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  1. Cameron D

    Hello! from Shorewood, IL

    Hi Karen, welcome. I can totally understand becoming obsessed with that album, it's pretty amazing start to finish!
  2. I'm from Vancouver. I hacked around with guitar a bit when I was younger, then took a looooooooooooong hiatus from it as the rest of life got in the way. Unfortunately never really got a handle on the whole theory thing, so this is a nice way to jump into it. Glad to have had some time the last few years to be playing on a regular basis, now would like to start trying to understand a little bit of what I'm doing/trying to do.
  3. Cameron D

    Greetings from Cold Canada

    Welcome, from the other coast of Canada!
  4. Cameron D

    Blown Away in Vermont

    I think FAS may be a better syndrome to have than GAS