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  1. Thank you Duane I find it hard to get time to practice But I will remember if I feel like

    stretching time Thank you Duane hope all's well for you sir

  2. thanks Duane for the help around playing to backing tracks. Best response. Hugh

  3. Hey Duane W I see we both call Missouri ( aka Misery by some of us ) home though my ultimate dream is to become a Mississippi Guitar playing beach bum, can't explain it but if you been to Gulfport then you already know. Im up in the St. Louis area so if you ever find yourself up this way and want to know where to get the best Italian food or want to see our world famous Zoo let me know brother and I'll gladly be a tour guide though I have to warn I have 2 side kicks, a hubby that will talk you to death and has a story for almost every subject under the sun and of course my 4 legged scooter riding son Leroy who if he likes you will kiss you to death. Anyways glad to see another from the show me state learning too. 

  4. CCDCFE Buddy, hope you are having a great day. 

  5. I play bass myself so probably recognised the finger movemnts a bit??

    1. Duane W

      Duane W

      Guess it is "that obvious". Yes, it is remarkable how different playing bass is to playing guitar. Old long ingrained muscle memory habits can be quite difficult to over come.:D

      Right now I play way more acoustic guitar than anything, but I have always and still do consider myself to be a bass player. Although I greatly appreciate the much lighter weight of the acoustic guitar (and associated sound reinforcement gear).

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