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  1. Been years since I was serious about my guitar. Now that I have retired it's time to get reacquainted with my first love. I think my marriage is strong enough for it. My wife agrees.


  2. Oh! I have a wee chihuahua as well! Do you think they could be the secret pick stealers? 😁

  3. Richard,  Where would I post a starting video?  Still feeling my way around the site. 


    1. Richard_L


      Great question.  I'm still a bit of a novice, so bear with me. First off,  I know you need a you tube account.  If you have gmail, you have a you tube account.  BUT....let's get a little deeper into this.  

      If you go to Stage 1: Learn the Basics, then Ask A Question, that's where you would ask such a question.  But, since this one's been asked a few times and answered, here's a link to it and a very thorough discussion about how to do it.

      At this point, for me, I have a YouTube account.  I create a video on my Surface Pro, then upload it to the You Tube account and mark it private - the world does NOT need to see my work.  I copy the link (You Tube gives it to me) and paste it into a new message in whatever Forum is appropriate.  If it was a performance, I would start it in the On Stage Forum.  If it was the 30 Day Challenge, I would post it there (which I did - the very first video posted is my Stage 1 pledge, and I produced and uploaded by results video last night.). 

      So not only do you need some guitar skills, you need a little software skills as well.  Since I'm a reformed IT guy, that stuff is still easy.  I know a couple of folks who've actually relied on family members of a younger generation to help get their stuff loaded.  They claim that, ultimately, it was a bonding experience.

  4. Gary - when's the next Alamo Picking Society get-together? 

  5. Here's Noah's response about the issue of adding to the brainstorming list:

    Hey Richard!

     If you are talking about his brainstorm link, then it is an issue on his end with permission settings or document type. If it's the tac llink, then I can dig in and see if I find anything...


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