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  1. Hi Brian, I am interested to find out about the Scone Vom, but can you tell me about the program?  I am new to TAC but I have been playing guitar for a while but not skilled.  


    1. Brian Pateman

      Brian Pateman


      Thanks for getting in touch. We meet every other Thursday (more or less) for a couple of hours of fun and entertainment. Next meeting is this Thursday, details are in the TAC calendar.

      There is no pressure to perform. Just listening is absolutely fine. Our meetings are in the evening UK time so that's probably afternoon in Canada. Daniel Morin is one of our regular Canadian members.

      Drop me a PM if there's anything you need to know.

      Best wishes,


    2. Tounie K

      Tounie K

      HI Brian, I will check out.  It sounds like something that I want to ease in and to become comfortable with the playing guitar and singing at the same.  I love to learn from others.  I love TAC community support.  

      Thank you for your reply.  


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