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  1. Not able to upload this audio of an original song (no video). I tried after listening to Karen's helpful you tube video, but the format wasn't acceptable.

    Dave E in CT

  2. DAY 57 - AT57


  3. Day 56 - AT56


  4. DAY 53 - AT53


  5. Thanks for the quick forum reply just now Ernesto! I appreciate it!


    1. Ernesto


      Anytime! We're here to help each other 👍

    2. John W

      John W

      Can someone explain to me the relationship of playing in the key of G while playing an Em chord what notes to select for a solo.  Its a quiz question in the improvisation segment  fo the course.


  6. DAY 50 - AT50


  7. Thanks, Ernesto, Acoustic Life Mentor, for responding to my Intro message. Thanks for the links too.

    1. Ernesto


      We're here for you, and I don't mean only the Mentors, the whole community is amazingly supportive!

    2. Sharon W

      Sharon W

      I believe you. :)

  8. DAY 48 - AT48


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  10. Day 46 - AT46


  11. Day 45 - AT45


  12. DAY 44 - AT44


    1. Jim G

      Jim G

      Thank you for sharing!  

      I haven't been able to attend one of these in a while. 


  13. ...disregard this message, just go and play a guitar...

  14. DAY 43 - AT43


  15. Why aren't you living your best acoustic life right now?

    Go and play a guitar right now!

    I said RIGHT NOW!

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