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  1. Hi Terry🙂, Wishing you a Happy Birthday🎂 🎉, hope you have a fantastic special day🙂.

  2. Hi @Calvin H🙂, Welcome to Fretboard Wizard🙂, this is a totally awesome course and you will have many light bulb moments🙂.
  3. Hi @Victory🙂, this is a awesome original composition🙂. Great chord progression, singing, melody🙂. A very catchy uplifting song🙂. I would gladly pay to have a download of your song🙂.
  4. Hi @Niels F🙂, excellent point made about the use of open strings🙂. These often spark a lot of magic within a song🙂. I can’t sing lol🙂, but if I could I would like to be a cross between Mississippi John Hurt and Mississippi Fred McDowell🙂. Thats awesome about your very cool GAS attack and getting a baritone guitar😍🙂.
  5. Hi @Niels F🙂, thank you for your awesome comments🙂. This is the first song that I’m tabbing out from listening to a record🙂. Its also very interesting when transposing to another key; I’m beginning to wonder if that’s why musicians choose certain keys; maybe it’s physically easier in a particular key and also some notes sound better too🙂. Grrrr lol🙂, not sure if that’s makes sense and maybe I’m just rambling on hehe🙂. But it’s all good fun with this musical adventure🙂. Mister Carroll had a blast doing his thing🙂.
  6. Hi @Todd T🙂, thank you for your super cool comments🙂. I’m so excited to be writing out the tab for this song🙂. I can’t wait to check out Doc’s version🙂. It’s great hearing variation of a song and little ideas come into play🙂.
  7. Hi @Tony S🙂, thank you for your lovely comments about my attempt at this awesome song🙂. Mister Carroll is loving the Martin Titaniums🙂. I’m a silly billy lol🙂, I didn’t use my Shure MV51 Mic into the iPad as it was charging lol🙂. Hope it hasn’t come across too quiet😊.
  8. Hi all🙂, this is one of my favourite songs by Mississippi John Hurt🙂. I’ve done a little video of some rough playing of the song. I haven’t played the entire song as I’m still tabbing it out. This is a interesting song structure as sometimes Mississippi John Hurt would just play the bass notes and leave the melody lines out with some of the bars (with the guitar). Also there is a really neat bass walk🙂. I’ve added some worksheets of the original key of C Major and then transposed to key of A Major. I’ve also included the melody in C Major and transposed to key of A major🙂.
  9. Hi @Tony S🙂, this is the first time that I’ve listened to AC/DC in a learning capacity🙂. I normally run around with my Gibson SG lol🙂. Its a shame about Malcolm Young; he was a human metronome, real solid rhythm guitarist.
  10. Hi all🙂, I’ve chosen this song by one of my all time favourite bands AC/DC🙂. Key E Major (E - F# - G# - A - B - C# - D# - E) but then I discovered that one of the chords in the song had a D Major. So to get the D Major I flattened the 7th interval; then I discovered that the Mixolydian scale is the same as a Major scale except the 7th interval is flattened. Also the chords used don’t include the 3rd interval; just the root and the 5th interval, these chords are more commonly known as ‘power chords’; you can get a great meaty growl from your guitar and amp to drive the neighbours up the wall hehe🙂. Intro (single notes): G - A - B - D - A - B - E (from the E minor pentatonic scale) Intro Chords: E5 - B5 - D5 - A5 (repeat 4 times then play single notes: E - G - E) with the single G note you can give it a little tweak of a bend; which you can do throughout the entire song). E5 - B5 - D5 - A5 (then single notes E - G - E) repeat 3 times then play E5 - B5 - D5 Verse: E5 - B5 - D5 - A5 (single notes E - G - E) repeat 8 times then A5 - B5 Chorus is the E5 - B5 - D5 - A5 (single notes E - G - E) 7 times then E5 - B5 - D5 Solo: same chord progression then bass guitar part then guitars kick in E5 - B5 - D5 - A5 repeat 3 times then A5 - B5 then chorus and finish with single notes to Intro Using the Nashville Number System: Intro Chords: 1 - 5 - 7b - 4 repeat 3 times then 1 - 5 - 7 Verse: 1 - 5 - 7b - 4 repeat 8 times then 4 - 5 Chorus: 1 - 5 - 7b - 4 repeat 7 times then 1 - 5 - 7b After Solo and bass guitar part: 1 - 5 - 7b - 4 repeat 3 times then 4 - 5 Transposed into Key of A Major (A - B - C# - D - E - F# - G# - A) Intro (single notes): C - D - E - G - D - E - A (from A minor pentatonic scale) Intro Chords: A5 - E5 - G5 - D5 (repeat 4 times then play single notes A - C - A (with the single C note you can give this a little tweak of a bend; which you can do throughout the entire song) A5 - E5 - G5 - D5 (then single notes A - C - A) repeat 3 times then play A5 - E5 - G5 - Verse: A5 - E5 - G5 - D5 (single notes A - C - A) repeat 8 times then D5 - E5 Chorus: A5 - E5 - G5 - D5 (single notes A - C - A) 7 times then A5 - E5 - G5 Solo: same chord progression then bass guitar part then guitars kick in A5 - E5 - G5 - D5 repeat 3 times then D5 - E5 Then chorus and finish with single notes to Intro
  11. Hi @Stephen M🙂, I’m going with the key of D Major ( D - E - F# - G - A - B - C# - D ) Chord Progression: DMajor - GMajor - DMajor - DMajor - GMajor - AMajor - DMajor - GMajor - DMajor - GMajor - EMajor - GMajor - AMajor - DMajor this Progression is repeated throughout the song. The natural occurring E chord in D Major is a Eminor but by raising the minor 3rd a semi-tone (G to G#) you get a EMajor. Hope this is of some help🙂.
  12. Hi @Cliff C🙂, this is a all time favourite of mine a beautiful haunting song🙂. I got the B minor - A Major - E Major Progression too🙂. Awesome working out🙂.
  13. Hi @Tony P🙂 & @Tony S🙂, I’ve been doing some homework on this and discovered that the Dorian mode is very similar to the Natural minor scale (aeolian mode) the only difference is that the Dorian mode has a Major 6th interval whereas the Natural minor scale (aeolian) has a minor 6th interval. I’ve done two charts of both scales; including the chord matrix. The Dorian mode gives a natural G Major chord🙂. Am I on the right track with this?🙂
  14. Hi bud🙂, this is all very exciting and is certainly opening up more possibilities🙂.
  15. Hi @Tony P🙂, thank you for explaining this🙂. This makes a lot more sense🙂. I’m going to have a play around with this new found piece of theory with some chord progressions🙂.
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