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  1. Hi Brian hope all is well.  I have a question I hope you can help.  I just started Fingerpicking Orientation course and is there a proper finger position and is there a sweet spot on the body to rest my hand.  I hope that my questions make sense.  Trying to get it down.  Thanks in advance cheers

    1. Brian_P


      Hi Rob,

      All is well with us. Hope it's OK with you too.

      Personally I rest my forearm on the lower bout of the guitar and don't rest my hand at all - it must be said that I'm no expert when it comes to fingerpicking. Your best bet is to ask in the Stage 2 Questions section. I would flag it for Brian Santos and Derrick.

      Best of luck,


    2. Rob D

      Rob D

      Hi Brian,

      thanks I'll try that first for awhile and see if that helps.  All the best from Canada CHEERS

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