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  1. Hello Mr. Garrity,

    I'm a newbie just completing the 30 Days to Play Guitar and your next 6 chords.  I'm looking for

    a Mentor or someone to ask questions or advice.  I'm looking for my next challenge, if I may ask

    Any Suggestions ??    Thank you.


  2. Happy, happy birthday Dom!😊🎸🎉🎶🎂🎂🎂🥃🥂🍻

    You’re 1 of a kind in all the best ways and it’s my good fortune to know you! Here’s to your good health and happiness with Mama TAC for many more trips around the sun 🌞 😎

  3. Bob,

    Remember to check out Johnny A

    1. BobGarrity1


      Thanks Bob. I’m on it. Wrote down Johnny A when you mentioned it THX. Looking forward to listening. Appreciate your insights especially coming from your talent level!

  4. Yay...  :) Happy Birthday Old Bean.... 🍻🍰🍺 😂

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    2. BobGarrity1


      Having some tech issues here. Working on posting the previously attempted video to YouTube then putting the link into this string. May be anticlimactic so don’t hold your breath. If it was dodgy it might have been something to look forward to😏. Just know we’re thinking of you😎

    3. BobGarrity1
    4. Fletch


      We'll that wasn't what I was expecting dude... ;)  But so Cool Anyways... :) 

      We'll if your thinking of us... Have another drink on me... :) (Yeah I'm good for it, when I see you next ;)



  5. Happy Birthday, @BobGarrity1!

    1. BobGarrity1


      Thanks for the bday wishes RCJr🙏🏼

  6. Very cool @Michael S in Illinois
  7. BobGarrity1


    Impressive @Niels F! And I'm certain I'm waaay more impressed than your cat😎
  8. BobGarrity1

    my jam session.jpg

    WELL Done @Kevin S. Bet all 6 of your group stayed in sync!!!
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