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  1. Happy, happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tony!!! And many, many more!!  Consider yourself hugged!!

  2. Jo R

    Happy birthday, Dom!!  Hope it's a memorable one!!

  3. I have not missed an episode of Acoustic Tuesday: they are fun and informative - I always find something to listen to or learn or look up. Tony, Noah and Levi make an awesome team and they seem to be having so much fun - makes it fun to watch!
  4. I'm shifting between Ab and C - I think the C, F & G chords sound better than the A, D & E, but I wouldn't swear to it .....
  5. I, too, think it's A maj .......
  6. Jo R

    Back for more

    Hey Sharon! Your ubiquitous presence is such that I feel like I know you, even though I don't think we have ever even posted each other here on TAC. I think that it is you with whom I share "!@#*% barre chord syndrome"! Glad to see you back on FW - it's gonna be fun again!
  7. !Hi Niels! I am a second-time for FW and a TAC member since October '16 ...... learning tons and loving it all
  8. Jo R

    FW - take 2!!

    My second time through, too ...... I am finding that some info stuck like glue while some other stuff got a bit fuzzy - so GREAT to review and, where necessary, relearn. Happily, I'm also finding that I have new questions that I wouldn't have even thought of last time around!