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  1. @Brian Pateman  I wanted to thank you again for the spreadsheet for chord changes!  I use it all the time to give me a routine.  I am not recording how many I do in one minute yet, or even use a metronome (other than the one in my head - I heard somewhere to let your right hand drive, and your left will do its best to keep up)  The sheet provides structure for going through the various transitions.  I am getting better (touch wood), albeit slowly!!!   😀

    1. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman

      I'm so9 pleased to hear this @Linda O'Sullivan and I'm glad I was able to help. Like you I have a reasonable internal metronome  (I sang in choirs from the age of seven or eight). As I'm left handed I wonder if I should let my left hand drive - tricky as I play right handed!

      Stay well and keep twanging away.

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