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  1. Hello Jon! and Welcome. @Jon L and @sandy N. Missed the earlier conversation re arthritic digits but same here. Weed legal here for the most part but So Orange County where I live it's still banned except at dispensaries. We took our last Border Collie (10 years ago now) for acupuncture when she was 12 and suddenly falling over. Had a brain tumor and lots of pain. The acupuncture cleared the pain for about 2 months then it was time to say goodbye but it made me a believer! Happy 4th to all and Sandy, have a ball at the festival.
  2. Kate H


    @Bart C Agree with Rae. Take it one step at a time then take a break, play something you like playing and hope back in the next day or so. It's a really nice feature of the Fretboard Wizard membership that you have it forever. Enjoy the ride.
  3. Kate H

    Hello everyone !

    @marko s That's great! Would love to hear your song when you feel comfortable.🎸
  4. Kate H


    @Claudia M first best wishes for a speedy recovery. Next I’m in FW 3rd round too and it’s amazing what one continues to pick up; new stuff as well as refreshing things you learned and forgot.
  5. Kate H


    @Rob E welcome to TAC and FW. I’m on my 3rd time in FW; Fretboard Wizard #1 opened my eyes to a whole area of new ideas (to me) I didn’t know existed hence would never have asked the right questions not knowing enough to ask. Didn’t actually go thru #2 (holidays got in the way) but this 3rd offering is the best yet with the added CAGED clarification. Tony is an amazing teacher. I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.
  6. Kate H

    New old guy

    Hi @Johnny Phoenix welcome and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for with Fretboard Wizard (FW). See you around the forum.
  7. Kate H

    12 Fret vs 14 Fret, What's Best? (AT30)

    I'm using it on my Takamine; it's great. Considering using it on my Gibson KebMo but I need to research that a bit more before I do.
  8. Got a birthday tomorrow.  Hope you have a Guitar-Geek-Super-Time!

  9. @Dan K. Hi Dan. i'm in San Juan Capistrano. By your 'hello' it sounds as if you're still active so assume you're in or around Pendleton/Oceanside? We're planning a trip to El Cajon to the Taylor Factory on March 7. The tour starts at 1:00pm. My husband (also a TAC member) and I as well as a visiting TAC member from Denmark, Philip, will be traveling south together for the tour. Let me know if you're interested. Also, if joining a TAC club, mine is Picking Partners. If this is of interest to you just click on "clubs" in the Community and go down the page to Picking Partners and send me a message. I will then send you an invitation to the club. Hope you will be able to make the Taylor Factory tour and join us in Picking Partners.
  10. Kate H

    Hello from Ireland

    Welcome @Sophie H. It sounds like you have a plan. It took me a while to get into the community as well. FW helped with that.
  11. Kate H

    Meadow Creek

    @Marlana H That was beautiful, Marlana. You're quite adept with your finger picks! Really enjoyed it.
  12. Welcome @Kimler. FW is a wonderful course and it will definitely help take you forward with your goals. As an aside, I had to look at your photo twice as you look remarkably like someone I used to know in San Diego though he lives in Kingsman AZ now.
  13. Kate H

    Greetings from Florida

    @Douglas K welcome and have to admire your tenacity. You’ll find FW to be a great help in learning the fretboard but it’s so much more. And that combined with TAC philosophy of practice will get you where you want be. Memory loss is frightening but I believe the repetition of scales etc will create a finger memory that bypasses thought.
  14. Kate H

    New Member - darcelle

    Welcome @darcelle and that is an awesome goal in itself.
  15. Kate H

    Hello Wizards!

    Welcome, @gingergirl You're sure to find what you need here.