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  1. On 11/22/2019 at 1:14 PM, Carol M said:

    I totally enjoyed Dom and Sharon’s Friendsgiving celebration postings!!! That’s probably my idea of the perfect way to spend a holiday, with a bunch of good friends and a few dozen guitars add a pie or 3....

    I have a Christmas songbook of easy Fingerstyle carols, so I dig that out every year. My family has never asked me to bring a guitar along for Christmas Day, but I will play thru my little book at home for the kitties to listen to. One year I had my Xmas songbook with me at the store for my lesson, and when I was done, I took it into the acoustic sales room and just started playing thru it. I got a lot of nice comments from various people. I enjoy spending time with family and friends during Christmas, and if there’s a guitar involved, so much the better!!



    Have to say @Carol M you play this song so beautifully and effortlessly.  My version sounds NOTHING like yours lol.  My fingers just don't get how to do this-yet. Strumming patterns come so easy to me.  This? Not at all. I will keep practicing! Love the book! 

  2. On 11/23/2019 at 9:36 AM, T.J said:

    I wouldn't "totally give up" yet.  Just because they can't understand, at first, doesn't mean there aren't opportunities there.  Example, @Julie C from my journey.  People who don't share my taste in music found that we, our dogs and my guitar were evacuated to stay with them, and when I started playing in the far reaches of their home, I slowly obtained an audience of quiet people, listening.  My repertoire from memory is limited, but I was pleased and supported when individuals quietly named or sang along.

    Besides, I don't require their approval to work at this, they should benefit from my progress.  After all, mostly they were in tune with horrible rhythm, sometimes.  It also helps that they know I don't require their approval, but enjoy it, together, when it happens.

    It has been three years of negative comments so it is waaaayy easier on the ego to give up and accept things than to be disappointed time and time again. Even the Christmas guitar book I just bought as a result of this thread was met with a negative comment.  But I am stronger than the negativity and play for me. TAC is my backbone.   

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  3. 19 hours ago, Carol M said:

    @Julie C your family sounds exactly like mine!!! Maybe we are secret sisters, separated at birth... anyway, it’s their loss if they don’t ask you to play, as you are very talented!!! Post your songs here for your geek family to enjoy 🤣

    My songbook is Hal Leonard’s Fingerpicking Christmas, available on Amazon.

    Fingerpicking Christmas: 20 Carols Arranged for Solo Guitar in Notes & Tablature https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00G28USRO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_Fod2DbK5GNESX


    Ordered! Thank you! And my invisible audience thanks you too!

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  4. 1 hour ago, Joanne B said:

    @Carol M, I just bought that book last week, along with a second Hal Leonard guitar fingerpicking book similarly titled “Fingerpicking Christmas Songs”, can I be a “found” sister too?

    Carol and @Julie C, you both play beautifully, so ignore your families, they know not what they’re missing 😁

    As a commiserating story, my sister broke her arm, so to cheer her up, I FaceTimed her last week and played “I saw three ships”, didn’t make “too” many mistakes, and was right proud of myself for actually playing a tune in front of someone other than the dog ... when I finished, she said “ is that the new banjo? Play the song from Deliverance” .... *sigh* ... Family! LOL!

    I have totally given up the idea of playing for family. I have heard things like why even bother at your age.  You can never get good. What is the point of playing if you can't sing.  Can you do that somewhere where I can't hear you. It's not you are playing real songs.  All you are doing is strumming. The list goes on.  But I have accepted the situation and play just for me.  The family sing a longs I pictured before I got started are just not going to happen.  We should start a special jam club for the family impaired lol. 

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  5. 26 minutes ago, Carol M said:

    I have a Christmas songbook of easy Fingerstyle carols, so I dig that out every year. My family has never asked me to bring a guitar along for Christmas Day, but I will play thru my little book at home for the kitties to listen to. One year I had my Xmas songbook with me at the store for my lesson, and when I was done, I took it into the acoustic sales room and just started playing thru it. I got a lot of nice comments from various people. I enjoy spending time with family and friends during Christmas, and if there’s a guitar involved, so much the better!!



    Sounds beautiful @Carol M  What book do you have?

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  6. On 11/7/2019 at 10:50 PM, Michael K73 said:

    I have changed guitar strings 15 times in my 17 months of playing.

    14 times I have watched the same YouTube video when changing them.

    Today! I changed them with no video. LOL

    Now I could probably have done it without the video long ago now, but I always feared screwing up something.

    A dumb fear, I know -- there's not much I can screw up. 

    So no more video as of today. 

    But!!!! I still wore eye protection!!!! LOL ;)



    The first time I changed my strings the low e string snapped.  Scared me and just missed my eye. To this day I find string changed scary lol. 

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  7. 28 minutes ago, Mike G said:

    So, I am very happy to hear about the happy ending. But I do have one request. Would you please play your  song and post it? I would like to hear it. And I will appreciate it no matter what because I understand that just to try is a victory. Not everyone is going to have the same skill level at guitar or singing or song writing or anything else. ☺️

    I will have to think about that. It only exists as words on paper so far.  I have only played it in my head. 

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  8. On 10/8/2019 at 9:43 PM, Mike G said:

    So, I'm curious, then, what you do desire to do with your guitar playing/journey? For myself, when I finally started playing guitar at 44, it was because I decided I could play without having any reason. I would never make money with it or entertain people or... or... or... There simply didn't seem to be any reason other than I wanted to and had wanted to since I was a kid. Now I see all kinds of things happening in my life as a result of playing guitar that I could never have known about, so those things couldn't be the reason. But they are the reward for doing it anyway. You might find a reward performing at an open mic or posting a video here on TAC or just playing for family and/or friends. Any way, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. 😊

    My guitar journey is somewhat complicated.  I always loved the sound of an acoustic guitar and spent years strumming along to songs in the air.  I got to see Peter Yarrow in an small dinner theater concert about 3 years ago and sat about 6 feet from him.  I had never been so close to such talent.  He was one with his guitar. I even got to stand next to him on stage and sing Puff the Magic Dragon. I wanted to strum a real guitar even more than ever.  My dream was to have someone finger the chords so I could do the strumming.   I told my cousin who was visiting from another state my guitar dream.  He plays.  He said why don't I just learn to play ,myself? So my parents gave me a couple of hundred dollars for a guitar and my journey began.  I pictured playing along with my mom when she plays piano.  I pictured playing for family at holidays while everyone sang along.  But things didn't work out as planned.  My closest family, whom I love dearly really didn't like my playing.  My husband has actually gotten up and left the room and closed the door not to hear me.  Or asks me if I can do that somewhere else.  He really does not like music.  My mom didn't see the purpose of playing along with her if I was just strumming chords.  She said there is no point to something that is not playing the melody.  My adult children think I am wasting my time at my age.  My sister says why did I even bother if I can't sing.  So basically when the people who matter most to you do not want to hear you play and think it is a bad idea to even try, performing for others just feels sad.  And I don't want sad associated with playing.  I was so discouraged by my family reaction at one point I stopped playing.  And the good people of TAC encouraged me to continue.  So my playing is pretty much in my bedroom with a very flexible white pick that keeps things soft.  I did make a video for the 30 day challenge.  Got a lot of positive feedback which ultimately made me feel sad all over that I cannot share this with the people I love most.  So I am back to my quiet white pick but thanks to the 30 day challenge I bought a guitar stool and a music stand so I not longer just sit on the bed.   But this is truly not a sad story.  I would have totally given up if not for TAC.  Guitar is a very personal journey now rather than the shared one I thought it would be.  And I have made peace with that and play because it makes me happy.  I even wrote a song called "The White Pick Blues" but of course have never actually played it lol. 

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  9. I find a there is a difference between fear and desire for me.  So many have the desire to perform.  But fear holds them back.  I find I have no fear of being in front of people.  I just have no desire at all to play for an audience.  I thought that desire would appear over time, but if anything it kind of went the other way.  Go figure!

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  10. 33 minutes ago, Lin said:

    Hi Julie, 

    Just wanted to let you know that air strumming with a pretend pick is starting to help me get more comfortable keeping rhythm with my right hand.  Thanks for the suggestion. Lin 

    Great! I have been doing the daily TAC exercises by selecting a chord and holding it and just worrying about how my right hand is moving and sounds.  I am still in shock about how bad my right hand playing is.  But I already can see improvements.  I am most baffled by how I missed this was a problem.  And a big one at that. 

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  11. 3 hours ago, Don H said:

    I agree.   I hit the wrong string far more than I I finger the wrong fret. 

    Hmmm. Never noticed myself before. But I too make waaaay more mistakes with my right hand than my left. You would think your dominant hand would be better at this than your non dominant  fretting hand. I wonder at what point my left hand took over. 

  12. 6 minutes ago, Mike G said:

    Wow, so many people have responded to this thread that it kept popping up on my notifications. But I simply have to restrain myself from checking out every single thread or I'd never get anything done, which I have a huge problem with anyway. So, I just read all three pages. Kinda overwhelming to respond to so much information and so many people.

    First, thank you @Julie C for starting this thread. I couldn't be happier for you. I had already tried encouraging you in an earlier thread and realized you needed more than encouragement. You have a wonderful, never give up attitude. But you did get the help you needed, and in so doing, you have shared those solutions with any one who stops by and reads this. This is a gold mine of a thread. 😄

    Second, I'd like to thank you @Derrick, for sharing with all of us what you learned on your guitar journey. You seem to be one of those people who really dig into anything you're involved with and gain a wealth of knowledge. Like @Karen L said, you get the most detailed/helpful comment award... AGAIN.

    From there, really, I'd like to thank the whole cast of characters. Of course, as soon as "characters" are mentioned, I can't help but throw out @jumpin' jeff s 's name. What a wonderful thread. 😃

    The responses on here have truly been amazing.  TAC is the best! There are so many places to go online to learn things but the community here is second to none.  All the posts in this thread have me really looking at my right hand.  Even though I can strum patterns with ease, turns out I am not consistently even hitting the right strings for each chord.  Sometimes I hit 4 strings for the D.  Sometimes 5.  Sometimes 6. Honestly never noticed. Wow!   And my strumming lacks feeling and variety of tone. 

    Looking at fingerpicking with just my right hand  can best be described as my hands tangled up in the strings while consistently hitting the wrong ones.  No wonder I still cannot play Freight Train after 2 years of trying. 

    I have totally underestimated the role of my right hand. Anyone can learn to fret a D chord.  But its ultimate voice all comes form the picking hand.  "My" sound and style has been trapped in the hand I ignored.    I may have almost 4 years of fretting experience, but I am a real beginner with the right hand stuff. 

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  13. 25 minutes ago, Sharon Tiano said:

    I am pretty sure I have fairly decent string awareness and I have found that I am gravitating more towards fingerstyle.  It's strumming that is my challenge .. and chord transitions.  I am looking forward to digging into all this and learning more.

    @Sharon Tiano and @jumpin' jeff s I would try muting the strings with your fretting hand and practice strumming along with your right hand to songs you love.  Train that right hand without the inference of the left hand to strum along and the strumming will eventually need no thought at all.  I could strum along to anything before I ever played guitar.  I strummed on my leg or stomach when I listened to music.   Many times my hand only moved an inch up and down. The beauty is you don't even need a guitar to practice this. 

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