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  1. This is Isai's Tune, written by and performed bt Pete Huttlinger. It's really pretty. OK well the way Mr. Huttlinger is playing this, with a capo on 2nd fret, I am saying it's in the key of A? But with no capo would it be in the key of G, right?? Haha I am combining the capo workshop with the fretboard wizard lessons 👹
  2. Hi @Esther d and welcome to TAC!! You are surely in the right place to learn music theory and apply it to your guitar!! The Fretboard Wizard course is just what you are looking for!! Enjoy your guitar, and so glad you have joined us here
  3. Hiya, @Niels F had posed the question of how many people were first time Fretboard Wizard Students, and how many are returning alumni/sophmores... I think there is a way to insert a poll question into a thread so I am trying to figure this out
  4. Hiya @Doctor How!! So nice to be taking the FW class with you!! This is a great course- get ready to have some fun
  5. Carol M

    Banner Day!

    Hiya @gary m so glad you are here taking the FW Class with us!! I know you will get alot out of it and it's really one of the most enjoyable theory classes out there!!! Have fun
  6. @Dave B (dr_dave) glad you are back for round 2!!! I think we will have fun and get so much out of it this 2nd trip around!! Enjoy
  7. Hi everyone! I took the FW course the first time through and I had so many "lightbulb" moments, I was blinded by the light! Truly one of the best, most useful tours thru the mystical land of music theory that I have ever seen!!! So yeah, taking it again for 2 big reasons- 1, because now I've had a chance to let everything "soak in" to my brain cells, I think I might have a better perspective to appreciate the material from. I expect I might pick up some things I may have missed the first time around... and 2nd big reason is because I wasn't able to do all the homework exercises every week the first time- I want to try completing that this time, so I know I can apply all the cool things I learned- and really that's where all the fun lies!!!! I also want to take this course again because well frankly I really enjoyed it the first time and I love being part of the TAC Community in any aspect!! Love you guys!!! Oh I forgot there are questions we are to answer in here 1. Where are you from? Upstate NY 2. What's your current guitar playing situation? I have been actively playing/practicing/taking lessons for 4 years, after a 35 year hiatus in which real life was taking place. P.S. Guitar is now part of my real life 3. What's one thing you hope to be able to do after Fretboard Wizard? I hope to obtain a deeper understanding of the material, be able to apply it to my playing, and be able to jam/improv with other people. 4. Leave a reply on at least three other introductions. Ok See you in FW class!!! Hang on to your wizard caps and have fun!!!