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  1. Brian,

    I think you hosted FN open mic on 2/26. I am trying to find the blues hand written attachment that was used for the second half of that night but I can seem to find it. Can you point me in the right direction ? 



  2. Hey Brian - missed the 10/30 OM - helped my daughter move into her new condo.

    Do you know how we find the current FW Challenge in TAC?  I finished FW in 2017 and partially completed it in the last challenge.  But I cannot find the current challenge.


    Ed G

    1. BrianFickleFingers


      Hi Ed-- it should be listed in your Courses.


      I think you just go to your area of interest and go through it again (even if it's already checked as done).

      Let me know if you find it!


    2. Ed G.

      Ed G.

      Brian - Thanks - got it!

      And thanks again for your help on holding a pick without destroying the fingernail on my index finger. I've finally been able to grow that nail - although it is my weakest one due to years of grinding it against the strings 😉



  3. Brian - thanks for the excellent advice and photos.  Where did you buy the current picks you're using!

  4. Belated Birthday Wishes, Brian. I hope you had lovely day and celebrated with a few tunes 🥳

    Pabi 😀 Fellow Aries Guitar Geek lol

    1. BrianFickleFingers


      Hi Pabi! Thank you! Happy Birthday to you too (coming up)!

    2. Cariad



  5. Love the new profile pic Dan!

  6. Brian,

    Thanks for your response on HD-28 strings, sorry to have been late on getting back to you. I still don't understand the interface between the TAC site itself and the "Community" so I blunder around until I stumble on something. Today it was your response. I will give the Santa Cruz strings a try, thanks for the advice.


    john K.


    1. BrianFickleFingers


      Hi John--late response back. Hope you like the strings!!

  7. Hey @Fletch, that's nice!! Enjoy your girlie time in your NGRD!

  8. Hey @Fletch! Hope you are enjoying your "Girl Time"! It's Monday again... countdown to the 7th. I hope your next few days are awesome!!

  9. Hey Brian - thanks for the comment. I am hoping to make but I have a family thing that may prevent me from being able to attend. 


  10. Best wishes on your birthday Brian.....may you celebrate many,many more!

    1. BrianFickleFingers


      Aw, thanks Lynne! That's the plan!  :P

  11. Personal update: Mr. Baggs has left the building! Now I’m getting to know Mr. Crotchey McPaddington. He’s helping me through the absorbing topic of incontinence—which can get to be a weighty subject after a while.

    It's a new and glorious day!  :D

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. BrianFickleFingers


      Haha—thanks, DeeDee and Sharon!

    3. Eryn M

      Eryn M

      You are too funny Brian! I love your sense of humor. :D Keep your chin up, my friend. You're doing amazingly!

    4. BrianFickleFingers
  12. @Brian SantosHappy to hear of the great news from your doctor! You know what to do with that gift!:)

    1. BrianFickleFingers


      Todd--you mean buy a new V-Class Taylor? I know, right?

    2. Todd T

      Todd T

      The sky’s the limit! Any number of directions we could go with this😆


    My Doc called me this afternoon with the good news that my cancer was all contained inside my prostate. It's OUT -- no spread -- I'm cancer-less now!!  It is such a relief. Worth the minor pains I have from recovery!!  Yippee!

    Thank you Lord!! And thank you all for your positive thoughts and prayers.


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. BrianFickleFingers


      Thanks, Levi! Looking forward to being in good shape for the Fest in June. Onward!

    3. Eryn M

      Eryn M

      Just saw this!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! BRIANNNNNNNN!!!! I'm dancing in my basement for you, man. Hey, thoughts and prayers were good for something! Huh! Play through the pain! You got this!

    4. BrianFickleFingers


      Thanks, Eryn! Whether psychological or real (perhaps psychological IS real) the prayers and good thoughts sent my way from friends and family really helped me through this. Humbled and thankful. Finding God in this challenge has been a moving experience.

      You've got a performance coming up, right? May God bless you with angelic voice, and delight in your music!

  14. Hello my wonderful TAC friends. I had prostate surgery yesterday (Jan. 30) and I’m already home! Thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers! Let the healing begin!

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    2. BrianFickleFingers
    3. LMG_73


      Hi @Brian Santos

      Hope you continue doing well. And I bet your urologist ordered you to play the guitar… it’s half the cure, you know.

      Keep strong. Keep strumming.


    4. BrianFickleFingers


      Haha—thanks, Luis. As soon as I feel up to it, I have to catch up on some lessons!! Healing time =guitar playing time.

  15. Thinking of you today, Brian. I dedicate today's practice session to you! Can't wait to hear how you are. ^_^

    1. BrianFickleFingers


      Eryn you are so kind. Thank you so much!!

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