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I retired 3/2020 just 2 days before San Diego issued the Stay at Home orders.  I consider it "retire-quarantina-ment" - a bit of humor. Married: will be 46 yrs. as of 2/2021; 4 grown kids; 13 grands & 1 great grand. Guitar experience: First guitar in 1965 with a long, slow, dry introduction & mostly self-taught. Played worship at the local Veterans Home for Sunday services & Memorial services for 20 yrs. Mostly the old-time hymns.

 For about 8 yrs., since @ early 2000's had a partner who helped with confidence building. We played open mics & Nursing Homes. On the exact date I joined TAC, I had no idea that I would need this outlet to help me out of a deep depression.  Within 3 days of joining, I received news that a close, long time friend was murdered in Mexico.  It undoubtedly floored me.  But gratitude goes a long way.  Grateful to TAC coming along when it did as times are tough all around & belonging to TAC gives me a reason to dig deeper.  I'm in my 70's & I see several of our TACers are also, so I don’t feel like the only one... So grateful to everyone for support in general.  Hope it will be a long journey. I want to be ready when the Veterans Home & Nursing Homes are able to allow live music once again.  This gives me hope.

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