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  1. Hey DeeDee, looking forward to seeing you guys and everyone else in Bozeman!

    1. DeeDee L

      DeeDee L

      Hi Sandy,

      Likewise.  What experience are you registered for?  We registered for Emerson (blues).  

      P.S. Nice hearing from you. 

  2. Hi DD,   Happy New Year.  Did you get my Xmas card?

    1. DeeDee L

      DeeDee L

      Hi Philip from Denmark I did.  I sent you a msg here on TAC in your messaging.  

      Anyway in case you did not receive the msg let me thank you for the card.  Thank you. Kenny and I were flabberghasted that your stay at our home was a 2018 highlight for you.  It was totally our pleasure to have you stay. We really enjoyed your company and it is something we talk about occasionally about how fun and what a good guitar player and overall great guy you are.  Until we meet again cheers.

      Happy New Year to you and your family.  Cya around the forums.

  3. Hi Dee Dee,

    Just saying HI from a very sunny Denmark. Been thinking and talking about our excellent jam - it was a special day for me!


  4. What's happening? ☺

    1. MommaTAC


      not much friend.. hope all is well with you

    2. BrianFickleFingers


      I love seeing all you guys on the TAC promos! You look so happy!

    3. Carl Rivord

      Carl Rivord

      Having a great morning! Hope you guys do too.

  5. Hi ya!

    How's your week shaping up for lunch?  I have Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.  Checked and Rusty Pelican still in Newport.  Also Duke's at the pier in Huntington Beach would be good and little closer for you.  I have the toll road to Costa Mesa then jump on PCH so Huntington's not bad.



    1. DeeDee L

      DeeDee L

      Hi Kate. Lets go for Wednesday at Rusty Pelican as that seems to be the half way point.  Will 12:30 ish work for you? 

    2. Kate H

      Kate H

      Found it - haha / Rustys it is Wed 12:30p.:)

  6. This time change is mess'n with me. Super early Sunday morning guitar practice it is.  Have a good day. 

  7. Taylor Factory Tour today with other TAC'ers is so needed.  

    1. Doctor How

      Doctor How

      so Jealous! lol

    2. Arve


      Pics pics pics. Please:D

    3. MommaTAC


      Hope you guys had a great time.. don't forget the pics


  8. Retaking the Fretboard Wiz couse as I did not complete the course the first go at it (final lesson) Hoping this time I will.  This course is more AMAZING the second time around. Wow!

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. DeeDee L

      DeeDee L

      @Sharon Tiano since I paid for it the first time its in my courses tab so I'm going through it again.  I dont know if I can actually be active with the current live session.  

    3. Eryn M

      Eryn M

      @Sharon Tiano you must!!! Are you considering it strongly?

      and @DeeDee L I’m sure the guys could reset your progress and get you in the current cycle. You’re one of the most active members here and an inspiration to others. I’m sure they’d make an exception for you :)

    4. MommaTAC


      @Eryn Michel and @DeeDee L - I took it the first time so it is in my courses list too.  I don't know if this specific round is any different but I do believe that we can join the live chats for the Q&A segments because we have already done the course.    

      Trust me, I am going to find out how this works


  9. Congrats to the L.A. Dodgers.   Just felt the need to share.  😃.  Waiting to see who.they will compete against in the WS.  Would love to see them play the Yankees in World Series.  

  10. Go Kings Go!!!! 

  11. TAC Wizard I am. Alright! Alright! Alright! 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Arve


      Fantastic. You absolutely deserve it. 

    3. MommaTAC


      congrats .. well deserved 

    4. BrianFickleFingers


      Alright! Alright! Alright! xD

  12. Giving my first guitar some lov'n today.  My T Bucket...Its no wonder why I fell for him - Fender yes I said Fender.  Everyone likes to play a Fender. xD

    1. Todd T

      Todd T

      My first one is an old Fender F-5 that I got new many moons ago. Its been sitting in the corner kind of lonely. Think I might have to designate it to slide fun and put it back to work:)

  13. Good day to ....

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MommaTAC


      spend time with my great grandchildren 


    3. BrianFickleFingers


      Listen to Acoustic Tuesday while working!

    4. Eryn M

      Eryn M

      Try to learn Dreams by Fleetwood Mac!

  14. They say its your birthday...well Happy Birthday to ya.  Hope you have a good time. :D

  15. Hello Deedee,

    Thanks for the good luck wish. Now that the member map is "bugless", perhaps I can find some willing jammers not too far away. We do live kind of out there...

    1. DeeDee L

      DeeDee L

      Hi Cheryl.  Good to hear from you. Hope all is well. 

    2. Ray F

      Ray F

      Hi guys.  Since the member map isn't sowing today, where are you located.

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