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  1. Welcome to the wondrous day known world-wide as Acoustic Tuesday. Of course with Acoustic Tuesday comes 5 Guitar Geek-centric items that are displayed in a list for you to peruse and research at your leisure. Here goes nothin'... One of my favorite guitars in my #guitarsenal is my 1935 Martin 0-17... It is beautifully worn, plays like a dream, and to my ears sounds like angels singing, but to say I think twice about taking it to a bar gig is an understatement. So in a past episode of Acoustic Tuesday (AT#10) I checked out the Pre-War guitar company and these guys rock plain and simple... but I thought they were the only company currently doing the vintage/distressed thing... then I found Atkin Guitars in England. This company is doing some seriously fantastic work and anyone that's' in the market for a "newly made" vintage guitar Atkin Guitars should be in the running. This company makes some incredible looking and sounding "new" vintage guitars. They can distress, antique, and even make the guitar smell old (if that's your thing). The model that has caught my attention form these guys is their "white rice dreadnought." This model features an enlarged soundhole and the warmth and woodiness of Tony Rice/Clarence White's iconic D28, and damn if it doesn't look the part as well. http://atkinguitars.com/ - Main Page http://atkinguitars.com/shop-item/white-rice-relic-2/ - White Rice Model Page https://youtu.be/8vVb-52w1iI - White Rice Prototype Vid https://youtu.be/MEp_LTOglpM - White Rice Demo https://youtu.be/OCM7GsqYD0E - Model Explanation LP's, 33's, Vinyl, Albums... whatever you call these wonderful black circles of bliss... they are, in my opinion, the absolute best way to consume music. Don't get me wrong, I think streaming services are great, but when you can lay the needle down on a spinning plate of musical wonder you are transported to another dimension. I'm saying this because when you find a killer record store it's like you have found the gates to that musical wonderland... and I happened to find one... online... and you need to know about it. ReverbLP... yep same company (Chicago Music Exchange) that runs Reverb for instruments now has an online record store for everyone to buy and sell records (and cds if that's your thing). I have found some gems on there. To say that I have gone on a digital shopping spree is a total understatement. Set aside a night to pour a glass of something nice and get lost in the virtual record bins that ReverbLP provides. https://lp.reverb.com/ This week I wanted to really dig deep in terms of what I'm listening to, and have I got a treat for you. I wanted to pay tribute to an artist that is largely responsible for getting me hooked on fingerstyle guitar. This is an artist who placed in the Walnut Valley National Fingerstyle Guitar Contest 4 times (First place in 1984, Second place in 1992, and Third Place in both 1986 and 1983). This artist I am referring to is none other than Eric Lugosch. Eric is an inspirational player, a phenomenal teacher, and incredible arranger. His albums are a treat to listen to and he has a knack for pulling beautiful tone out of his Ryan guitar. Make sure to give him a listen you will not be disappointed at all. https://youtu.be/_6PLoyJepEM http://ericlugosch.com/ http://www.ericlugosch.com/lessonhome.html http://www.ericlugosch.com/recordings.html http://amzn.to/2FjYVNi - Making Models http://amzn.to/2DbutnR - Black Key Blues http://amzn.to/2CXA43G - New Tradition Here's the scenario: you've learned some songs with your #guitargeek friends. You're thinking of playing your very first open mic, show, or maybe even you booked a show at a local pub... but what on earth do you call yourselves??? Creating a band name is incredibly difficult and their seems to be a very secret high level science behind it... enter the band name generator. This convenient website does all the calculating for you, no complicated equations, no band arguments... just pure band naming nirvana (see what I did there :-) ). Make sure to check it out, but beware it can be mildly addictive. https://www.bandnamemaker.com/ What are you doing on January 22nd? Your answer should be something along the lines of "starting 10 days of acoustic guitar bliss", and doing the most important exercise of your #acousticlife. How do you get this important exercise? How do you participate in the 10 Day play Every Day challenge?? How do you stay in the loop for some incredibly important announcements??? Make sure to visit weplayeveryday.com and show up on Day 1, it will be the most important day of your #Acousticlife. weplayeveryday.com Here's to living your best #acousticlife this week and waving your #guitargeek flag. I can't wait to see you on the 10 Day play Every Day challenge! Have an outstanding #guitargeek week!
  2. Hmmm... I think I am the illustrious man
  3. May this Acoustic Tuesday find you feeling fantastic, joyous, and downright ready to get your full #guitargeek on. This week brings another 5 guitar geek items to your attention. So without any further hesitation, we shall journey into the hallowed halls of the #guitargeek lair. A personal wardrobe makeover designed just for the #guitargeek. So often during Acoustic Tuesday the feeling of guitar geeks uniting runs rampant, but after the show what do you do (besides sharing the show of course) to further promote living the #acousticlife? Well, you find a shirt that proclaims your full-blown guitar geekiness... which is why I hope you will consider fancying yourself a genuine, 100% original, guitarsenal shirt. What's a guitarsenal you ask? The shirt proclaims the definition of guitarsenal loud and clear and let's just say it happens to mention the word guitar geek. So be sure to check them out and proudly flaunt your extremely high level of acoustic nerdliness. https://teespring.com/guitarsenal_polecastro Do you ever feel like you have run into a guitar snob? It can be pretty scary. In fact, I would tend to believe it is a guitar geek's biggest fear. You know, that one person that seems to know it all or at least act like they do. The type that can make you feel like you don't belong. If you happen to ever need a guide to figure out what type of guitar snob you are dealing with, last week I released a video that shares the top ten types of guitar snobs, and I think you will be very surprised what they all have in common. Not only will their shared trait be a shock, but I also share a wonderful way to deal with them. So be sure to watch, you won't want to miss this one. https://youtu.be/lc2SWI2oD_E This week I am listening to an artist who I had never heard of, and I have to thank Acoustic Tuesday viewer Andrew D. for introducing me to the mesmerizing Colter Wall. Both of his albums (Self Titled and Imaginary Appalachia) are absolutely hypnotizing. From his playing, the dynamics, instrumentation, arrangement, and the songwriting his Self Titled album is a masterpiece. Oh and one more thing... the voice... to try and describe it would be futile, but what the hell... It's like George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, amongst others are being channeled through Colter. Don't misinterpret though... he isn't copying, Colter is all his own and his unique vocal stylings shine on songs that are written by a master's pen. http://colterwall.com/ https://youtu.be/qSYkikkitS0 http://amzn.to/2C8UlQc - Self Titled http://amzn.to/2A2i6aK - Imaginary Appalachia What are you doing from January 22nd through February 2nd? I'm guessing you're participating in 10 days of rut-busting, technique building, guitar bliss... right? Ok here's the scoop, I want all you guitar geeks to participate in the upcoming 10 Day Play Everyday Live Guitar Challenge. This is where I teach a new lesson each weekday for ten days starting on January 22nd and ending on February 2nd. All of us guitar geeks gather to learn, share, celebrate small wins, and participate in an exercise that will literally change your life. I'm not kidding. It will truly change your life for the better. Make sure you don't miss it. Go to www.weplayeverday.com to sign up, it's totally free! https://tonypolecastro.com/take-the-challenge I heard a Kevin Ryan guitar in person once and it was cemented in my brain as the most complete, rich, articulate, and sonically pleasing guitar I had ever heard. Each note seemed to drip with the richest tone, as if covered in tonal honey. It projected with laser-like precision and the notes were so carefully separated like a finely cut pie... Phew... is it hot in here? Seriously Ryan guitars are some of the most incredible small bench guitars being made today and they happen to be celebrating their 30th anniversary! So from all of us guitar geeks here at Acoustic Tuesday, Happy 30th anniversary Ryan guitars! Those 30 years were well spent too... the amount of innovations that they have introduced to the world of luthiery is staggering (they have a whole page dedicated to their advancements on their site and it is worth a look)... seriously you must check it out. https://ryanguitars.com/ https://ryanguitars.com/design-innovations/ https://youtu.be/od8PDpZ13sU https://youtu.be/3NMaOijLoeM https://youtu.be/uCayFsenXpg Yet another Acoustic Tuesday is in the books so I bid you adieu fellow guitar geek and can't wait to see you on that 10 day play every day challenge for the most fun you will have with your guitar all year. Cheers, Tony
  4. The numero uno primo Acoustic Tuesday of 2018 is here! Happy New Year to you #guitargeek. What better way is there to kick off 2018 than to jump into 5 Guitar Geek items... So without any hesitation lets get to the first guitar geek list of 2018 Mirror, mirror on the wall... or uhhh in your hand. There are some things that can be a lifesaver, and it may seem a bit vain to include a mirror in that category, but a mirror can save you from making a huge mistake. I am not talking about a hair that is a bit out of place here... Including a guitar inspection mirror is something that every #guitargeek should consider adding to their toolbox as it can be a fantastic negotiating tool. I know this seems weird but hang in there with me. Whenever you buy or consider purchasing a used guitar having a mirror on hand specifically made for guitar inspection is a lifesaver. You can look inside to check for repairs that may have been done, cracked or loose braces, and even inspect the bridge plate for overall health. Who knows what problems are lurking under the top of a used guitar... well you will know for sure with a guitar inspection mirror. http://amzn.to/2BC3bpW - Inspection Mirror Banjos can really be a thing of beauty... truly I mean it, they can be beautiful both in sound and in aesthetic. Banjos are seemingly simple creations. A round rim, a tone ring, a neck, fretboard, tuners, and strings. That's it right? Not for Jason and Pharis Romero of Romero Banjos located in Horsefly, British Columbia. Jason handles the banjo making, Pharis does the inlay/design, and together they create some of the most eye appealing, heart-stopping, and beautiful sounding banjos. Form there design innovations to the materials that they procure these banjos are one of a kind and a must-see for any acoustic aficionado. But wait... #AcousticTuesday is for #guitargeeks only right!?! Absolutely, #guitargeeks eat your heart out because Jason and Pharis still fit the bill. They make some absolutely beautiful resonator guitars. They use some of the same beautiful design elements of their banjos in their biscuit style resonator guitars. Upon continued research, and of course wanting to hear them, none other than honorary TAC family member, Tony Furtado, did a handful of audio demos located on their site. These resos have tons of character both in the sonic and visual space. https://youtu.be/aKVJ08joH1w http://www.romerobanjos.com/ http://www.romerobanjos.com/guitars/ http://www.romerobanjos.com/about/ All this talk of banjos leads me to what I'm listening to this week and it's none other than... well... Jason and Pharis Romero. Yes, not only do these two combine forces to make amazing instruments they join together to create gorgeous music. If you dig harmonies, simple yet beautiful arrangements, fine picking, and the kind of music you can just get lost in these two are for you. One of my favorite tunes is the "Ballad of Old Bill" as it shows off their storytelling as well as their vocal and instrumental prowess. Their album, " A Wanderer I'll Stay" is chocked full of acoustic awesomeness to make your ears smile and your heart full. https://youtu.be/U3s8lNCkVgM http://www.pharisandjason.com/ http://amzn.to/2DgtLVp There are so many specialty picks out there it is hard to sample them all, but there is one that I have used that made a serious impact on me. Blue Chip picks, made in Knoxville, TN are truly an artisan flatpick that have a stellar lifespan (as long as you don't lose them). These picks are made from a highly specialized proprietary composite material that is not only very heat and wear resistant, it also is self-lubricating which means the pick releases the strings very quickly. These picks have a fantastic impact on the tone and they definitely eliminate some of the drag that you can experience when Flatpicking. Certainly, a geek item that is a must try. http://www.bluechippick.net/ Hand cramps and pain are things synonymous with extended practice sessions, barre chords, and holding too much tension while playing. So often I find myself trying to smash the "meat" of my thumb just to relieve a little bit of the pressure and strain that builds up. When I was teaching lessons in person one of my students was a massage therapist and she recommended this little wooden ball with a smiley face on it... I tried it and my life changed forever... no joke. This little wooden tool by the happy massage company aptly named the happy massager made my hand muscles relaxed and took away the strain I was experiencing. If you find yourself with had pain trying to find a way to massage it away definitely check out the happy massager, it is a definite guitar geek aid. http://amzn.to/2DjVGnn Alrighty, that wraps up the very first Acoustic Tuesday of 2018!!! Welcome to the New Year and may this year be the first year you experience a fully infused #acousticlife. Don't forget to share Acoustic Tuesday with your #guitargeek friends and let's make it our goal this year to unite as many guitar geeks as possible!!! Cheers, Tony
  5. Cheers on this magical morn of acoustic wonderment! Happy Acoustic Tuesday fellow guitar geek, let me be the first to tell you that this Acoustic Tuesday is the last of it's kind... Sorry, I don't mean to scare you, but it's officially the last Acoustic Tuesday of 2017 and my oh my will we send off this year with a #guitargeek salute! I have another 5 items for you to place on your #guitargeek radar, so here goes nothin' A vintage tone master that gives you the recipe for one of the most signature acoustic guitar tones of all time... Nick Drake. Guitarist, Josh Turner has distilled the secrets of Nick Drake's infamous acoustic guitar tone, and he gets down to the nitty-gritty. I'm talking an in-depth study of what makes up Nick Drake's unique sonic fingerprint. I also want to point out that Josh Turner is a fantastic player who communicates in "guitargeekese"... you know, the official language of guitar geeks. https://youtu.be/EzdQE3fJW2E Some tips to break the sound of silence... Playing guitar and singing at the same time is a seemingly easy task, but I know once I tried it, I found out that this was no easy feat. There were a plethora of problems I experienced when trying to do the guitar version of patting my head while rubbing my stomach. So last week I released a video that gave a 3 step process showing how to break down any song and use a system to play and sing it in no time. This is one that will bring some serious enjoyment to your playing, even if you just want to give it a spin and see how it goes. https://youtu.be/ttSjXUlsuxA This week I went down a bit of a musical rabbit hole and discovered something rather unexpected. I started listening to Jill Andrews at the recommendation of a friend and discovered an absolute treasure trove of great music. The album I am currently hooked on is her album The Mirror which was released in 2011. My favorite tune off of that album is called "A Little Less" http://amzn.to/2BimTKp - The Mirror https://youtu.be/bIIQxQhUvGc - A little less w/ Josh Olliver http://jillandrews.com/ But there's more... Upon searching I found she is on the cusp of releasing a new acoustic duo album with John Groenwald. This new project will tour under the name Hush Kids and you can actually get a sneak peak of their new stuff and even pre-order the album on their pledge music campaign. https://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/hushkids Another Beard on Acoustic Tuesday? Is there even room? The answer is yes... Beard Guitars that is. Located in Hagerstown, MD Paul Beard and his small crew are making some absolutely stunning resonator guitars. Both round neck and squareneck instruments are coming out of this shop and they sound absolutely magical. Their attention to detail and function is unmatched and the quality of their setup is absolutely ridiculous. I know this first hand as I just ordered a guitar from them (a custom Belle Beard Squareneck) and it is truly magnificent. It rings like a bell and sustains for days (cue Spinal Tap reference). Seriously these instruments are the real deal and if you have any interest in resos specifically wood bodied spider cone style resos you need to be acquainted with this fine group of artisans on the East Coast. http://www.beardguitars.com/ http://www.resophonicoutfitters.com/ https://youtu.be/n6lsvg1l_VU https://youtu.be/CHYvk6VZFUY Alright it's official, that is the last Acoustic Tuesday for 2017 thank you for an awesome year and I can't wait to share with you what 2018 will have in store... Let's just put it this way... Guitar Geeks will continue to unite in a major way Cheers, Tony
  6. The sun comes up on yet another illuminating Acoustic Tuesday. This Acoustic Tuesday is ablaze with acousticness and sees guitar geeks continuing to unite. Acoustic Tuesday tradition continues with another list of 5 #guitargeek finds for your #acousticlife... here come the waves of acoustic awesomeness. Where did you place your drink? Whether you are playing a coffee house, an open mic, practicing with your PA at home, or just not wanting to spill your drink K&M stands has a fantastic solution. The mic stand drink holder... it's true these exist, and they offer incredible peace of mind. No more drops of beer on your pedalboard, no more accidental spills on your shoes, and most importantly no longer is your gear subject to spills from that stray chord, foot, or cat running through the room. This is a convenient little drink holder that screws directly to your mic stand elevating your beverage and keeping it out of harm's way, but just within arm's reach. Stay hydrated guitar geeks! http://amzn.to/2By9fPP Love is in the air and anniversary bells are ringing. As a #guitargeek it is imperative to celebrate major milestones when they happen in our tight-knit acoustic community, so... Happy 50th Anniversary to Larrivee guitars!!! I must say Larrivee guitars have always impressed in terms of consistency in tone and the outstanding quality of the raw materials that they procure and use. I had an L-03R once (it's a long story how that one escaped my grasp), and I absolutely adored the tone that came out of that instrument. Often times Larrivee flies under the radar, especially with some of the bigger manufacturers hogging the spotlight, but in no way shape or form Jean and his crew be unknown. These people make beautiful sounding and looking guitars, and as a #guitargeek they definitely need to be on your radar. https://www.larrivee.com/ https://www.larrivee.com/videos https://youtu.be/aqBd_CJdxRo This week I veer a bit into the country realm... keep reading even if you swear you don't like country music... Holly Williams (Hank Jr's daughter, and Hank Sr's granddaughter) Is someone you need to know... rather, Holly Williams is someone you need to listen to. Her writing is deep, her voice expresses the lyrics with conviction, and the timbre of her voice is in a class all it's own. I am a huge fan of her albums, but the two that stick out the most are "Here With Me" as well as her most recent release "The Highway." There are moments of the full band, but they are few, and truly the acoustic guitar shines through on the majority of the tracks. https://youtu.be/Yko39qfdNfE http://amzn.to/2z61Vfp - The Highway http://amzn.to/2C8KPgf - Here With Me To say that MTV unplugged saved the acoustic guitar in the late 80's and early 90's is a gross understatement... that show is single-handedly responsible for reviving the pulse of the acoustic guitar when it seemed like all hope was gone. Many artists played the unplugged show, but there is one in particular that is the focus of a new documentary premiering on February 10, 2018 on Showtime... Eric Clapton. This documentary chronicles his life, his struggles, and ultimately the love of music that keeps him hanging on. An absolute must watch for any #guitargeek https://youtu.be/nrAvDFmE9i4 http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/watch-revealing-trailer-for-eric-clapton-life-in-12-bars-w502050 Since the holiday season is upon us in a major way I thought the timing was right... The timing for a video dedicated on convincing your spouse that you need another guitar. But first let's be honest, these tactics can be used any time of year... it's true for all ten tactics I share in the video. If for any reason those 10 don't work I even throw in a bonus for you. It's your lucky day #guitargeek, that new guitar is just around the corner, make sure to watch and take notes. https://youtu.be/rMVozFW-NRs Jolliest of Acoustic Tuesdays to you #guitargeek and be sure to wake up everyday prepared to live your best #acousticlife. Cheers, Tony
  7. Hello fellow #guitargeek, and welcome to yet another installment of weekly Acoustic Guitar wonder known as Acoustic Tuesday. I have 5 acoustic guitar geek items for you learn about this week so off we go down the yellow brick road to the Acoustic Land of Oz. Up first, an update to your guitar den. As a #guitargeek it is a must to have the obligatory guitar den. A place where you can escape the noise of the day to day and make some music. Just you and the four walls. Hopefully, those walls aren't bare though... that would be uninspiring. After checking out Martin's merchandise shop, I found some things that would look just plain cool hanging up in a guitar den. Martin has recreated two of their older print ads on vintage tin sign material and they look really really awesome... They have also thrown a license plate into the mix. These would be at home in any guitar den and the beauty is when your friends come over they won't rip like a poster. Make sure to check out these stellar #guitargeek signs. https://www.martinguitar.com/1833-shop/vintagenostalgic-metal-sign-(piece-by-piece)/c-24/p-712 https://www.martinguitar.com/1833-shop/vintage-metal-sign-still-handmade/c-24/p-711 https://www.martinguitar.com/1833-shop/new-martin-still-handmade-license-plate-(black-with-white-logo)/c-24/p-1007 https://www.martinguitar.com/1833-shop/new-martin-still-handmade-license-plate-(white-with-black-logo)/c-24/p-1006 The book, Still Inside: The Tony Rice Story is an inside look at an acoustic guitar great. http://www.tonyricestory.com/written by Tim Stafford and Caroline Wright. I bought this book a while ago and thought, "How cool, I finally get to learn more about one of my guitar heroes..." And then I read it and I realized it was so much more. This book is not only a first-hand account of Tony's life (with segments written by himself), but it also has interviews and statements from some of the leading bluegrass players that are Tony's friends as well. All in all this book is an insight into Tony's life and how it parallels the history of bluegrass music in general. An amazing compendium of bluegrass history using Tony's experiences as the map. Still Inside - The Tony Rice Story http://www.tonyricestory.com/ This week I am visiting the well of American Primitive Guitar, and I pretty much just fell straight in. A quick thank you to my friend Simone M. for introducing me to Daniel Bachman because this last week I was immersed in Daniel Bachman's catalog. He is certainly the next wave of American Primitive guitar and he brings his own style to the genre. His picking is precise and intentional, and he does this thing... I can't really describe it, but his right hand is a machine and his compositions are memorable as well as thought-provoking. The album that has me hooked this week is called River, it's not his newest release, it just happens to be the one that I am really digging into. https://youtu.be/Wn1rDNKWrLU http://amzn.to/2jyQ8x2 http://danielbachman.com/ A special correspondent exclusively for Acoustic Tuesday? Yes! it's true! Matt Chulka from Eddie's Guitars in St. Louis, MO is here to guitar answer your geek fueled questions. In this first installment of the "Ask Matt" segment, Matt addresses the question of how to choose guitar body size when designing a custom guitar. Is your guitar too dry??? Let me share with you five ways to tell without any tools... not even a hygrometer. Tip #1 - Fret ends poking out - If your guitar is thirsty the fretboard my shrink ever so slightly causing the fret ends to poke out ever so slightly. Your fretting hand will notice this immediately Tip #2 - Buzzing Notes - If you are experiencing a buzz that is of the mechanical nature (meaning not caused by the technique) then your guitar might be too dry. When your guitar drys out the top lowers ever so slightly causing the strings to be a bit closer to the fretboard. Tip #3 - Weird Rattles - When the guitar starts to dry out the wood can shrink on the headstock causing the tuner bushings (metal rings around the tuners). to rattle. Tip #4 - Raised hard grain lines - When your six-string friend is parched one of the tell-tale signs are that the ridges of the hard grain lines becoming very apparent. I mean you can feel them and if you hold it in the light you can likely see them as well. Tip #5 - The dreaded crack - Most likely on the center seem, but it can appear other places as well. If your guitar is too dry it will result in a crack so be sure to humidify appropriately. I hope this Acoustic Tuesday was an enlightening one and one that helps you live your best #acousticlife Cheers, Tony
  8. Good glorious morning my fellow guitar geek! Another round of Acoustic Tuesday is coming in hot and man oh man have I got some awesome finds this week. As with every Acoustic Tuesday, today's list is full of guitar geek finds that will spark your curiosity and fuel your #guitargeek fire. Here goes nothing: An online school helping budding luthiers along on their guitar building journey. Art of Lutherie/Luthier's Edge run by Tom Bills is a paid online resource for you guitar geeks that wish to up your guitar building game. From video courses discussing fretwork, binding, guitar physics, and even how to make jigs, all the way to e-books and photo tutorials on fanned fret guitars, purfling, how to make side sound ports, and so much more. For any armchair luthier or repairman, this seems like an awesome resource. No more buying parts and materials and waiting for that magic moment. You can get instruction right in the comfort of your home or wood shop. http://theartoflutherie.com/my-membership-options-page/ https://vimeo.com/127886829 Travel guitars always excite me and a while ago I had a chance to review a very interesting and up and coming guitar that qualifies as one hell of a travel companion. For anyone that happens to travel in less than desirable conditions, loves the outdoors, or just wants a guitar to bring on their travels that you don't have to worry about Klos guitars has the solution. This tiny carbon fiber travel guitar packs a wonderful punch and is extremely resilient. You can throw anything at this instrument and it'll keep on performing. Not only is it strong and tiny, it's also extremely convenient to pack. You can disassemble it, use the bag, or just the neck sleeve if you happen to toss it in your backpack. Oh and one more thing... they are currently developing a ukulele with the same technology... I cannot wait to see that little carbon fiber wonder. https://www.klosguitars.com/ https://www.klosguitars.com/ukulele https://youtu.be/8lm7Q4K77qI This week I happen to be listening to another acoustic trio. The I'm With Her trio is one that is serious ear candy. With the likes of Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, and Aoife O'Donovan once you hear one song you won't be able to stop listening. The harmonies are rich and lush, the instrumentation precise, and the overall vibe of their performances is inspirational, to say the least. If you are looking for some outstanding players, beautiful vocals alone and together, as well as dynamic song offerings you must check out these ladies. They have a new album, "See You Around," coming out on February 16, 2018, and they happen to be touring from January through May of 2018... do not miss them. https://www.imwithherband.com/ https://youtu.be/BTDUDRIEifQ For the solo artist and beyond... So you've decided that you would like to plug in your acoustic guitar, try out singing through a microphone, and you have a goal of playing an open mic or a show... this is outstanding. But you need a PA system of sorts... an amp is too small for what you need... so what to do? PA systems can be confusing and hard to assemble even for someone with experience so I want to bring to your attention the Bose L1 Compact. This wonderful PA system is easy to assemble, sounds great, is perfect for the solo artist and can even be more flexible than just one input. This is the smallest of the Bose L1 systems but by no means is it lacking. It sounds great, is easy to transport, and can be set up in less than a minute. https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/speakers/portable_pa_speakers/l1-compact-system.html http://amzn.to/2k9aLDS As a vinyl record lover, I feel the need to shed some light on a local record shop that I found truly amazing in its selection, shop knowledge, and overall cool factor. The Record Exchange in Boise, ID is full of amazing vinyl and has big-time wow factor... I mean it is located in a building called the Hitchcock building and it has birds painted on it... lots of birds. I happened to have visited this shop two times so far and each time was completely blown away and happened to score some killer records. If you are looking for something odd, something new, something borrowed, something blue, or even a rarity make sure to stop by the Record Exchange, give them a call, or check their website... there are many sonic treasures to be found. http://www.therecordexchange.com/ Thus concludes the 15th round of Acoustic Tuesday. Be sure to fly your #guitargeek flag and enjoy every moment you get to strum the strings of the most magical instrument in the world... the acoustic guitar. Cheers, Tony
  9. Happiest of happy Acoustic Tuesdays to you dearest #guitargeek Today's list of acoustic awareness covers movies, guitar makers, humidification and even a super strong mutant pinky. So without hesitation lets jump in. First up is a guitar maker that hails from the land of cheese and cold midwestern winters. Petros guitars are lovingly built by Bruce and Matt Petros out of Kaukauna, WI and my goodness are they gorgeous. The first and only Petros guitar that I had ever played was owned by a co-worker of mine named Dale Petrsohn. I played Dale's fingerstyle model Petros guitar back in 2004 and it made a lasting impression. These guitars have a rich voice, are voiced to sing like an angel, and sustain for days. As an added bonus the Petros site features a shop where you can purchase some beautiful Celtic infused accessories like bridge pins, tuner buttons, inlay material, and the Petros' made purflex (a truly genius design for purfling). http://petrosguitars.com/ https://petrosguitarshop.com/collections/all http://purflex.net/Purflex/Welcome.html https://youtu.be/nGK0QQWLPxw A documentary is about to be released focusing on the acoustic fingerstyle movement and how much popularity and momentum it has. The Acoustic Uprising documentary features interviews from Kaki King, Andy Mckee, Tommy Emmanuel and more. The movie sheds light on how the unique fingerpicking percussive acoustic guitar style has developed and evolved over the years. It references artists who developed the style and those who continue to push it's boundaries further and further. http://www.acousticuprisingfilm.com/ https://youtu.be/sBSrRo5Lb6Q An acoustic power trio (and now quartet) that has my ears smiling in a big way. Brittany Haas (violin), Paul Kowert (bass), and Jordan Tice (guitar) combined forces a few years back to put out an absolutely stunning album featuring some hot picking, intricate melodies, and just overall virtuosity. Fast forward to 2017 they bring Dominick Leslie on board (mandolin) and change the band name to Hawktail. This is a collection of acoustic musicians who can push acoustic music to a whole new level so be sure to watch out for them when summer comes around and festival season is upon us. https://youtu.be/kBxqmjEAE9o - Haas Kowert Tice "Grandpa's Cheesebarn" https://youtu.be/4LrssWrJKfY - Hawktail "Unless" http://amzn.to/2BaFhBf - Album "You Got This" Since winter is upon us humidification for your guitars should be something that is on your mind. I have tried all sorts of different products for humidification and each has their pros and cons. So for those of you who like the idea of humidipaks, but don't like the idea of the cost associated with them Oasis humidifiers are something you should check out. These have the benefit of lasting a good while between refills and they humidify the guitar case environment quite well. The oasis humidifiers are offered in both a guitar-specific model and a case humidifier model that are like little canisters that you fill with water to humidify your guitar. Once the water is added a gel-like substance forms within the canister. This substance as two benefits: 1.) Spilling is less likely, and it makes the moisture last a bit longer. One thing to know about these humidifiers though, make sure to keep the moisture at an ample level, if left to dry out the membrane can crack and cause leakage which is obviously easily avoidable, but something to be aware of. http://amzn.to/2hJElv6 - Guitar Humidifier http://amzn.to/2zZMQgh - Case Humidifier For those of you who want to build your pinky finger muscles last week I released a video sharing one of my favorite exercises for pinky strengthening. This exercise pairs your pinky with your index, then your middle finger, and finally your ring finger. This single exercise can not only increase your pinky's strength, but also it's agility and dexterity. Definitely something to work into your playing routine that will affect your fretboard confidence in a myriad of ways. https://youtu.be/ts1WnILa9RA So there you have it, another Acoustic Tuesday for your #guitargeek enjoyment!!! May this week be magical, amazing, and contain all of the things to help you live your best #acousticlife Cheers, Tony
  10. Welcome to another weekly installment of Acoustic Tuesday. This Acoustic Tuesday is an extremely special one that will not only save your guitar's life but also bring joy to your ears. So without any more delay lets dive into the geekiness that is Acoustic Guitar If you use a strap at all with your acoustic guitar this item is for you. Three important tips before I share with you a product that could potentially save your guitar's life. Tip #1 always make sure your guitar is hanging correctly from your strap. Sometimes the ends can flip and when the guitar tries to hang it literally can just fall out of the strap. Tip #2 When using a cord with your acoustic guitar, always wrap the chord in the strap so if for any reason you step on the cord it will pull the strap and not your input jack. Tip #3 Never leave your strap on your guitar when it is resting in a stand. It can catch on a passerby and pull your guitar right off the stand. On to the product that will really help when using a strap: plastic strap locks. These slip over the strap buttons on your guitar and create a barrier so the strap won't fall off. There are two here that I like. One is the Dunlop product that are two plastic discs that spin and the other is a rubber gasket type material that is good for oddly shaped strap buttons or bulky straps. http://amzn.to/2ALiwE6 - Dunlop Strap Locks http://amzn.to/2yFb4sB - Guitar Saver Strap Locks An online "how to" repair database created by one of the top guitar geeks out there, Frank Ford. Frank Ford works at Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto, CA and he is a repair wizard, to say the least. He creates jigs and tools, he tackles difficult repairs, he even restores guitars. The coolest part... he documents all of it... every... single.. thing. If you have any question about restringing, how to do basic repairs, or are just curious about some of the work he has done you must be aware of this site it is a huge lifesaver. http://www.frets.com/FretsPages/pagelist.html What I'm listening to this week: The Small Glories. It's true, I can admit I have an incredible soft spot for folk duos, with awesome harmonies and subtle instrumentation. My Dad informed me of this duo and they have all of the above in spades. Cara Luft and JD Edwards make up this duo, and between the two of them musical magic happens... The vocals alone can weaken your knees to the point where you have to take a second to get your bearings. Their debut album "Wondrous Traveler" is fantastic and one you should make some room for in your record collection. http://amzn.to/2yDUIAs - Wondrous Traveler https://thesmallglories.com/home I've mentioned on previous Acoustic Tuesday shows that I used to work at the Old Town School of Folk Music, but I have never gone into detail on how much of an amazing place it truly is. This is a must-see for any acoustic #guitargeek. The school located on the north side of Chicago is quite honestly the epicenter for all things acoustic, and not just in Chicago. Old Town School has amazing classes from Flatpicking to slack key guitar, they have an outstanding music store called the Different Strummer, and they have a beautiful concert hall that features both national and local acts. It truly is a one-stop shop for all things acoustic and folk, so if you are in the area it would most certainly behoove you to drop in for a visit or even a concert. http://www.oldtownschool.org/ http://www.oldtownschool.org/concerts/ https://youtu.be/dK4k_C5x_zg Kalamazoo Gals. Written by John Thomas, chronicling the stories of the women who held down the fort at Gibson Guitar when the men were off at war. Not only does this book provide great historical context on when these lauded "banner" era guitars were made, but it also features interviews with the very ladies that built them. Stories are told of how they handled supply shortages and reasons why these guitars have some rather odd features. All in all this is a fantastic read if you are a Gibson buff and a double whammy if you like history sprinkled in there as well. http://amzn.to/2yCTEwy - Kalamazoo Gals http://kalamazoogals.com/ That's a wrap for another enriching Acoustic Tuesday. May your week be filled with #smallwins and many smiles with your acoustic guitar in hand!!! Cheers, Tony
  11. Welcome to another awesomely Acoustic Tuesday my dear #guitargeek. There is a ton in store for you this week, so grab a pen, some paper, and... well actually scratch that... Keep your mouse hand ready to click there are a ton of amazing acoustic discoveries headed your way. Let's jump in with both feet, shall we? A new take on guitar strings? Most often the question of "gauge" is one of the first we ask when asking about strings, but not with Santa Cruz's parabolic tension strings. There are two options with these strings, either a mid-tension or a low-tension set and per their recommendation, the low-tension strings are a good match for smaller bodied guitars while the mid-tension strings work nicely with larger bodied guitars. I am floored by the crispness of these strings and what really surprised me were two things: First, the out of the package feel... I'm talking before even putting them on the guitar... they are more supple than any other string I have tried. Second, they seem to immediately calibrate to your guitar and in an odd way adjust the EQ so each string has a clear slice of the sonic pie. http://www.santacruzguitar.com/scgc-strings/ http://amzn.to/2AqACLg - Low Tension http://amzn.to/2zFNzDX - Mid-Tension Tonewood Encyclopedia. Is there such a thing? Yes, but not in the way that you may think. Being a #guitargeek requires a certain quality... let's call it an insatiable desire for all things acoustic. I have discovered a site that will have every acoustic #guitargeek in the world's mouth agape in wonderment. The tonewood data source... yes ladies and gentlemen this is a real thing and I was so happy to discover it. Ever wonder how tonewood hardness is measured? Ever been curious about the different terms for describing wood figure? Wondering what specific tonewoods are used for? Which tonewoods can cause respiratory irritation when working with them? This site has it all. Yes, all of it. This is a wonderful resource that was put together by a guitar geek and tonewood enthusiast, whose name I cannot find anywhere on the site, but nonetheless, a huge amount of gratitude is being sent their way. This is a resource that is like the road map to living an incredible #acousticlife. http://tonewooddatasource.weebly.com/ What am I listening to this week? Well, the tone of the Wide Sky Guitars featured in last week's Acoustic Tuesday (Ep. #11) had me hungry for some old thumpy blues so I turned to none other than Lightnin' Hopkins. It's raw, it's real, and it has the rhythmic drive that I was searching for. His unique style is inspiring to watch and the way he plays looks absolutely effortless. The tone he gets out of the guitar is a mixture of dead strings and his unique attack. If you ever have a hankering for blues and haven't heard of Mr. Hopkins then you must... and well, if you have heard of him, you must revisit his catalog. Listening to him is a deep dive into the raw nature of old time blues. https://youtu.be/VOI5y1ZUXVc - Baby Please Don't Go http://amzn.to/2ArE7kw - 8 Classic Albums Deodorant for strings...??? There are many things that can kill tone, but one of the worst is gunk building up on wound strings. Oh! and what about just the general tarnish that develops from environmental factors... Then there is the dreaded string squeak. Nothing can spoil a guitar party quicker than an errant string squeak. I had the same issues and then I discovered two types of string cleaners/lubricants that made my uncoated strings last longer and significantly cut down on squeak. Both the GHS Fast Fret and the Planet Waves XLR8 work miracles if your strings tarnish, you have gunk build up, or you are battling the squeaky strings. http://www.ghsstrings.com/products/11464-fast-fret?category_id=1964826-lubricants-cleaners http://amzn.to/2zFbwLl - GHS Fast Fret http://www.planetwaves.com/pwProductDetail.Page?ActiveID=4115&productid=544&productname=XLR8_String_Lubricant_Cleaner http://amzn.to/2zriKzT - Planet Waves XLR8 Beginning guitar is an extremely exciting time, the lessons come fast and quick, motivation is at it's highest, and new gear is purchased en masse. At the start of every guitar player's journey is their first guitar, but how do you decide which one is the right one for you? After years of working in stores and reviewing tons of guitars, I sat down and made a list of my top 5 beginner guitars under $500, of all the guitars out there in this range, these ones stand out to me and each is on the list for a very specific reason. If you are in the market r want to help a friend make sure to check it out: https://youtu.be/Hk5zL_UXJDQ Another list complete and more things to help you live your best #acousticlife!!! Here's to another week of guitar geekiness and the smell of a freshly cut piece of Adirondack spruce. Cheers, Tony
  12. The smallest guitar to ever come out of the Santa Cruz Guitar Company's shop... I was pumped to get the chance to review the Santa Cruz Firefly guitar just last week, and I have to say I am impressed. The motivation behind the design of the guitar was to pack the tonal quality, comfort, and luxury of a beautifully crafted small bench guitar into a small, travel-worthy package. I have to say it is a success, the guitar has a focused voice, wonderful depth of tone, and an overall comfort that is rare in a travel guitar. Guitars of this size have a tendency to bounce around when trying to play them, but this one stayed put, I believe due to the body shape... namely, the way the waist of the guitar is cut in. This is a guitar that should definitely be on your list to at least try and consider if you want to bring an artisan guitar on your travels. https://youtu.be/Mrz99XedM94 http://www.santacruzguitar.com/instruments/firefly/ A small bench luthier you should be aware of... especially if you like blues-infused, barky, small bodied guitars. Wide Sky Guitars built by luthier, Patch Rubin, down in Taos, NM needs to be on your #guitargeek radar. I happened upon one of his guitars one evening in the midst of a bourbon-infused YouTube session. One of his models, the Wide Sky PL1, is a nod to the Gibson L1. If you have never seen a Gibson L1 look up the infamous picture of Robert Johnson... he is holding an L1. This guitar sounds tremendous, it's barky, it's distinct, it has great projection, and is very well composed with really nice note separation as well as articulation. It definitely has some modern improvements including a much thinner, more modern neck, and it is built like a flattop guitar but with a 15' radius instead of the standard 28.' I believe this is what gives the guitar such a distinct voice. This is just one of Patch's models you should check out. Quick disclaimer: my description of this model is based on my exposure to it through various videos on Youtube... I am still waiting to try one of these beauties out so I can more accurately describe its playability. http://www.wideskyguitars.com/about/bio/ http://www.wideskyguitars.com/pl-1/ https://youtu.be/QozZyH6IIek Guitar stands are great for gigs, open mics, and even bringing your guitar over to your buddy's house. Guitar stands even work fantastic at your own house for keeping the guitars out and accessible, but what if you are looking for a little bit more? I'm talking a little flash, you know something that puts the guitar on display... Acoustic Remedy guitar displays to the rescue. These gorgeous display cases are made by hand, one at a time and they do more than just display your guitar. These cases present your guitar in the most elegant fashion while maintaining a perfect climate (I'm talking humidity here) for your beloved six-string. These cases are eye appealing as they are functional. They are also available in an array of styles. While they are not cheap, they are fantastic for displaying your guitar with panache and more importantly keeping it protected. https://www.acousticremedycases.com/ https://youtu.be/9zmWKkG1vYA https://youtu.be/oF-cTbAqLrE This week I have a special musical treat for you, one that I think you will really dig. Especially if you like crafty lyrics, emotional voices, and the classic "heart on your sleeve" vibe I feel you should get from a songwriter. I discovered John Moreland a few weeks ago when Whitney and I went to see Iron & Wine in Missoula. In typical fashion, we showed up early wanting to see the opening act and man were we blown away by the performance of John Moreland. His album In the Throes is outstanding as are the other two that we immediately purchased from his merch stand upon his performance ending. The song that nailed me personally is called 3:59 am. That one is off the In the Throes album. High on Tulsa Heat and his newest album Big Bad Luv are also outstanding. Again, if you dig raw lyrics, true songwriting, and a voice that delivers the message with emotion John Moreland is your guy and I strongly recommend digging into his catalog. John Moreland - http://www.johnmoreland.net/ https://youtu.be/1TAB3HleKCI (album version) https://youtu.be/awNw8MIeSiw (live) High on Tulsa Heat - http://amzn.to/2xpvq8B Big Bad Luv - http://amzn.to/2gI6iXt In the Throes - http://amzn.to/2i5xcVS Beard and acoustic guitar love part two... Listen, it's not every day that you run into a well-spoken, enthusiastic, bearded, acoustic guitar aficionado. So when I see someone who fits the bill, I need to introduce them. As an acoustic guitar geek, you absolutely must be aware of Matt Chulka at Eddies Guitars in St. Louis MO. Matt is an absolute endless well of acoustic knowledge. His passion for the guitars, the tone, the building process, and even the smell of the tonewoods come through in his reviews. Oh and I need to mention how incredible he is as a player and human being. Now, I know you think I may be biased here since he has a beard and all, but seriously Matt lives acoustic guitars and he has access to some of the absolute best instruments by some of the most revered small bench luthiers in the industry. I am very excited to introduce you to Matt and even more excited to let you know that Matt and I have been corresponding. I have some exciting news about his involvement with Acoustic Tuesday that I look forward to sharing in future episodes, but for now, make sure to check out Eddies Guitars on the web and if you have any questions Matt is your guy. https://eddiesguitars.com/acoustic-guitars https://youtu.be/3ZYEc3sd9-Q https://youtu.be/K-Lk6_Foa9M I hope you have a fantastic acoustic afternoon, and a week full of guitar goodness. Remember to enjoy the journey and keep your eyes peeled for that next guitar because as a guitar geek we know full well that one just isn't enough. Cheers, Tony P.S. We are working on some very exciting things here at TAC studios, and it is looking like we will be adding a new feature to Acoustic Tuesdays, but of course I can't let the cat out of the bag yet. Make sure to stay tuned to see what's in the works.
  13. Happiest of happy Acoustic Tuesdays to you! May the coming of another acoustic-centric Tuesday put a smile on your face, a skip in your step, and a flicker in your fretting fingers. This special Halloween Acoustic Tuesday is infused with items all "acoustic" that are scary good. Let's dive into this terrifyingly terrific list, shall we? Santa Cruz Guitars has always amazed me in their build quality, fit, finish, and most importantly... tone. I was able to get my hands on one of their Brad Paisley models based on their pre-war dreadnought model. The guitar has a really cool story behind it so please check out the review to get that and see the new review format which features a bit more playing throughout. I also want to make mention that they are using their own parabolic tension strings which rather than being gauge specific, they are tension specific. In fact, I loved the feel of them so much I contacted Santa Cruz to get some sets for my other guitars... I will report on how I liked them and how they sound in a future Acoustic Tuesday. https://youtu.be/xVCeW695z-4 http://www.santacruzguitar.com/instruments/brad-paisley-signature-model-guitar/ http://www.santacruzguitar.com/scgc-strings/ https://www.fretboardjournal.com/columns/hands-on-santa-cruz-parabolic-tension-guitar-strings/ Music holds a magical power. To each and every #guitargeek it means something unique. Music manages to cut through and touch you right in your soul... it has a magical healing power. There happens to be an organization that is harnessing this power of music and helping out veterans here in the US. The program is called Guitars For Vets or G4V and it helps supply guitar lessons and guitars to veterans suffering from PTS. This non-profit organization is not in all 50 states yet, but it is growing and making differences in lives every single day. To hear some of the testimonials is humbling and inspiring all at the same time. I encourage you to check out their site and if you can donate, and if you can't that's ok just spread the word as much as you can as these people are truly changing lives and the world for the better... all through the power of music. https://youtu.be/w6hL5RU85tw (News segment) https://youtu.be/AfkVpzCOBug (Individual Story) 1:47 http://www.guitars4vets.org/ What I'm listening to this week: Love Letter For Fire by Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop. This album is one that I got some time ago but never threw it on the turntable until recently. It was released in April 2016 and man oh man am I glad to have revisited it. Harmonies run rampant throughout the album, and the blend of their voices is heavenly. While listening to this album at TAC Studios, Noah mentioned that he really dug the "out of the box" song structure, which I guess I have to agree with him here, I dig it as well. If you happen to love harmonies, crafty songwriting, and subtle acoustic infused instrumentation this is an album that you will no doubt enjoy. http://amzn.to/2zBrMd3 https://youtu.be/nD4df5tJqvc A pre-war guitar fresh from the shop... with that new guitar smell? As acoustic #guitargeek legend has it, being able to play the all-hallowed and super rare pre-war guitar is about as common as seeing Bigfoot playing a G run in between sipping some fine bourbon. If you are ever lucky enough to play a pre-war instrument (often referred to as an instrument from the golden age) it will forever be a point of comparison for every guitar you play from that point on. In short, pre-war guitars are downright amazing and their price tags reflect that... But what if you could get that pre-war sound and feel for a decent price? Enter, the Pre-War Guitar Co. Both Wes Lambe and Ben Maschal understand the magic that vintage instruments contain, and they build guitars based on the greats. They reference classic examples of pre-war Gibsons and Martins during their build process and the results are absolutely outstanding. I have only heard samples and seen pictures, but from what I have seen and heard, my jaw is on the floor. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these to put through its paces. Please if you ever get to play one of these make sure to let me know and I will do the same. https://www.pre-warguitars.com/ https://www.pre-warguitars.com/about-the-builders/ https://www.facebook.com/prewarguitars/videos/623161331209886/ One last thing that I want to make sure you are aware of... The Fretboard Wizard 5 week interactive course is currently open for enrollment and the lead-up workshop video series is still available and will be until November 2nd. If you ever have wondered how music is all put together, how to learn a song by ear, or if you just want to compose your own music this is the course that will help you do that very thing. The course is interactive and it approaches theory in a way that is very accessible, applicable, and dare I even say easily actionable. If any of this sounds even a touch interesting to you and your guitar journey I encourage you to check out the free "guitar theory for everybody" video series. This free workshop alone will help some of the musical puzzle pieces fall into place, and the follow along workbook is a great tool to have in your musical world. https://tonypolecastro.com/fw That's another Acoustic Tuesday in the books, I hope this list helps keep the #guitargeek momentum going and of course highlights some things that allow you to live your best #acousticlife. Cheers and Happy Halloween!!! Tony P.S. Next week things are going to heat up as we enter the month in which the Acoustic Tuesday Podcast will go live. Make sure to tell your friends and get ready to take this weekly #guitargeek list with you wherever you go.
  14. The following #guitargeek item list will definitely add some excitement to your week, so let's jump right in with both feet! First up this week is some fuel for your Flatpicking, some gasoline for your G run, some diesel for your downstroke... you get the idea, but seriously first up on the list this week is some bluegrass inspired coffee. As a coffee drinker, I was ecstatic to find some blended coffee bearing the name "Flatpicker Fuel". This is a coffee blend by the folks at Coffee Fool and I must say that after a few cups I may very well be able to play a bit faster... It certainly allows me to speak at an increased rate. Make sure to check this coffee out along with the others that they offer. http://www.coffeefool.com/Flatpicker-Fuel-p/2301.htm http://www.coffeefool.com/ A capo is a capo is a capo right??? Not necessarily so, in fact, the fine folks at Elliott Capos will tell you different. I first heard of these capos from Dave Grier's website, and I thought for sure upon purchasing one my playing was going to transform. Well, I am sad to report my playing didn't transform, however, I found one of the most quality capos I have ever had the pleasure of using. This small shop of family members makes the most finely machined stainless steel capos in a variety of styles and finishes. Make sure to check these guys out, and keep in mind that these are pricey buggers, but I can honestly say after having one for almost ten years now, they are very much worth it. https://elliottcapo.com/ https://elliottcapo.com/shop/category.aspx?catid=6 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgsDOi1OfVx-qe1PZBIAkXw https://youtu.be/XrBtrbWSFb0 https://youtu.be/ppCeXNnnlqY As an acoustic #guitargeek you may not have a lot of pedals, but if you have one or even just a few it can become a huge pain in the butt laying them out on the floor every time you want to use them. Transport becomes difficult, and the odds of forgetting a crucial piece are increased, which is why I want to share the PedalTrain Nano pedal board with you. This stout, small format pedalboard is perfect for the acoustic player who has only a few pedals but wants to keep things nice and tidy. The nano is built like a tank and can handle about 3 standard size pedals (think pedal tuner, DI, and maybe an effects unit of sorts). Since getting the nano, my live setup has become effortless and things stay in the same spot. A must for any player who wants there sound to follow them wherever they end up. http://www.pedaltrain.com/nano http://amzn.to/2yYMsuw This week I have been listening to John Fahey... an official truckload of John Fahey. In fact a while ago I purchased the box set "Transcendental Waterfall," which was a treasure trove of John Fahey's studio albums. This latest John Fahey phase leads me to something else that I wish to share with you though... a movie. Yes, a movie inspired by what I am listening to this week. The movie, actually a documentary, is called "In Search of Blind Joe Death." This doc is about John Fahey, who he influenced, and his life in general. Even if you aren't familiar with John Fahey you will enjoy this doc, since the cast of characters is pretty vast and the stories told are quite candid. Purchase Link: http://amzn.to/2z0QMcC Box set purchase link: http://amzn.to/2yhw4I6 Movie trailer: https://youtu.be/3NoXyb9AjJw Interview with director/producer: https://youtu.be/VjDfzIdFA_8 Music theory and fun rarely occur in the same sentence... in fact probably never in the history of the spoken word have fun and music theory been associated. I think this has to do with the image that the words "music theory" conjure up... Piles of books, the standard notation staff, Augmented 7/9 suspended chords, and just headache after a headache, but I am here to confidently say it doesn't have to be like that... rather it shouldn't be like that. I just launched the Fretboard Wizard course this week and it happens to kick off with a free "Guitar Theory for Everybody" video series. This video series will create mega lightbulb moments and uncover the "foundational 5," which are the core elements that theory is based on. If you understand the foundational 5 you will then be able to unlock many of the secrets the fretboard holds. The series comes with a downloadable workbook and truly will catapult your theory understanding into the next level. Make sure to click the link below to access the video series. https://tonypolecastro.com/fw1 Continue waving your #guitargeek flag, and I can't wait for next week so you can see what geekiness I have in store for you Cheers, Tony P.S. If you haven't done so already be sure to subscribe to the Acoustic Life Youtube channel, and if you already have, make sure to tell a #guitargeek friend about the show and channel.
  15. FW Live Q&A 5

    Fretboard Wizard live Q&A for Lesson 5: Your Final Project! Click here to watch ➜ Join us this Wednesday, December 6th at Noon MST for the live Q&A.