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  1. @Dan D After seeing Frisco in action on your video. it got me thinking about one of my all time favorite blues tunes, Mean Old Frisco Blues! I was trying to make a run at playing this last week (in my own rudimentary way) and went down a bit of a rabbit hole researching it. I first heard it done by Eric Clapton years ago. Found it was originally penned by a fellow named Arthur Crudup, Crudup was well known by Elvis Presley in the early days. Crudup wrote That's Alright Mama. Back to Frisco, my new favorite version is the one by Muddy Waters & Johnny Winter!


  2. @Sharon Tiano @Dom T I am still chuckling over the visual of you two sitting in your pool with left hands safely raised out of the water 😆! There has to be a profile pic ,Christmas card photo or something in there!

    Great to meet and fun times at the Big Suare’ in the Big Sky Country !


    1. MommaTAC


      Guitar player problems.. LOL. It was great to meet you too.. and be in the same band.  You have some real picking skillz..   

  3. @Brian SantosHappy to hear of the great news from your doctor! You know what to do with that gift!:)

    1. BrianFickleFingers


      Todd--you mean buy a new V-Class Taylor? I know, right?

    2. Todd T

      Todd T

      The sky’s the limit! Any number of directions we could go with this😆

  4. Happy birthday to both of the Gary's:D

    1. BrianFickleFingers


      belated Happy Birthday, GARY!!

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