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  1. 10 hours ago, Katherine S said:

    "Sloppy" pretty much describes most of my barre chords I think! 😆  And chord transitions are a big stumbling block for me.  I force myself to get through the key chord lessons, though I can't usually keep up with the slowest pace.   I hope you make good progress toward your goals and that one day you land that Martin 000! 😍

    I cannot do them at slow either. Always thought they need an extra slow lol. 

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  2. 1. Describe what you’re able to play on guitar so we have an idea of where you’re starting from.

    I can play open chords as well as a sloppy F and sloppy Bm.  I finding strumming patterns easy.  Chord changes not so much. No desire to play any kind of lead guitar.  I like strumming. 

    2. What is the one thing you dream of doing once you’re a guitar player?

    Own a good guitar.  Dream guitar is the 000-15M Streetmaster by Martin.  Would love to do the buy it from the factory deal.  Martin says they make changes to their line-up every September.  Hope it gets continued so I have a chance of owning one some day.  It is just soooo pretty and I love how it sounds and feels in my hands. 

    3. Name one person who’d be surprised by hearing you play.

    No one would be surprised.  They just don't want to hear me.  So they don't.  My playing is done alone behind closed doors.  That alone caused me to stop at one point.  I was done. But the TAC community gave me such encouragement and kind words and support that I started playing again. And I am comfortable playing just for me now.    I have zero desire to play in front of anyone.  A jam is different.  I can disappear into the crowd.  But playing alone in front of others when your own family really doesn't want to hear you just makes the thought of playing for others really sad.  And I don't want to feel sad when I am playing. 

    4. Over the next 30 days, you will hit a roadblock or two due to health, a busy schedule, or your own limiting beliefs. When this happens, what will you do in order to get back on track and finish strong?

    The hardest part of this will be posting  a before and after video.  Even with all those wonderful prizes dangling before us,  my desire not to play in front of anyone is a major roadblock already.  Not sure how I am going to handle that part.  I have no desire to record myself playing. So fully completing  this challenge all hinges on posting a video that really makes me unhappy to do.

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  3. Great idea @rick w ! I do have a suggestion to bring even more enjoyment to the residents- most of the activities at nursing homes are passive.  The residents get to enjoy the entertainment but do not get to participate.  Bring along a selection of cheap rhythm instruments-shaker eggs, maracas etc. Great for the non singers or those who do not know the words.  It connects them to the music more and allows them to physically participate.

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  4. On 3/18/2019 at 9:22 AM, Lou B said:

    So I thoroughly enjoyed the Friends With Strings jam at Casa Tiano last month...

    But am wanting more.  This every other month thing just isn't doing it...

    So now am considering dropping $250/month to join School of Rock just to gain access to playing with other people on a regular basis (weekly).

    I understand there are open mikes to be had around our area.  But, being a new player, that's not what I'm looking for or needing.  What I'm looking for is a small group of players (around 5 of differing skill sets) who are willing and able to get together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to play and kind of cross pollinate.  Call it Book Club for Guitar Geeks.  Like I said, small group...  Keep it simple logistically.  In other words, guests bring their own food and drink.  I really appreciate all the effort on Sharon and Doms part.  But if this is going to happen often, it really needs to be made as simple as possible for those hosting.  Fair?

    Anyway...  Looking for some feedback on this thought.


    Sometimes the best way to get exactly what you want is to start something that is exactly what you want.  The reality is no one can commit their home for usage one day a week.  Things come up and cancellations would be many.  It is a lot of responsibility. There are many locations however that have meeting rooms available for free.  Such as a local library.  Total Wine by us offers their classroom for free for our video association each month.  The most successful weekly jam I know of is for ukuleles in NJ.  Very organized , weekly and free.   Here is the link to see how they go about it.   


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  5. On 11/26/2018 at 8:54 PM, Sharon Tiano said:

    @Julie C - YAY... I am so happy you got her back.  She looks good.  So, hard case? Check.  Bubble wrap? Check.  LOL    I am sure she is as glad to be home as your are to have her home.  Can't wait to hear you play and SING together ❤️

    Apparently it is a fall forward that is most likely to result in a break.  Doesn't take much of a jolt with all the tension on the head to begin with.

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  6. 4 hours ago, DMart said:

    @Julie C

    Love your comments on voice lessons. Have had about 6 now and am noticing a difference. Breath support, projection and even which vowel is emphasized seems to make a difference.  

    Finding a voice teacher was not so easy but I have finally found one. Funny thing is she mostly deals with actors and broadway type stuff so the current lesson tune is “If ever I would leave you” from Cemelot!! NOT my normal thing but learning different music I think is helping.  Phrasing, timing, melody lines.

    Anyway cheers and keep  Singin!


    Same with my voice teacher.  Really into showtunes.  I figure as long as I have heard it before I will give it a shot.  Not my first choice but the goal is to learn to sing.  Anything I learn can be applied to songs I like. 

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  7. 17 hours ago, Emma S said:

    Hi @Julie C🙂, thank you for the sweet comments😍🙂. This is absolutely awesome to read🙂 that you are embracing the guitar🙂🎸🎶. How’s the singing lessons going?🙂

    Singing lessons are kind of like learning guitar.  The more you know the more you learn there is to know.  I am fortunate I have bartered video services for lessons . I finally know that with very few exceptions, anyone can learn to sing.  And how well you end up singing will all depend on the effort you give it.  Real person lessons matter more for this than guitar.  Placing the voice just right needs guidance from someone who can constantly fine tune things.  Even 4 lessons would benefit.  I cannot project my sound through my nasal cavities-yet.  Feel like it is the "F-Chord" in guitar lol. Sometimes if I block my nostrils while singing I can tell air was flowing through.  Other times nothing.  Have not figured out how to control it. Yet. If you sing a sing using the word "Ning", you can feel the flow that is supposed to happen.

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