeting is this Thursday, details are in the TAC calendar.

      There is no pressure to perform. Just listening is absolutely fine. Our meetings are in the evening UK time so that's probably afternoon in Canada. Daniel Morin is one of our regular Canadian members.

      Drop me a PM if there's anything you need to know.

      Best wishes,


    2. Tounie K

      Tounie K

      HI Brian, I will check out.  It sounds like something that I want to ease in and to become comfortable with the playing guitar and singing at the same.  I love to learn from others.  I love TAC community support.  

      Thank you for your reply.  


  4. New photo - by popular demand!

  5. I have hands like Keith Richards for those of you who know him or ever seen his hands you'll know what I'm talkin about it makes it very hard for me to learn because my fingers just can't get onto some of these chords like the D cord or power cord I've tried many different things including CBD oil and my ring finger is very stiff that's one thing I'm thinking about having an operation on but that's my problem thanks for giving me some help with this all of you. 

  6. Hi Brian,

    thanks very much indeed for your much appreciated support as I started the journey and since; I’m grateful.

    I can see your invitation to join the ‘local’ jam group in my email but still haven’t found it on the website; bear with me and I will respond when I get to it! I don’t find this an easy site to navigate.

    Very best wishes,


    1. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman

      You seem to have managed to request membership and i've approved it.

      Welcome to the club!

  7. Thank you @Brian Pateman glad you enjoyed my relaxation by the stream

    How is the U K TAC club going Brian?

  8. Hi Brian hope all is well.  I have a question I hope you can help.  I just started Fingerpicking Orientation course and is there a proper finger position and is there a sweet spot on the body to rest my hand.  I hope that my questions make sense.  Trying to get it down.  Thanks in advance cheers

    1. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman

      Hi Rob,

      All is well with us. Hope it's OK with you too.

      Personally I rest my forearm on the lower bout of the guitar and don't rest my hand at all - it must be said that I'm no expert when it comes to fingerpicking. Your best bet is to ask in the Stage 2 Questions section. I would flag it for Brian Santos and Derrick.

      Best of luck,


    2. Rob D

      Rob D

      Hi Brian,

      thanks I'll try that first for awhile and see if that helps.  All the best from Canada CHEERS

  9. Brian, you're welcome to. Give me your email and I'll send you the Lyrics/Chords

    1. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman

      Thanks so much Rob.


      Best wishes,


  10. Thank you, Brian!  I wasn't sure if I was to be doing both or just pick one of them.  Doing the daily practice sessions during the week, and then the classes on the weekend will work (especially since as a beginner my finger tips are extremely tender and I've switched from nylon strings to steel strings).  I did some research on guitar strings and found there are now coated steel strings and different weights which have helped my finger tips in adjusting to the steel strings.  I've learned so much more about guitars since being a member of TAC in 6 weeks than my entire guitar journey!!!

    1. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman

      My pleasure Debra. Helping each other is what TAC's all about.

      I take your point about sore finger ends and I've just fitted one of my guitars with a set of @'Addario Silk & Steel 11 - 47 (EJ40) and I rather like them. They've been on since 11 June and are not showing any signs of wear so far.

      I've found that TAC has re-vitalised my guitar life since I joined in September '19.

      Keep playing and having fun.

  11. Brian.

    Many thanks for you support and advice.

    Appreciate your comments.

    Brian C

  12. Brian, I was working on Chord transitions and made a statement that I was discouraged because I could just change chords a 50 bpm. I thought it was slow. The reaction I received from others was "you should count that as a win." So I went back and thought about it. I realized I was skipping every other click on the metronome (ha ha). So my guess is that I was really making the chord changes at 25 bpm. Just wanted to clear that up. 

    Also, I have a question. In the chord changes demonstration made by Tony, What are the Metronome settings for slow, medium and fast ? Do you know? 


    1. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman

      Hi David,

      I think they are usually 60 / 80 / 100 BPM.

      It doesn't matter if you are doing 25 or 50 BPM. What matters is that you are making progress and your speed will increase without you realising it!

    2. David B

      David B

      Thanks Brian. I appreciate the feedback !


  13. @Brian Pateman  I wanted to thank you again for the spreadsheet for chord changes!  I use it all the time to give me a routine.  I am not recording how many I do in one minute yet, or even use a metronome (other than the one in my head - I heard somewhere to let your right hand drive, and your left will do its best to keep up)  The sheet provides structure for going through the various transitions.  I am getting better (touch wood), albeit slowly!!!   😀

    1. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman

      I'm so9 pleased to hear this @Linda O'Sullivan and I'm glad I was able to help. Like you I have a reasonable internal metronome  (I sang in choirs from the age of seven or eight). As I'm left handed I wonder if I should let my left hand drive - tricky as I play right handed!

      Stay well and keep twanging away.

  14. Hi Brian , hope yourself and Helen are safe and well and you have a good , if quiet and relaxing weekend , we are fine and well thank goodness but being inside for coming up to eight weeks we have had no contact with the outside world except the tesco driver once a week (from a distance ) my daughter bringing medication and odd items again from a distance and phone calls to my grand daughter and friends , but we are continuing to do the right thing , so hopefully we can stay well . I have found some of the fingerpicking a bit challenging ,get some bits right but a bit heavy going so will revert back to other items for awhile and come back to it ,but still very keen to progress ,one point you may be able to help with ,i am ok on going to members when i have received a message from them or i can pick up a person from activity showing but not sure how to get their profile if they are not currently posting , can you help please Brian , keep safe and well , kind wishes Rob and Carol .

    1. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman

      Hi Robert,

      I'm glad you and Carol are well. We are both fine and it's been very quiet here - no bad thing.

      We've been sitting out in the garden enjoying late evening bird song. We have a blackbird who is in very fine voice.

      The easiest way to contact any one is to send them a message by hovering your mouse over their profile picture and then selecting "Send Message".

      Otherwise if you click on their forum picture it will take you to their profile and you can leave a message that way.

      Take care both of you and keep cheerful.

      Best regards,


    2. Hi im Robert Viney

      Hi im Robert Viney

      Hi Brian , thanks for reply , sorry I missed seeing it completely and only just noticed your reply , sorry for that , enjoy the quiet while it lasts , it may get a lot busier everywhere now that the idiots have been given licence to roam free, hope people try and be sensible but i have my doubts , please take care both , kind wishes, Rob.

    3. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman

      Hi Rob,

      Yes, living on the edge of the Lake District National Park we are hoping that people will take notice of the message that Cumbria is still closed!

      Do we have any confidence that everyone will be sensible? I'm saying nowt!

      Barrow in Furness is our big town to the south and has one of the highest rates of COVID-19 in the country. We are remaining in isolation as far as possible - I have a trip out to the Co-op in the village and then to drop off a guitar cable (essential supplies!) with a friend the other side of the village.

      Best wishes to you and Carol from me and Helen.



  15. Good evening, recently signed up and just starting the 30-day challenge.

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