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  1. thanx! one helluva guitar!! The 3 piece back is a beauty!!
  2. Yep, its my Happy Place!! All Martin 12s in the cases. My buddy Ed made the mini-Martin on the shelf. He has two of his pieces in the Martin Museum
  3. I brought this foto with for a meet and greet a few years ago. She signed it twice because she felt the guitar should be signed too
  4. Yep...got these engraved for my Martins
  5. my 2 D12-35s...the brazilian and Judy
  6. this one's been around the block, maybe more than me, but....
  7. Arlo, Judy, and Pete
  8. Michael S in Illinois


    LOVE this guitar!! Not the fanciest, but amongst the best. Whatta clear, warm tone, and I love the wear pattern on the upper bout. This '04 was closet kept til I got it.
  9. This is "FRED"...who bought this new in '75. I'm honored to be the 2nd owner.
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