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  1. Got a birthday tomorrow.  Hope you have a Guitar-Geek-Super-Time!

  2. Happy Birthday .  Hope it's a stunner.

    1. Dave H - The Original

      Dave H - The Original

      Why thank you Kate!  Stunner and a strummer.

  3. Hi ya!

    How's your week shaping up for lunch?  I have Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.  Checked and Rusty Pelican still in Newport.  Also Duke's at the pier in Huntington Beach would be good and little closer for you.  I have the toll road to Costa Mesa then jump on PCH so Huntington's not bad.



    1. DeeDee L

      DeeDee L

      Hi Kate. Lets go for Wednesday at Rusty Pelican as that seems to be the half way point.  Will 12:30 ish work for you? 

    2. Kate H

      Kate H

      Found it - haha / Rustys it is Wed 12:30p.:)

  4. HAPPY 'BELATED' BIRTHDAY, SHARON.  Really looking forward to meeting you and Dom in Bozeman.  Hope your day was special.  So close to holidays it just sort of extends them, huh?  My husband's is on the 7th and we leave Christmas up until the day after!

    1. Sharon Tiano

      Sharon Tiano

      Thank you .. yes, having a birthday close to a  holiday can extend it.  I don't typically celebrate per se anymore but I am grateful for every well wish I receive.   Happy early birthday to your husband.    Looking forward to meeting you too

  5. Kate H

    Kate Hamilton

    Version 1.0.0


    Not sure if this is the "Stage"??? First post. I so wanted to post a New Year's submission for the collaboration TAC is putting together. I just couldn't seem to get a clean cut. Playing notes is not my forte'. I tried strumming the chords but that was boring; tried doing it with the base line but that didn't quite get it either; tried just the melody - blah blah blah. So I did take after take after take (not kidding here) and still couldn't get a clean cut. So friends, here is my first post, warts and all. I made so many mistakes but finally decided to just play through them. Happy
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