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  1. The name of Greywolf came to me because I used to bread Hybrids that contained contained so much of the traits it was hard to tell them from the real thing. I would take them out into the wild to exercise them (under control of course) and the people that new me gave me the name. I study Medieval History and belong to a world wide organization that recreates its, in case you were wondering about the grab I was wearing in my profile picture. 

    Ty for the welcome to the group. I hope to post Vids some day soon. 

    1. AttyTJ


      Great story and avocation, and as for medieval study, I am doing some, but not game enough to recreate or do living history things.  I have to get better at guitar and then learn the lute for that, I guess.

      Again, welcome, and thanks for the information. 

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